1. gr8guyca says

    I wish that Rachel Maddow had reminded Colin Powell that in 1948, when Truman integrated the military, he did not wait for the opinion of the military leaders. Neither did he require inquiries or commissions to resolve this issue. He acted in defense of the principle of equality. President Obama should do the same. At a time when so many people are seeking jobs and the military can provide some of them, I don’t think that having openly gay soldiers will be any impediment to getting new recruits.

  2. nic says

    gawd, repeat after me: clinton tried to do with gays what truman did with blacks as it pertains to the military, but clinton’s own democratic congress was opposed. truman had the huge club of shame to wield against the racists. clinton appealed to the better nature of humans, and was sorely let down.

  3. doro says

    i think that the reason people are uncomfortable with us serving openly in the military is gay men!.They are immoral childish people who refuse to grow up! All they think about is anal sex all the time. Most of them are loud, mean, annoying, you name it.I am a lesbian and I blame the men in our community for the negative stereotypes LGBTs are subjected to daily.

  4. anthony says

    The Clintons are the gay icons responsible for DADT. But you should have seen how gay white folk were all smitten by Hillary during the primaries. Oh, she’s our icon, she’s better than Barack Obama, then 50% of gay folk voted for Barrack, because he was the lesser evil, Now, Barrack Hussein is not good enough for gay folk? and somehow us republicans are the haters?. Geeeez make up your minds already, not everybody can be bad.

  5. scar2 says

    Doro: You are just plain ignorant. By your reasoning, the mililtary should also be ‘uncomfortable’ with young straight men since a lot of them are also ‘immoral childish people’ & ‘all they think about is anal sex…’ Get a grip & maybe use your head a little more before you write.

  6. Yeek says

    Doro, you use a lot of generalizations. “Immoral people.” “Anal sex all the time.” I suppose it makes it easier for you to feel good inside about disliking us. Making life into black-and-white issues sure does make things simpler, doesn’t it?

    Well, go ahead. We’ve got a lot of enemies already. Might as well add on one more.

  7. Lileasy says

    Sgt. Sausagepants, General Powell is a sheep. He has never lead a charge in his life. He has always taken the safe path and it appears our new president may be cut from the same cloth.

  8. james says

    Wow Doro, those are some preposterous statements you make… it is exactly those kind of sweeping generalizations that we are trying to fight.

  9. Yeek says

    Anthony –

    You use a lot of generalizations as well. It is perfectly legitimate to have voted for Obama and subsequently criticize some of his actions based on the way he behaves.

    It’s called being thoughtful and observant. Deciding that someone is “good” or “bad” and then sticking to that opinion no matter what other evidence comes along is the mark of a fool.

  10. crispy says

    Lesbians are more mature and better behaved, Doro? Really?

    Come to Phoenix, honey, and we’ll go hang out at Girl Club, the lesbian bar at the end of my block. And afterward, you can be the one to call the cops about fist fights in the street and women vomiting in our front yard.

  11. anthony says

    No it’s called being racist, thats what it is. Oh Barack is bad, powell is bad,Oprah is bad Tyra is bad,sense a pattern. heck anybody with a tan is freakn’ bad. Oh we want freedom but we hate ethnic minorities? Then we wonder why they often return the favor.

  12. woodroad34 says

    I have had many irresponsible “straight” relatives go into the armed services — wild, thoughtless, self-centered, overly sexed (yes, straight people can be overly sexed as well)–and after the indoctrination, training, forced regimentation, they come out serious, well-mannered and productive people. Some people might be better served if they listened once again to Clifford Alexander’s statements about how straights and gays aren’t all that different.

  13. nic says


    lezbots are pussy obseesed cretins. that’s why thw muff divers are raped repeatedly in the military. they deserve no respect. because of them, gay men can’t serve openly in the military.

    really, DORO? let’s take intolerance out of your head and place it where it belongs; on the shoulders of hetersexists who would just as soon spit into your dyke soup as my faggot stew. what the hell is wrong with you?

  14. doro says

    sodomy is the problem, last I knew us lesbians don’t sodomize each other. it’s the gay male sex that disgusts people, think about it, I am gay and it gives me nausea.

  15. Lileasy says

    Jose, I was not trying to shift the blame for DADT to Powell. I was responding to Powell’s pusillanimous response to Rachel Maddow regarding his current position on DADT. I don’t think Clinton was particularly brave in his support of gays in the military. I am also beginning to believe President Obama, like Clinton and Powell, is “just another politician.” What we need now is another Harry Truman.

  16. Yeek says

    Doro –

    You are not a lesbian. You are a religious poser skulking around a gay website and trying to add some authority to your tired arguments by claiming to be part of our “community.”

    Don’t you have some books to burn somewhere?

  17. TikiHead says


    No, wrong — straight people have anal all the time. And I am sure even some lesbians engage in penetrative play, possibly even anal (not you, ’cause you’re pure!).

    The problem is the double standard. You are quite simply wrong, and I think incurably dense on this matter.


  18. says

    Doro, Are you some kind of idiot ? You clearly have no understanding of how we gay guys love each other.But I digress because of lesbian neuroses. Colin Powell’s performance last night was disgraceful. “If the military leaders agree…..if Congress agrees…..if the President agrees, then I’m for it “…..And this guy was a leader ?Powell couldn’t lead his way out of a paper bag. And then what a breath of fresh air Clifford Alexander was. DADT is bigotry, pure and simple.Let’s not be afraid to call it that.
    Powell says the US army is different from European armies because they’re in more close proximity…..well why haven’t the gays who complied with DADT for the last decade not been jumping on all the straight guys ? (Doro take note)… Because they behave professionally ! Powell doesn’t get anything….gays have a right to eat in the same restaurants, sit up front on the buses and go to the same schools as straight folks. Powell is yesterday’s man; the caravan has moved on.

  19. Sean says

    @ Doro.
    You confirmed my Theory about some lesbians.Or shall I say some women who claim to be lesbians.Its amazing how many women out there “Choose” to be lesbian all because they turn into some man hating CUNT because they cant find a man who will treat them right.You are a homophobic man-hating harpy who has an issue with all men gay or str8 because you are a feminist piece of shit who just cant accept the real world.So you’re posing as a lesbian who thinks she knows what “GAY MEN” are all about.You have no idea of such things.If you really are a lesbian,You should know that you ARE an embarrassment to Ellen Degeneres and other lesbians who are actually more respectful and in one way or another support the gay community Male or Female.You are a Skank.Do you know what a Skank is? A SKANK is a woman with low or sleazy character.You are also a HARPY which means you are a shrewish bad-tempered woman.For all we know you are probably some cunt that got beat up by her husband on a regular basis and is now trying to get even by showing total hate and sexism toward all men gay and str8.You are not a role model for any self-respecting lesbian,you dont speak for all lesbians and you dont represent the gay & lesbian community.So DROP DEAD!!!

  20. doro says


  21. Sean says

    @ doro Dont you have a yeast infection you need to tend to or something?

    By the way just to give you a heads up.Your stupidity is showing.ZIP IT UP!!!

  22. doro says

    @ SEAN LOL! At least i can treat my yeast infection with a mild antibiotic, what can you do about your loose anal sphincter and the subsequent incontinence? hemorrhoids? rectal cancer? Diapers? Hospitalization probably on taxpayers account? come on please!

  23. nic says

    real lesbians don’t devote so much thinking into who puts what into whose hole. btw, it’s “we lesbians”, not “us lesbians”. yeah, i know it’s a grammatical error, but it signifies much more. your thinking is in error. whom do you think your fooling, dude. you jus’ ain’t right in the haid.

  24. Vincenzo Morelli says

    Doro you are a stupid woman.Do us all a favor and jump off a bridge and take your diseased vagina with you.Eh? Puttana!!

    By the way you have showed us all that you are not grown up enough to be here.We gay men have better things to do with our time than be bothered with some ignorant CUNT like yourself.Its amazing what you homo-hating bitches do for attention.You must not have a Job because if you did you would not be here harassing gay men.You are a stupid bitch we know already.Your presence is insignificant here.So do us gay men a favor and GTFO of here.In fact Im gonna report you to the guy who runs this blog and have your immature comments removed.

  25. Vincenzo Morelli says

    And Sam you are just as stupid for encouraging this kind of immaturity and ignorance.If you say anything else encouraging this Crap Ill send Andy a message and have your comments removed as well.There is no reason for this adolescent garbage.

  26. ZnSD says

    C’mon people. Doro is a TROLL. Don’t feed her. Even if she really is a lesbian posting here she obviously has some issues with men for starters and men who love men in particular. Just leave her alone. Let her squawk and make a fool of herself by herself. She certainly doesn’t need any help from us “anal-obsessed” gay men. Ha! Now I have to get back to my suburban existence, aka “gay lifestyle”, waiting for my husband to come home from protecting her right to be an idiot in public. Sometimes you just have to laugh at people.

  27. jayswords says

    Instead of getting caught up in the antics of Doro and Anthony, and instead of focusing solely on Powell’s cowardice, shouldn’t we be rallying around Clifford Alexander (a straight black man) and his unabashed support for our rights?

  28. nic says


    “whom” is absolutely correct in that sentence structure. “who” is wrong. do not make me go over there and slap you down again, little missy.

  29. Leland Frances says

    RACHEL, luv ya but you need to better prepare! ONCE AGAIN, Powell is simply LYING! He claims that Clinton’s Secty of Defense Les Aspin was never asked to change the policy when IN FACT nine days after being sworn in, President Clinton sent a memo to Aspin instructing him to draft an executive order to QUOTE, “end discrimination on the basis
    of sexual orientation in determining who may serve in the Armed Forces.” At the same time recruiters were instructed to stop asking applicants if they were gay, and pending discharges of anyone active duty were temporarily suspended.

    And he repeated the lie he’s told before to the effect of, “Don’t look at me. DADT was on fire when I sat down on it.” Again, let’s look at the FACTS:

    1. He denounced comparing banning blacks and banning gays by saying that being gay is a choice.
    2. He told Clinton he would resign as head of the Joint Chiefs if gays were admitted.
    3. He told graduates at Annapolis that it would be okay for them to resign if gays were admitted.
    4. “Powell, while talking cooperation with the White House, instigated behind-the-scenes opposition to the President” – “Time” magazine, July 26, 1993.

    But Mr. Wonderful will be praised again for opening his heart and calling for review of how the policy’s working. Wonder if anyone every said to Lincoln, “Uh, let’s study how slavery’s working before you change anything”?

    Next, RECTUM Powell will be telling us HE PERSONALLY FOUND Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq! He can’t wash his hands of the blood on them for helping get us into Iraq and he can’t wash his hands of perpetuating homohatred in the military.

  30. says

    Abolutely correct. Clifford Alexander was a breath of cool Atlantic fresh air blowing straight in from the ocean ,over Mount Brandon, and into my farm yard. What a treat to hear him call bigotry what it is after the weasel words of Colin Powell. And yes, Colin, we remember that you were at the meetings that discussed methods of torture and approved those methods. Your attempts to weasel your way out of culpability won’t work. And yes you will have to answer to the International War Crimes Court for approving breaches of the Geneva Conventions on War. We will be waiting with warrants, Colin, happy traveling.
    By the way Doro, fuck off.

  31. says

    @leland francis:
    Thanks for your detailed account of that lily-livered bigot, Powell, his obfuscations last night made me want to vomit….what a stinking hypocrite. But I’m putting my faith in Spain,or the International Criminal Court to lock up all these two faced bastards who like Powell, approved torture (hiding behind Yoo’s legal fantasia-disbar him), I want to see international warrants hauling these guys asses before International judges. If they have any integrity (I hear you laugh) they would surrender to answer the charges.But no doubt Powell Chaney Bush Yoo Edington and all the other non-entities will act just like Milosovitch et al. Let’s round them up now and keep them “safe” for when the warrants issue.

  32. TANK says

    DORO, you’re confused. First, straight people aren’t disgusted by “anal sex,” (which they engage in) but rather, the thought of NIC engaging in it. And it’s not just them, but everyone who can picture it. Do your part by contributing to the fund that’s sole purpose is to prevent this horrible situation from coming to pass.

    If you think for a second that your typical heterosexual guy is gonna get turned on by two real lesbians having sex…oh boy, you’ve got another thing coming. Comin’ atcha…hard, in your face.

    Are lesbians more mature than gay men? Not really. They express their immaturity differently, I think, and really get more done in a day. And their carpentry skills are clearly innate and unmatched. Many of my friends are dykes, and they’d not be…overjoyed to hear your ridiculous false comments.


    The same military leaders (like you, colin) who based that knee jerk decision on uninformed prejudice and homophobia? NO data supporting that decision, but your own? Actually, at the time that the top military leaders were crafting this “compromise” (many didn’t even know what sexual orientation meant), there were studies indicating that it wasn’t sound policy. But some bigoted sociologist who based a study off of his own opinion was used instead to bolster the ignorant TOP military brass “opinion,” and his own suggested resolution.

    Of course he’s withholding judgment. The studies have been done ad nauseam. OVER AND OVER, they unanimously prescribe repeal of DADT. Colin Powell is an embarrassment. The senior military leaders don’t care about empirical facts and data, and the politicians aren’t going to introduce a bill that might, in their failed perception, threaten the democratic majorities which won’t exist after the midterm.

  33. says

    DORO The same way two women scissoring gives me nausea. I guess I should just ask lesbians to stop trying to act so manish. You are also assuming that all gay men like butt secks. In my experience, I’ve found that most guys feel uncomfortable doing that right away until they are in a relationship. Besides that, what does that have anything to do with running obstacle courses and shooting a rifle.

  34. AdamN says

    Anal sex disgusts YOU but plenty of US could easily be disgusted by lesbian sex acts such as cunnilingus. Except that most of us are not wasting our time thinking about YOUR sex acts and consequently blaming YOU for set backs in OUR movement. This is mostly because we not stupid asshat “christian” males posing as lesbians on gay websites. And if you happen to actually be a lesbian, you are proof positive that lesbians can be as stupid, bullying and childish as anyone else. So whatever you are, go fuck yourself please.

  35. nic says


    why do you want to mix me into your rants? you have no idea what i look like or whether a bi-curious guy like DORO would want to imagine me fucking or not. u so crazy.

  36. TANK says

    I suspect I’ve a fairly accurate working model, NIC. My “rants” are no worse than your witless barbs and creepy old man come ons. Have you told everyone how you just want to lay next to ben affleck panting yet and “breathing deeply”, or was it something even more disturbing?

  37. nic says


    so, you have a working model of me. how so? “breathing deeply”? what the hell are you talking about?

    OK, i have done a complete run-up on you. you are certifiably cuckoo.

  38. TikiHead says

    Tank, could you supply us older gay men with a guide for age appropriate ogling/admiration? I am in my late 40s, and thus VERY OLD — what is the minimum age I can admit to admiring, EW-free?

  39. TANK says

    I’m not one to talk, as, well, this dress exacerbates the genetic betrayal that is my legacy. So I guess I’m not referring to the advanced age men with younger bodies who I’m nonetheless not attracted to because of their age, but rather, the more aggressively carniverous older men should speak when spoken to.

    And nic, all one need do is pay attention to know you’re over 35.

  40. nic says


    so being over 35 makes me old? i can see why a pedophile like you would be disgusted. the fact that i may have hair down there turns you off. i get you now.

  41. Rick in Robbinsville says

    Obama campaigned on his “commitment to equality for lesbians and gays,” but is delaying overturning DADT, and has not ended legal discrimination against lesbian and gay couples at the federal level.

    I wonder if he would delay prohibiting the laws that would have banned his parents’ marriage, or his daughters their choice of school?

  42. Bill Perdue says

    In addition to being one of the leading bigots responsible for Clinton’s codification of military bigotry, DADT, Colin Powell is a war criminal and an apologist for war crimes. And has been for decades.

    He was assistant chief of staff of the 23rd Infantry Division in Nam where he lied under oath and attempted to discredit the expert testimony of courageous GI’s like Tom Glen of the 11th Light Infantry Brigade who exposed the My Lai Massacre. Powell said: “In direct refutation of this portrayal is the fact that relations between American soldiers and the Vietnamese people are excellent.”

    They were so ‘excellent’ that over a million civilians were slaughtered on the orders of Democrat LBJ and Republican Nixon before their invasion/occupation was unceremoniously defeated by a combination of Vietnamese intransigence and the civilian and GI anti-war movements. The same fate awaits the Clinton-Bush-Obama war for oil in SW Asia.

    Some are only to happy to forgive LBJ, Humphrey, Powell, Clinton and Gore for their role in the genocides in Vietnam and Iraq because it’s politically expedient to ignore their murders but the rest of us don’t.

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