1. Wayne says

    Props to the L.C.R. Here’s hoping all their efforts pay off! We need Republican votes for marriage equality to pass. I pray a majority will remember that the Republicans were originally the party of Lincoln and support equality.

  2. Travis says

    This is really good news. I am glad to see the LCR are pulling their weight!

    NY residents you should be ringing your st. sen. phone off the hook!

  3. Puddy Katz says

    By the way guys, SONDA (Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Act) in NY State was authored by a Republican state senator and garnered the needed GOP votes in the Senate on a similar “vote of conscience” and due to Log Cabin lobbying.

  4. Sportin' Life says

    Huh? Bloomberg’s statement makes very little sense. Government should stay out of it? Yeah, well, “government” is the one giving out the licenses, and then administering the benefits based on those licenses, so how is that supposed to work?

    I guess everything needs to be turned into some kind of “government is the problem” slogan when you’re a Republican. Regardless of how little sense there is in looking at it that way.

  5. Eric Payne says

    Isn’t “voting your conscience,” essentially the same thing as “representing your constituents”?

    But, hell, we know how often any GOP member actually does that, don’t we?

  6. Bruno says

    I really feel like Paterson’s forcing the issue could turn out to be a great thing. People have been skeptical, but forcing issues like this can have positive consequences. Here’s to hoping.

  7. Jay says

    Sportin life – are you not listening? Bloomberg makes perfect sense. He’s saying government shouldn’t – through the issuance of licenses – determine which marriages are fit and which are not. Government should not discriminate, which it currently does. What’s hard to understand about that? And Bloomberg is not a Republican. He’s an independent.

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