1. paul c says

    As Carolinaguy said – ever heard of Photoshop?

    We’re told that we’re about to die any second from global warming, and yet they fly jets around just to take a frivolous picture?

    Obama flew across the country on these same jets to give a speech on Earth Day…using over 9000 gallons of jet fuel. Ever heard of satellites and videoconferencing?

    Or are those things just for us little people? Such blatant hypocrisy.

  2. gr8guyca says

    As people have already noted, why didn’t they just photoshop the picture? Not only would it have saved the residents of New York City from a scare, it would also have saved the government God-knows how much money. Hmm….747 flying around the city accompanied by two fighter jets. What do you think? $200,000? $300,000? They should find the idiot in the government who made this decision and dock his pay. When the government is watching every cent, why should we all pay for this blunder?

  3. says

    Paul might be a butthole, but he’s right on this one. I think that one of the most important functions of the Presidency is to set the tone and establish the example for the rest of the administration and the country. In a time of financial hardship, it would be nice to see the government reigning in its unnecessary spending (such as travel). Videoconferencing would be a good option for some appearances, for sure… although I understand that an “in the flesh” appearance by the President is in some cases necessary for other reasons. Obama has decreased unnecessary spending in other ways, such as using private funds for the traditional re-decoration of the oval office (and keeping lots of the old stuff like the carpet that is usually replaced with each new president). But Air Force One has such high visibility that when you take it out for a joyride over lower Manhattan just so someone can take pretty pictures, it just seems wasteful and unnecessary… let alone boneheaded and insensitive.

    White House fail.

  4. Meanwhile says

    I don’t understand the $60K salary reference. It’s well above average, but I get the sense that it’s meant to show that the guy is a peon.

    What is the point of putting that in the story?

  5. paul c says

    @Ed – Paul didn’t make the “TOTUS” comment, Ed. I tutored people like you in college though, so if you need any help with your reading abilities, just let me know. I’ll be glad to help you out.

    Now, would you care to clarify what was hypocritical in the (100% correct) comment that I actually made?

  6. JT says

    Boneheaded move…no doubt, but comparing it to “Mission Accomplished” is a leap that only a GOP member would make. The defense department did this without anyone’s knowledge. It wasnt like Obama was on the plane towing a banner saying “The Financial Crisis is Over!”
    I’m more concerned that the Defense Dept can make these decisions with little to no notice.

  7. JT says

    Im also more surprised that no one could recognize the presidents plane. Its markings are so clear, I would have picked it out easily had I been as close as many people were.

  8. PatrickPatrick says

    The markings are clear when it’s sitting still, on the ground, without the glaring sun and sky behind it. It was reasonable that few or no one recognized the plane.

    Beyond that…


    Get the fuck over it. Are we all running away every thing a damn plane flies by? I think it’s time to put the feigned PTSD behind us. (“It’s a high-jacked plane…I know it.” Apparently you didn’t.)

    It’s not like planes are being flown into buildings every other week. It’s been nearly nine years. It hasn’t happened since nor has anyone tried. I’m sure the boogey men are thinking of something new.

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