Gay Author Christopher Rice Statement on #AmazonFail

Author Christopher Rice, who spoke with us in 2008 on the publication of his last novel Blind Fall, is now the Board President of the Lambda Literary Foundation. Rice released this statement with regard to the recent sales de-rankings of gay and lesbian themed books at, which last night they attributed to an error.

Rice Said Rice:

"Lambda Literary Foundation applauds the diligent work of writers, bloggers and activists in calling attention to this deeply distressing turn of events. I have seen my first novel stripped of its sale ranking by this apparent computer glitch so I join other writers who are baffled to the point of anger. I take great solace in the quick mobilization of our community in response to this apparent marginalization of LGBT books; the grassroots power of the Internet has been placed on glorious display for all to see. Over the next few days, we at Lambda Literary will be monitoring the situation very closely. Amazon is one of our nation's largest general book retailers. In their commitment to creating and sustaining technological advances in the publishing industry, they have laid claim to the future of book distribution. As such, they have a pressing responsibility to create an unfettered exchange of stories and ideas. If a quick and decisive response to this problem is not forthcoming within the next few days, we at Lambda Literary look forward to leading a sustained and impassioned dialogue on this issue, which will seek to harness the energies that have been released by our community's admirable response."

There's a longer interview with Rice over at Queerty as well.


  1. paul c says

    I’m still boycotting Amazon. I don’t buy their story and they have too much power over the publishing industry. It’s akin to the Wal-Martization of America.

    Haven’t been in Wal Mart since 2000, and have no plans to go back. Amazon can join them.

    Error or not, this should be a bold reminder that we need to support local bookstores, especially gay owned and gay friendly, if possible…or soon they won’t be there.

  2. says

    I wonder if there’s some larger agenda at-work…both of my local Barnes&Noble’s have eliminated their Gay and Lesbian sections entirely. Not relocated, but eliminated…and a few titles they kept on the inventory scattered throughout the stores’ shelves.

    And they’ve eliminated the few up-scale gay-porn magazines too. Even though they stock ALL the straight porn titles, and the (straight) erotica/human sexuality section is now four bookshelf-racks wide…that’s approx. 60-linear ft of books.

  3. Aunt Toys says

    Paul C: I sooo agree with you. Having worked in large scale Information technology (Sprint/FedEx/airlines etc) I can tell you the chances of this are slim to none. I also have boycotted WalMart some some years now. FRIENDS: VOTE WITH YOUR INCOME!! Do not support these retailers…they do NOT support you!!

  4. Wheezy says

    I am suspicious as well. I think their “glitch” was a marketing decision that didn’t pan out. I think they were trying to pander to the religious reich and scoop up the Christian bookstore market, probably thinking “Hey, there are more Christians than gays..”. They found out the hard way that their customer base was pissed at their censorship.

    As for chain stores like Barnes and Nobles and Borders, they are going under…but on a weird note, during the election they had piles of political books displayed and the majority were right-wing Anne Coulter/Rush Limbaugh type books. Some Democrat themes/authors could be found but they were not prominently displayed and out of the main aisles.