1. alex in boston says

    Someone needs to remind Newt of this: “America IS NOT A THEOCRACY but A SECULAR Nation”! Yes there should be, there is (for the most part) a separation of Church and State!!!

  2. Keanon Pete says

    Despite the sensaitonalism with the music and the “Family Feud” titles this was a good discussion. I really like Candance and she always appears calm and in control. Where are the Republicans living?! Porn in this nation is a billion dollar industry, people drink and smoke, people have sex before marriage. The sky hasn’t fallen!!! Get over it! The bible also talks about love thy neighbor and that every has the right to chose what kind of life they want to lead. It’s called free will!

  3. RB says

    I can assure you this….if Newt is my choice for 2012 I will cross over and vote for Obama! I think he is a nut and that doesn’t even do him justice!

    Many of you here know exactly how difficult that would be for me to do!

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