1. John McKee says

    Generally I would have more tact when it comes to how I verbalize my disgust for Miss Prejean but I think “idiot, bitch, bigot” I think pretty much some up the general distaste for her within the community of people (not exclusively gays) that aren’t bigots and believe that equal legal protections for all people is not a matter of opinion but of basic human dignity.

    She can say “no offense” all she wants but the truth is they were hugely offensive to anyone that believes in basic human dignity and no words used to describe what an awful excuse for a decent human being she is come close to the level of offense that professing that a group of people should be treated as second class citizens within our society simply because they wish to enter an healthy, adult, consensual relationship with a person of the same sex.

  2. Billy says

    No offense, but I think in this country where people can choose to have REAL BOOBS or BE A REAL BOOB, no offense but that’s what I was taught growing up and I’m proud of my opinion and that’s what I think.

  3. B says

    I think it’s sad that someone who competed to represent the USA and the pursuit of freedom, liberty and happiness that America is supposed to represent would instead choose to be a spokesmodel for a company that seeks to impose its religious ideology on the nation.
    I feel sorry for her, she obviously has serious issues. I will continue to pray for her.

  4. Critifur says

    I want to know why she isn’t losing her Miss CA crown. I understand it is one thing to be asked a question and answer truthfully and freely. I thought there is a restriction on joining a highly politicized group, and promoting/espousing a political viewpoint while representing the sash.

  5. Paul R says

    So tired of this vapid, useless excuse for a person.

    The only surprise in this story is that Perez isn’t entirely despicable for once—though, like the pretty princess, he’s milking this for as much money as possible. They’re both lined up for speaking engagements from here to eternity.

    They’re both terrible spokespeople for their causes and dumb down the debate. Why am I not surprised?

  6. Grace says

    In critique of people who are like Carrie Prejean:

    If you expect to find these type of people to understand and reciprocate you, you will grow muderous with disappointment. The best you’ll ever do is to understand yourself, know what it is that benefits you, rewards you, stabilized you, and want and seek it out, and not let the cattle stand (Carrie Prejean) in your way. Moo.

  7. bobbyjoe says

    I’m guessing Prejean is aiming to push things so far with her own self-promotion and political agenda that they yank her Miss California status for putting herself above the title, which will then allow her to once again play the role of whining “martyr,” the far-right’s default position. Then she’ll try for another round of media interviews about how oppressed she is. I’m betting NOM and her new PR firm (which used to represent Jerry Falwell) are encouraging her to do just that.

  8. HA! says

    I may politely disagree with this opinion, however, I will fight to the death for her right to share it….Do not be to quick to silence the opposition. For you may be the next to be silenced.

  9. says

    God, she really comes off poorly; she deserved to lose just on a pure “public liaison” level. I totally agree with Bobby Joe that she is pushing to be removed so she has that to harp on. But she’s really delusional about future career or just livelihood prospects. Anita Bryant will not die a rich or successful woman.

  10. DD says

    Really? Fight to the death? Literally?

    So many people make that claim because it’s a convenient, noble soundbite.

    Come on, choose truth over tiara. If you’re going to fight to the death for freedom of speech, there are better causes than hers. But you’re not, so stop being so pretentious.

  11. ANON IN SOCAL says

    I sent off this letter to, the entity that governs and produces the Miss California pageant:


    As a native Californian, I am beyond embarrassed at the actions of Carrie Prejean. Her remarks are insulting, demeaning and appallingly inarticulate–on the whole an extremely poor representation of what my home state has to offer.

    This America, and as such, I recognize that Ms. Prejean is free to express her misguided and ill-informed opinions anywhere she chooses. That she is continuing to do this as a representative of your organization is however, wholly within your purview. Again, please take whatever steps necessary to stave off the irreparable damage she is doing to your company and reputation. California is in bad enough shape as it is. You really want to be known for fostering this?


    Studio City, CA

  12. Mike says

    This “no offence” stuff is getting ridiculous. How about “no offence, but I think women shouldn’t be entitled to vote” or, “no offence, but I think that black people should have separate water fountains”. I could go on and on. Bottom line, these anti-marriage equality folks are fricken’ bigots and homophobes – and I don’t give a crap if they are offended or not!

  13. Robert says

    She lost because she’s not that hot… bland white chick.

    and she doesn’t ‘represent’ california when she’s not in the bimbo pageant.

    we have elected senators and congressmen that represent us.

  14. Rafael says

    White Label – That is not a true statement. First only a percentage of all Californians are registered to vote, from which another percentage pronounced themselves on proposition 8. Second, many of this people were miss lead and thus misrepresented themselves. So it is not fair to say she represents anyone other than the bigots who today rally behind her.

    BTW the nom blog comments are now under moderation. Talk about unwillingness to debate! lol.

  15. Bruno says

    @White Label: Even if 52% of Californians in general are truly against gay marriage, she’s taking this to an extra level that surpasses many of those voters.

    I think the next poll will show a plurality of Californians in favor same-sex marriage, I can’t wait to see it.

  16. Jim says

    I feel VERY strongly about wanting to promote a “this is the (ugly) face of Hate” campaign! This is such a typical example where pretty, white, blond = being able to do and say whatever one wants! No more! White, straight, “pretty” privilege is a sad thing of the past. Please, spread the slogan: “this is the UGLY face of Hate!” (Miss California)

  17. Tom says

    She really is the new Anita Bryant. How bankrupt is a movement that elects dumber than dung orange queens and beauty bimbos to headline their agenda?

  18. jason says

    Does anyone get the sense that we have a new Anita Bryant on our hands?

    As for that tiara, at least it’s made out of natural minerals. I doubt her tits are.

  19. HA! says

    A response to Posted by: DD | Apr 30, 2009 7:59:54 PM

    Okay no pretension…. shut up douche, you don’t like what she has to say, so what? She has every right to say it. Constitution Baby. Don’t be to quick to try to shut people up….”Big Brother.”

  20. HA! says

    TO DD:

    Yeah punk ass, I would die for what I believe in. You don’t beleive me, try me. Don’t be so quick to think that every one who is gay is a roll over, teach the world to sing, mush mouth gay man. Some of us our out, proud and conservative…..

  21. david in iowa says

    I’m sorry, but the LGBT news-gossip-and blogging community need to stop. Miss Calif. 15 minutes were up looooong ago. Let’s all move on……New Hampshire and Maine are on the verge of passing gay marriage. Yeah a story worth covering

  22. says

    Carrie Prejean doesn’t have the right to claim herself as the victim. She is a privileged, pretty white Christian woman (the only type of woman that the neo-cons in this country think is worth existing on Earth). She has never had to walk through the fire one day in her life, so to speak. Oh, and I also hate her because she’s dating that overrated douche bag Michael Phelps. They make Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag look like Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.

  23. Dawson says

    When did it become a platform for a beauty pagent to speak openly about discrimination?

    I think it is time for all people offended by this bigot to let the Miss California organization know that she is NOT speaking for all of California.

    Would they be as tolerant of Miss Alabama if she stating she believes in segregation?

    Why this is important is how we allow ourselves to be marginalized. One could say it’s a stupid beauty pageant but when the religious and conservative pundits are using this as another soapbox to speak about intolerence we must fight back. If these organization realize that we will not take any offenses to our right to live peacefuly they will eventually find a new victim.

  24. Tralfaz says

    My letter to the Miss Cal peeps:

    Carrie Prejean is using her title of Miss California to promote her own hate-full agenda of bashing gays and lesbians. While she has the right to her opinion, but she taking this too far. She is showing her true colors by associating herself and abusing her title with people that not only oppose marriage equality, but use lies and hate to attack gays and lesbians.

    She is no better than a those thugs that killed Matthew Sheppard … either that or she is just too stupid to realize how these people are using her.

    I know that you all are stuck between and a rock and a hard place. I’m sure that if she is asked to step down, she will run straight to the open arms of Fox News and every right wing gay bashing church to shed her crocodile tears for them to lap up.

    As a gay man I’m insulted to have this woman represent California.

    But of course I’m sure The Donald is eating up the publicity like a pig to slop. Not that I think Mr. Trump is a pig. No, wait … I DO think Mr. Trump is a pig.

    Good luck on this,

    Los Angeles, CA

  25. Dawson says

    I just called the Miss California organization and they would love to hear from anyone who is finding this bigot offensive. They were very polite and were equally concerned. Give them a call. Our voices will speak volumns.

  26. cleo says

    She looks tremendously uncomfortable. I wonder if she actually realizes the position she’s putting herself in here being a spokesperson with this crowd? NOM, and the Ann Couter/Rush Limbaugh gang will use her as long she’s newsworthy and as long as she toes the line. Meanwhile, wasn’t her Miss American platform – the special olympics?

  27. Stan Knowles says

    Mario….or whatever your stupid name is….
    I want you to know that I think, as do many
    people in America, that you SUCK as a person, that your “IN YOUR FACE QUEER CRAP”
    is exactly THAT!


    As for the Miss USA pageant……it can
    take a DUMP too!

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