1. Carl Rice, Tucson says

    What the hell is wrong with him? Ohhh, it’s so cool to fit in with the gays now days. Hollywood goes gaga over the gay community and the gay community kisses their asses, disgusting.
    You ever hear the joke; If everyone wants to be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, what happens to them on Martin Luther King day?

  2. alex in boston says

    Wait for it! Wait for it! He is definitely the most awesome Bro and wingman!! You Rock NPH!!

  3. cb4422 says

    I adore this man and think he is so funny.

    Carl,NPH is a comedic actor. Sometimes to be funny,comedic actors will dress in drag. They dress in drag because it’s funny. Being gay and dressing in drag can be mutually exclusive.

  4. Just Sayin' says

    Im actually a fan of Harris, so this is not a slam, but it always seems that whenever a gay guy is out and living a “normal” life, “they” (media, str8’s whoever)always manages to “put the gay guy in a dress”. Im not trying to disparage him or doing drag, but it always seems that straights are only comfortable if the gay guy is either in a dress or is somehow identified with femininity. Live and let live for sure, but do we ALWAYS have to fall back to that? c’mon

  5. paul c says

    Has anyone ever seen that show he’s on? I saw it for the first time a few weeks ago and it was shockingly awful. Then I checked it out a week or two later, and it was just as bad…actually worse because his character basically said and did the exact unfunny things from the first time.

    I should confess that I didn’t make it past the first 5 or 10 minutes either time, but it wasn’t necessary.

    It was embarrassing to watch.

  6. JeffRob says

    “How I Met Your Mother” is a terrible sitcom, but NPH is fully awesome. Now that he’s hosting, the TV Land Awards are must-see, imo.

    But seriously, an out gay actor in drag somehow illustrates the ingrained homophobia of our mass media? Are you fucking kidding me? Get a grip. Why are you waiting for television to confirm your equality or justify your existence?

  7. Ron says

    I dunno, I kinda agree. Seeing a gay guy in drag is not exactly going against the mold. Quite the opposite. whatever.

  8. JeffRob says

    Why does it need to be against the mold to be positive? Is drag something we’re ashamed of?