News: Glenn Beck, Teabagging, Jason Statham, Esquire, Brando

 roadGroundbreaking literary theorist Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick dies: "In one of her more audacious insights, Sedgwick proposed two ways of
understanding homosexuality: a 'minoritizing view' in which there is 'a
distinct population of persons who 'really are' gay,' and a 'universalizing view' in which sexual desire is unpredictable and
fluid, in which "apparently heterosexual persons…are strongly marked
by same-sex influences.' Think of it, in shorthand, as the difference
between Ellen Degeneres' 'Yep, I'm gay!' and Gore Vidal's 'There is no
such thing as a homosexual or heterosexual person; there are only homo-
or heterosexual acts.'"

Madonnahouse  roadMadonna buys $40 million townhouse on New York's upper east side.

 roadGlenn Beck causes guest to faint on live TV – VIDEO.

 roadWolff Olins branding company employee suing, claims supervisor called him "HIV boy": "[Christopher] Perez joined Wolff Olins in January 2007…He succeeded another gay man, the suit says… 'Why do you always bring me gay
boys?' [supervisor Dean] Crutchfield complained, according to the suit…The
suit claims that when Perez put in for vacation time, his boss asked if
he was 'going away with your team for a scandalous holiday'."

 roadTrial in Angie Zapata killing set to begin in Colorado.

 roadWashington state House passes transgender hate crimes bill.

 roadHundreds turn out for funeral of Massachusetts student Carl Walker-Hoover, who last week we reported committed suicide after being overwhelmed by anti-gay bullying at school. Reverend: "The name calling must stop; the bullying must stop. We need to do better."

 roadIt's Lindsay: Lohan looking for love on eHarmony.

Statham  roadJason Statham shows Brazil what he's made of.

 roadPresident would have the power to "shut down the internet" under proposed law.

 roadMSNBC on teabagging day.

 roadTexas Christian University backs off plans for gay-themed housing after uproar: "CU Chancellor
Victor J. Boschini Jr. said the national attention over the gay-related
housing theme did not drive his decision to backtrack on themed
housing. 'The biggest complaint we got from people was
not about any single group but about having these groups in general,'
said Boschini, whose decision reverses the approval of eight new
housing pods, including the gay and lesbian-themed unit. The others –
patriotism, Christianity and marine biology, for examples – didn't
appear to be controversial."

 roadAlly: Charlize Theron calls U.S. marriage laws "a form of apartheid."

 road"Gay leprechaun" slur feud continues between dean and professor at Ohio State University.

 roadIs this a real photo of Marlon Brando with his mouth around another man? (NSFW)

Nodar  roadAfterElton talks to Out of the Wild's gay competitor Jake Nodar: "Nodar, along with eight other participants, are dropped in the
middle of the Alaskan bush and told to find their way out with minimal
supplies and virtually no help. Nodar and the eight others face  brutal weather and mile
after mile of trudging through the Alaskan wilderness as they work to
navigate their way back to civilization"

 roadEsquire apologizes for tongue-in-cheek guide to using the word "faggot."

 roadJailed Survivor winner Richard Hatch says he wants to finish his sentence in Buenos Aires: "Hatch filed a motion in U.S. District Court this week asking for travel freedom and to live in Argentina because he is married to an Argentinian national whose family is unable to travel to the United States.

The federal government is opposing the motion, arguing that his sentence requires that he complete mental health counseling, file amended tax returns for 2000 and 2001, and pay $400,000 in back taxes. Hatch has not filed corrected tax returns or paid any of the taxes owed, Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew J. Reich wrote." Hatch is scheduled to be released to a halfway house on May 12.


  1. Matt says

    “Glenn Beck causes guest to faint on live TV – VIDEO.”

    As much as i disagree with Glenn Beck on just about everything he spits out of his mouth, your statement is incorrect. Glenn Beck did nothing to cause his guest to faint. The guy simply fainted.

  2. aquaman says

    Seeing Esquire’s apology listed a few lines below the post of the funeral for the child who was bullied at school leaves me with little sympathy for the magazine. Looking forward to the magazine’s eventual demise..

  3. Leland Frances says

    Glad to hear Madge was able to scrape a few dollars together to comfort herself after being unable to buy another Louis Vuitton shoulder bag er child.

    SAAD is further documenting what a worthless sack of hacks it’s become by claiming on at least part of its site that the Colorado trial “will mark the first time an anti-transgender murder will be prosecuted as a hate crime under state law in this country.” Tell that to Gwen Araujo’s family after her murderers were charged with a hate crime in California in 2003.

  4. says

    Leland: What does Madonna being obscenely rich have to do with her adopting a child? If anything, it hurt her this time. And she earned every bit of the money. Is any entertainer “worth” $600 million dollars? Yes, thanks to the fact that their product is purchased globally, so while her hard work isn’t as hard as the hard work of a laborer, the money is there and I’m glad it’s in her hands over a lot of others’.

    The Brando pic…why is this news again? It came out forever ago and was printed in a book. I was not aware it was supposed to be him sucking off Wally Cox (BFF and roommate). The dick looks black to me, no?

  5. Kevin says

    Esquire’s apology was nowhere near enough. Not remotely. The phrase they used was EXACTLY EQUIVALENT to “dirty n*gger.” And exactly as inexcusable. While I’d be happy to see the magazine fold at this point, the people who judged this as OK to print should be losing their jobs.

  6. RB says

    “Leland: What does Madonna being obscenely rich have to do with her adopting a child?”

    Matthew, it became a problem about the same time that American’s decided that being obscenely rich and living the American dream became a problem. We all know that being successful in America is now looked down upon. We all must be equal! That is the basis of proper socialism.

  7. JT says

    Yes, RB. And if you don’t agree, it’s off to Siberia with you! (Which is where they sent gays too).

  8. Paul R says

    I thought the picture of Brandon with his
    “mouth around another man” was going to be a picture of him eating someone. After all, this was a guy who hired people to throw Big Macs over his gate when he was supposed to be dieting.

  9. Leland Frances says

    So the last time MARdonna threw any of her “obscene fortune” at Les Gays Reagan was still President. So she didn’t give a sous to try to stop Prop H8….. Matthew, RB, and JT: you’ve opened my eyes! I’ve been so unfairly cruel to your poor, misunderstood heroine, the old woman who lives in a Manolo Blahnik shoe…..

    I shall now send myself to bed without supper.

  10. Contrarian says

    Thank you Mr.Towle for including the blurb on the late Ms. Sedgwick. At the risk of labeling myself as a cultural philistine and/or a graduate of a less than elite university, I was previously unfamiliar with her work. Must say her theories are ones I’ve long thought about, and though I always found dear old Gore V. an insufferable egoist, I’m in his camp(no pun intended).

  11. LightningLord says

    Eve Sedgewick was a charlatan. I ended one of her lectures at Yale University where she “deconstructed” an essay written by Henry James in which he refers to wearing a glove which she insisted was a metaphor for James’ repressed desire to be fisted. All of the comp literature students, with their dyed black hair, black turtlenecks and teeny tiny black glasses, nodded in unison.

  12. TANK says

    Beck did cause his guest to faint with his crazy eyes.

    Literary theorists commenting on the nature of human sexuality (empirical claims)…pfffft.

  13. Smitty says

    That is not Brando. Wrong nose. And he would not allow a pic of that nature to be taken.