1. SFshawn says

    Congratulations to all the loving couples getting married today!
    After paying Billions and Billions of tax dollars over the years you are now first class citizens of the United States of America with EQUAL rights. May you enjoy all the benefits of equality.
    Thank you especially to those BRAVE LEADERS such as Mayor Gavin Newsom(soon to be California governor), the SF City Attorney Dennis Herrera,the Iowa Supreme Court and all those whose ACTIONS speak louder than their shallow words on this historic issue. Fuck you to organized religion,insecure legislators,ignorant voters and all those who continue to deny gay folks equality in this world.

  2. occono says

    “After paying Billions and Billions of tax dollars over the years you are now first class citizens of the United States of America with EQUAL rights. May you enjoy all the benefits of equality.”

    Uh, I don’t believe DOMA has been repealed Sfshawn.

  3. Jon says

    This country is going to hell. There are not words to describe the horror that is now surrounding us. To have law makers except perversion and pathological abnormalities as normal is an extremely sad day. Homosexuality is a mental decease. Whether you believe in God or not it is complete insanity to except it as normal. If it was normal then nature wouldn’t have put a penis on a guy and a vagina on a women. No matter if you’re talking religion or not it is as weird and freakish as it can get. You’re all a bunch of freaks. Congratulations on destroying the moral fiber and starting the very process of bringing down the very building blocks that hold up this country (i.e the family)…and no you’re not a family…you’re a freak show.

  4. Jon says

    Here’s where you freaks are trying to lead this country.

    ( A scene at City Hall in San Francisco )

    ‘Good morning. We want to apply for a marriage license.’


    ‘Tim and Jim Jones.’

    ‘Jones? Are you related? I see a resemblance.’

    ‘Yes, we’re brothers.’

    ‘Brothers? You can’t get married.’

    ‘Why not? Aren’t you giving marriage licenses to same gender couples?’

    ‘Yes, thousands. But we haven’t had any siblings. That’s incest!’

    ‘Incest?’ No, we are not gay.’

    ‘Not gay? Then why do you want to get married?’

    ‘For the financial benefits, of course. And we do love each other.
    Besides, we don’t have any other prospects.’

    ‘But we’re issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples who’ve been
    denied equal protection under the law. If you are not gay, you can get
    married to a woman.’

    ‘Wait a minute. A gay man has the same right to marry a woman as I have.
    But just because I’m straight doesn’t mean I want to marry a woman. I want
    to marry Jim.’

    ‘And I want to marry Tim, Are you going to discriminate against us just
    because we are not gay?’

    ‘All right, all right. I’ll give you your license. Next.’

    ‘Hi. We are here to get married.’


    ‘John Smith, Jane James, Robert Green, and June Johnson.’

    ‘Who wants to marry whom?’

    ‘We all want to marry each other.’

    ‘But there are four of you!’

    ‘That’s right. You see, we’re all bisexual. I love Jane and Robert, Jane
    loves me and June, June loves Robert and Jane, and Robert loves June and
    me. All of us getting married together is the only way that we can express
    our sexual preferences in a marital relationship.’

    ‘But we’ve only been granting licenses to gay and lesbian couples.’

    ‘So you’re discriminating against bisexuals!’

    ‘No, it’s just that, well, the traditional idea of marriage is that it’s
    just for couples.’

    ‘Since when are you standing on tradition?’

    ‘Well, I mean, you have to draw the line somewhere.’

    ‘Who says? There’s no logical reason to limit marriage to couples. The more
    the better. Besides, we demand our rights! The mayor says the constitution
    guarantees equal protection under the law. Give us a marriage license!’

    ‘All right, all right. Next.’

    ‘Hello, I’d like a marriage license.’

    ‘In what names?’

    ‘David Deets.’

    ‘And the other man?’

    ‘That’s all. I want to marry myself.’

    ‘Marry yourself? What do you mean?’

    ‘Well, my psychiatrist says I have a dual personality, so I want to marry
    the two together. Maybe I can file a joint income-tax return.’

    ‘That does it! I quit!! You people are making a mockery of marriage!!’

  5. BabyG says

    LOL! Some of these comments that people post are just plain ridiculous. Your going to tell me that you had nothing better to do than to post an imaginary conversation pointing out the fact that same-sex marriage is wrong? Wow. Get a life! Church & State should always be seperated.

  6. SFshawn says

    This country is going to hell when people can’t articulate or distinguish the difference between except and accept or decease and disease? Please go back to school and get an education before attempting to take the moral high ground regarding equality for gays and lesbians.

  7. Andrew says

    Jon, being gay is not a mental disease. Being as spiteful, hateful and backward as you IS much closer to a true mental disease. However, even those with mental conditions – such as schizophrenia, depression, PTSD and uncontrollable spite – can get married in this nation. You talk about moral fiber and then spew hate and divisiveness – where’s the moral fiber in that?

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