1. Lars says

    The guy in the left is hot too. Both are hot f-ckers. GO DUDES! I’m witcha. Great job.

  2. Quentin says

    I’m 32 and now I feel old. I only recognize one song, and even that one not that much. Ah to be young again.

  3. ben says

    yeah they’re definitely both cuties. nicely done above all! the web site link is awesome too, ive never seen that site before. need more stuff like this!

  4. EchoMark says

    Who is the target audience for this video? People who like Daft Punk? I’d venture most of them are on our side…so, will it spur them into some sort of activism, then?

    At least anyone who follows their instructions to click on the link will be directed to the website of Let California Ring (, an educational campaign launched by the Equality California Institute.

  5. sparks says

    Clever how they replaced “blame it on the a-a-a-a-alcohol” with “..a-a-a-a-apathy!”

    Now if only there had been more gratuitous skin from the fine young gentlemen. :)

  6. alex in boston says

    “Sadly, we also feel that many of our peers, in specific, our straight peers, feel that this is an issue that does not affect them.” That’s fine as long as they don’t work against us having rights as so many Americans do!!!

  7. Charles W Wells says

    I don’t know if 32 is old, but I am 78 and it got me
    hoppin. Great and hot. Just might thaw some of
    the ice out of them there bibleteers. Inocentmi

  8. Amy Fan says

    They’re both so cute!
    and I went gay clubbing last weekend and almost all of those songs were played, lol
    great vid

  9. CJ says

    32 is NOT old. Far from it. Sadly, the newer MTV/Abercrombie & Fitch generation have been marketed to believe anything after 24 is death. I am so sick of seeing 18-24 year olds every where, as if that demographic is the only one “alive”. I want to tell them that 40 is middle age, and they have a loooong way to go. It’s so aggravating how much beauty super-cedes age.

  10. mikey d says

    To all the haters: it was a good effort and I think it has just enough cheekiness to get people their age to think about it in a light but serious way. Look we need as many approaches and efforts that we can get!

    And both of them are smokin :)

  11. anon says

    I don’t care about gay marriage. I think that heterosexual need to get married because if they don’t then men will follow thier impulses out of the relationship. I think that the binding laws for marriage work for men and women, but won’t do anything to rein in gay men, because we are not naturally more promiscuous than straight men (no mitigating female force). Wherever same sex marriage is legal the number of gay people who have them is incredibly small. There’s always the overflowing rush that you read about on Towleroad, but in Massachusetts, Toronto, The Netherlands etc. gay people marry at a rate nowhere even close to heterosexuals…All that being said I support THE RIGHT to gay marriage even though I am uncertain how the institution of marriage will affect gay couples…Just some thoughts…

  12. Bruce Wayne says

    32 is ‘old’ if you are 4….my mommy told me so, after I had my graham crackers and my nap…stop poking me, you’ll give me cooties…I’m telling…Mom!!!

    :) Repugnicant cousin doesn’t see this issue of opposing gay marriage as being ‘hate.’ Must be merely a personal opinion! I have yet to get into it with him, not wanting to be arrested for his murder, and all. But he is an idiot, as is anyone who can’t see that ‘they’ do NOT define ‘Equality’ unto themselves.


  13. Steven says

    Hi I was wondering if someone would please post the link to the actual video. I’m in China and youtube is blocked here, so I’d like to be able to have the link. Thanks

  14. JeffRob says

    Aw, that was awesome! They did a great job.

    If you don’t recognize the songs, just tune to your local “hits” or “hot jamz” station and listen for about 17 minutes. You’ll hear every song they sampled, I guarantee.

  15. mike says

    “Old” is just a number. Don’t mean a thing. Fun video and I’m glad people like them are on our side!