Meghan McCain on Gay Marriage, Log Cabin, and the GOP

Meghan McCain, the daughter of Senator John McCain, has a column in today's Daily Beast discussing her recent statements in support of marriage equality and her upcoming speaking engagement at the Log Cabin Republican convention.

Mccain Says McCain: "I am a woman who despises labels and boxes and stereotypes. Recently, I seemed to have rocked a few individuals within my party by saying that I am a pro-life, pro-gay-marriage Republican. So if anyone is still confused, let me spell it out for you. I believe life begins at conception and I believe that people who fall in love should have the option to get married. Lest we forget, our founding document, the Declaration of Independence, grants the same rights to everyone in this country—'All men are created equal.' If you think certain rights should not apply to certain people, then you are saying those people are not equal. People may always have a difference of opinion on certain lifestyles, but championing a position that wants to treat people unequally isn't just un-Republican. At its fundamental core, it's un-American."

She also has speaks about her party's future: "At the most basic level, sexual orientation should not be a factor in how you are treated. If the Republican Party has any hope of gaining substantial support from a wider, younger base, we need to get past our anti-gay rhetoric."

A Gayer GOP [the daily beast]

McCain's recent appearance on LArry King Live, in which she stated her support for same-sex marriage, AFTER THE JUMP...