NH GOP Chair John Sununu Calls Marriage Equality ‘Garbage’

Former Republican congressman Jeb Bradley won a special election in New Hampshire last night, defeating retired judge Bud Martin. State GOP Chair John Sununu used the opportunity to sound off on the marriage equality bill currently pending in the state senate, the Union Leader reports:

Sununu "State Democratic Party Chairman Raymond Buckley said the seat has
always been held by a Republican, and just a few years ago, Democrats
didn't even run a candidate for the seat. 'I don't think it's a referendum on anything, other than his (Bradley's) greater name recognition,' Buckley said. The
election does not change the makeup of the Senate; Democrats continue
to hold 14 of the 24 Senate seats. Bradley said he hopes to be sworn in
today. The election is the first test for former Gov. John H.
Sununu, who took over control of the state GOP earlier this year. He
said the race energized Republicans. Activists from across the state
volunteered on the campaign. 'As nice as the win was, the campaign was even better,' Sununu said. Sununu agreed that the results can't be seen as referendum, noting the Republican tilt of the district. He
said Bradley's election actually helps Democratic Gov. John Lynch.
Bradley could be counted on to sustain a Lynch veto of the gay marriage
and transgender discrimination legislation, 'if he (Lynch) finds the
strength to veto that garbage,' Sununu said. Buckley said it's 'silly talk' to suggest what bills Lynch will veto."

The New Hampshire marriage equality bill passed the NH House in late March by a vote of 186-179.


  1. Stairs says

    In a certain British comedy programme, the word “Nunu” is bashfully used to refer to the vagina. Seems somewhat apt given the circumstances; the man is a bit of a cunt.

  2. Derrick from Phiily says


    you got that right. He’s the ugliest Republican east of the Pacific, west of the Atlantic, south of Palin country, and north of the gay hamlet of Key West. Sununu is one ugly motha’ fu… I don’t believe it’s his Arab genes what done it.

  3. Matt says

    This kind of rudeness is just a symptom of the toxins seeping out. There’s still plenty of homophobia in the system–and of course we’ll never be completely rid of it. But we’re not going away, and we’re not giving up until we have full equality, and they know it. No wonder they’re angry.

  4. ED2 says

    That’s funny because I was just thinking that whatever it is on his head was “garbage”. I just assumed he meant that Lynch would veto all horrible 80’s style pieces.

    p.s.- didn’t he have a cameo in a Seinfeld episode where Costanza was shopping for one?

  5. Bruno says

    Sununu shows his true colors, I guess NH can be happy they voted him out of the Senate.

    Let’s hope Lynch considers Sununu’s advice, and considering who it’s coming from, does the exact opposite of what he wants.

  6. MikeMick says

    I live in NH. Sununu is, and will always be, a smug, arrogant, soulless swine. He is a corrosive caricature of a human being, drawn in shit by a feral baboon with one hand while it jacks off with the other. And that’s a generous portrait.

    He is also, unfortunately, highly intelligent and politically shrewd. I just hope his thinking is so outdated that his considerable brain power doesn’t matter.

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