1. JohnInManhattan says

    “As the Democratic nominee for President, I am proud to join with and support the LGBT community in an effort to set our nation on a course that recognizes LGBT Americans with full equality under the law. That is why I support extending fully equal rights and benefits to same sex couples under both state and federal law. That is why I support repealing the Defense of Marriage Act and the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy, and the passage of laws to protect LGBT Americans from hate crimes and employment discrimination. And that is why I oppose the divisive and discriminatory efforts to amend the California Constitution, and similar efforts to amend the U.S. Constitution or those of other states.”

    “One of the candidates for president strolled onto the stage at a massive megachurch in suburban Orange County Saturday night and started joking easily with the Rev. Rick Warren, maybe the most popular evangelical leader in America — but just plain “Pastor Rick” to the candidate. He talked about his certainty that “Jesus Christ died for my sins, and I am redeemed through him,” said Americans should be soldiers in the fight against evil, and defined marriage as between a man and a woman — “and God is in the mix.”

    So much for equality.

  2. alex in boston says

    No Matter what – these words have not been heard to echo in the Halls of the White House since the Clinton days!! Thank you B.O.

  3. JohnInManhattan says

    Thank you B.O. for insinuating marriage equality for gay couples is unholy by stating “God is in the mix.”

    Thank you B.O. for inviting Pastor Rick Warren to speak at your historic inauguration AFTER Warren appeared on national TV and compared being gay to pedophilia, bestiality, and incest.

    And thank you B.C. for signing the Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA) AND for urging John Kerry, in the waning days of his Presidential run, to come out against marriage equality as a sure fire means to drum up more votes.

    thank you… Thank You… THANK YOU!!!!!

  4. Travis says

    Believe that the institution of marriage is something sacred that should be reserved for heterosexuals and implicitly protected from homosexuals is exactly the type of homophobia President Obama pretends to find intolerable.

    Grow a set and do what is right or shut your lying mouth.

  5. Rann says

    It is so easy to say things like this. Not many will argue you are wrong. But I will believe this president when he starts doing some of the things he promised like repealing DADT. Right now I am not sure of him. But it is early. Let’s hope…

  6. Rann says

    It is very easy to comdemn intolerance. Let’s see some action. That is when I will start believing him. He promised to repeal DADT. When he does, it will mean something.
    Actions do indeed speak a lot louder than words.

  7. Aaron Rowland says

    Heh. I love how people pretend that Obama is anti-gay simply because he invited Rick Warren to give a prayer at the inauguration. You boys have fun supporting your completely non-viable Naderesque candidates, but I’ll be here enjoying the most pro-gay president we’ve had in a long, long time.

    I’m not big fan of Christianity, but I am a big fan of Obama. Mark my words, he might not yet be ready for gay marriage, but he’ll get a lot done for LGBT equality. I would even put money on him changing his position on marriage as momentum continues to grow in the next couple years.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, most of the country still loves him. Richard Brooks said his speech on the economy was “a masterpiece”–coming from a Conservative it kinda’ frightened me; but, hell, they admire his brilliance.

  9. paul c says

    Talk is cheap…especially from someone who changes his story repeatedly to suit whichever audience to whom he’s speaking.

    @Aaron – you are the gay equivalent of an Uncle Tom.

  10. Leland Frances says

    “Today, and every day we have an opportunity, as well as an obligation to confront these scourges.”

    Uh, Mr. President, you just indicted yourself on at least seven counts.

    Count 1: this is your first mention of gays—and an indirect one at that—since December—and, then, it was only because you were defending annointing Rick “Gay = Pedophiliacs” Warren as symbolic President’s Personal Pastor.”

    Count 2. refusal to use the opportunity/obligation of the recent reintroduction of the House DADT repeal bill to tell ALL Americans that you want DADT repealed.

    Count 3. refusal to use the opportunity/obligation to use the recent reintroduction of the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Bill to tell ALL Americans that you support it.

    Count 4. Americans from every walk of life have been talking about the recent wave of marriage equality victories and advances—except their President. Someone in your name totally destroyed any transformative, Change value of a positive statement about the Iowa victory by casting it in terms of states’ rights—thus affirming the “right” of others states to REFUSE gays full citizenship—and needlessly and with great harm reminding Americans that you oppose real marriage equality.

    Count 5: refusal to use the opportunity/obligation to use these events to tell ALL Americans that you want federal DOMA repealed.

    Count 6. refusal to use the opportunity/obligation of your multiple public references to unemployment, or when signing the Lily Ledbetter women’s pay bill, to tell all Americans that you want to see ENDA passed and antigay job discrimination in 30 states stopped.

    Count 7: refusal to use the opportunity/obligation to condemn the rise in gay/trans hate crimes and the growing number of America’s children killing themselves because our society still teaches them that being called “Fag” is a knife to their tiny hearts.

    How does the President plead?

  11. Leland Frances says

    Count 8: refusal to use the opportunity/obligation of countless mentions of Iraq to condemn the rise in gay murders there.

  12. DR says

    I am especially pissed off at his refusal on #8. It’s bad enough that he gave a lousy statement regarding the Iowa decision, and now isn’t speaking out against the wholesale slaughter going on in the Middle East?!?


  13. jno says

    When I read his first memoir, Dreams . . ., I was struck by his experience of being an outsider (in Hawaii, in college, in Indonesia, in Chicago), his empathy for all peoples, and his ability to see how we are all connected. We have never had a president with such intelligence, empathy and understanding about how the world is connected from the streets of Kenya to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. He is doing the right work, and this speech is part of that path, reminding how hatred against any is hatred against all. Disparage away, fellas, but this one is a keeper.

  14. Sean says

    You bitter misinformed homos are gonna continue to Bash Obama here,I swear to god you bitches are no different from those bitter white right-wingnuts who are still bitter about losing the election last november,to the point that everything the president does (no matter what it is) aint up to their standards.Yall here at towleroad aint no different.Id like to have a camera at hand so I can see how stupid yall will look and feel in the case that Obama takes action on the LGBT issues that we are all very concerned about.For those who still indeed hold even a single iota of support for Obama,you disgruntled jackasses condemn/dimiss and try and make that person feel unworthy,you belittle the person for christ sake.Sounds alot like those DAMN racist white right-winged conservative losers.LIKE I SAID:

    Once an Obama hater ALWAYS an Obama hater.

  15. Leland Frances says

    Once a fake Agent of Change full of moth-eaten platitudes that mesmerize the willingly fooled but devoid of action always a fake Agent of Change full of moth-eaten platitudes that mesmerize the willingly fooled.

    But I DO have an Obama t-shirt.

    For sale.

  16. Aaron Rowland says

    Oh no! Paul called me an Uncle Tom! How ever can I emotionally recover? /snark

    The reality is, there is a lot of progress that can be made on the federal level over the next few years. DADT can be repealed, ENDA and Hate Crimes can get passed, immigration and tax policies can be adjusted to provide for LGBT equality, maybe even Federal domestic partnership legislation. You’re delusional if you think Obama would veto any of the above. Bush & McCain, on the other hand, would have. A vote for anyone other than Obama during the general was a proxy vote for McCain.

    Andy’s comment section has more and more become a ridiculously angry ultra-liberal queer Free Republic. Let’s get our feet back on the ground and try to focus a bit on working together to achieve everything we can.

  17. Lee Adama says

    You’ve got to love those people who think that Obama should squander all of his political capital exclusively on LGBT issues. Never mind the fact that he is fighting with the GOP on the economy, torture, foreign policy, climate change, spending, taxes etc. You know what the biggest change that we’ve had over the last 8 years….LGBT rights have advanced and the White House is not trying to use it as a political football.

    The right is screaming fire on all fronts, and increasingly proving how irrelevant they really are. The key, keep the GOP focused on issues that are a winner for democrats with the public, and ignore that which can be controversial. The result, dominoes are falling on the marriage issue, and the GOP has NO ammunition to use against the White House. Thus when they try to bring it up, they look like they are focused on irrelevant shit.

  18. Mike says

    The Obama hatred is pretty bad here. Are you pining for the Republican alternative, or for the sell-outs of the Clinton years? I have a feeling that when Obama’s presidency is over, we will have most (if not all) we want, and we will be thankful that he was politically astute enough to do it right.

  19. says

    Sorry guys but this former Hillary supporter still looks at the TV in amazement everytime someone says “President Obama”. I never thought I’d see the day.

    No, I’m not happy with his LGBT policies, however, I’m willing to give him a chance to do things his way. We Hillary girls got our asses handed to us by not thinking this man knew what he was doing.

    Never underestimate Barack Obama.

  20. Rovex says

    I see Obama in the same way i see the current UK labour government. While not totally up for 100% gay equality, hes certainly a big improvement. In the UK we went from an anti-gay conservative government, that was opposed to any mention of ‘gay’ in school sex education (to the point that it was actually illegal), to a government that brought in civil unions. While not full marriage, its a damn big step in a short time. Be thankful for what you have, 12 months ago you had almost nothing, now your a big step closer.

  21. Bosie says

    People are never happy or appreciate the changes…those unhappy beings are takers, they don’t realize…that for 8yrs we had a goverment that shamed us and robbed us; Bush.

    Obama has done what no other president since Clinton…he is stamding up for us…big changes are happening…slowly but surely…I feel it…I’m young, so i know day when i’m ready…It’ll be possible.

    Thank You Obama…and the lgbt fighters.

  22. Jim says

    Gays need to ask themselves – “what have they done for themselves” rather than what has the govenment (or Obama) done for them? Have we really earned it or do we just expect it becuase of our sexual orientation?

  23. nic says

    i agree with JNO. obama has been in office for just a little over 3 months, yet some of you bitches expect immediate results, no matter your agenda. history has shown us that honest and good language precedes honest and good actions. obama is a good man who has taken on the huge pile of crap left by the previous administration on his skinny, yet strong shoulders. he is busy stanching the economic blood-letting and the smothering of small fires and the wildfires visited upon us by the cheney/bush “brain trust”. bitch that i can be, i am willing to give obama time.

    once upon a time, i wanted hillary to be president, but obama won fair and square. i am over it. and, really, i have no use for harpies, shrews, whirling dervishes, and banshees who will ululate at the first sign of disappointment (leland, take the bait). presidents are not emperors. i can wait.

  24. DR says

    I love the apologetics.

    -DADT may not happen
    -Pelosi put DOMA on the backburner
    -Iowa declares same-sex marriage constitutional, and Obama issues a statement which boils down to “those uppity fags don’t need full rights, we’ll keep them separate but equal”
    -He gets the US to sign onto a UN Declaration that got all the bootlickers creaming themselves (ooh, look how progressive he is!), and yet it’s an openly gay junior Congressman doing all the legwork on investigating torture and murder of Iraqui gays as Obama invites us to the White House for an Easter egg hunt.

    I’m seeing lots of delusion. Lots of talking yourselves into the same complacency we talk ourselves into cycle after cycle after cycle. And the impact?

    -LGBT soldiers are losing their CAREERS because the defense department is dragging its feet with Obama’s blessing. And the answer? OUTSOURCING! Yes, the US wants to fast track immigrants to American citizens by allowing them to serve in the military, most notably in the field of Arabic and Urdu linguistics, an area where many LGBT soldiers used to serve! WTF?!?

    -Gee, thanks to DOMA and other inane marriage laws, families are being torn apart. Go check out earlier entries on this blog to see how an American/Phillipina couple had to get a special act to keep their family together since there is no provision to allow the immigrant partners of LGBT citizens the same rights that heteros get.

    This is the kind of shit we have to accept now. Nice. That guy can;t even applaud a fucking ruling giving LGBTs full equality.

    Yes, let’s keep deluding ourselves that things are just fine and hunky dory.

  25. Sargon Bighorn says

    DON’T expect someone else to do YOUR work. If you want Marriage Equality DON’T expect someone that already enjoys it to come to your defense and aid. If they do, so much the better. DON’T expect a Hetero to understand how a Homo feels, they don’t and never will. DON’T expect the President to talk about you, act for you, come to your defense, fight for you, or otherwise do your bidding. YOU FIGHT YOUR FIGHT. Gay America it’s time to rise up, stand up, speak up, act up. The time to stand with your hands of your hips, your lip all pouty, and your eyes squinted is OVER.

  26. robertmalcolm says

    I appreciate the beginnings of inclusion for LGBT issues (and appointees) in President Obama’s administration — and as some have duly noted it’s only been three months so let’s give the man some time before we disavow his words. We were never even on the agenda with the previous Bush administration and I guarantee it would have not been any better under a McCain/Palin administration.

    Sure I would love to see some immediate powerful words and action on some current issues (the sad rising epidemic of homophobia in schools as evidenced by these many youngsters losing their lives either by others or suicide, the disturbing murders of LGBT peoples in the Middle East, repealing DADT/DOMA — and much much more) but am willing to give it some time — just not too much time. As at some point (soon) it just becomes empty words — though I surely hope not.

  27. Brian in Texas says

    As much as I want the President to tackle LGBT issues ASAP. I’m realistic in that issue #1 is the economy, two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and healthcare reform. Yes, the President can do multiple things at once…but the man has been President for 3 months, lol.

    Have some patience; what you thought he was gonna push for federally recognized civil unions or gay marriages his first month in office?

  28. frenchguy says

    Obama est le meilleur président que les etats unis ont eu depuis longtemps, merci de l’avoir élu !

  29. nic says

    so, DR, are you a shrew or a harpy? or, are you just a hired weeper? oh, wait, that’s tautological. i know that you aren’t a banshee, unless you are confusing the ‘o’ in obama for irish.

  30. Marlon says

    Enough with these washed up Act Up queens acting like they speak for anyone but themselves (yes, I’m talking to you Leland). The Obama administration has done more for gay rights than the last three presidents combined (two bushes and a clinton). Of course, many of these old hags gladly give Clinton a pass because they are just so used to sucking straight white cock that it’s almost second nature. But don’t worry, they’ll get used to black cock sooner or later. 3 months into his administration and he’s supposed to put LGBQ needs above the entire country? If you think so, then maybe that explains why you’re alone (yes, still talking to Leland). I guess narcissism is the gay man’s scarf after all….

  31. Rafael says

    President Obama needs to reconcile his message. We have to demand of him to be clear with us, assumptions are not enough anymore. His divisive position is hurting the Gay Marriage cause.

    Today I debated God knows how many misinformed Christian conservatives on Miss California’s article. Some 500 comments from both factions. Christians would often cite “President Obama is against Gay Marriage” So is Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. The sad part is that they are right, our leaders are not behind us, no matter what they say at a museum.

  32. JT says

    Rafael : But at least Obama will accept the decisions of the states, where we’ll see a lot of progress. (Again, the under-35 crowd in the U.S. mostly approves of gay marriage, so it was inevitable). I, too, would like to see Obama make a statement on the treatment of gays in Iraq, but…This is actually akin to criticism Obama was getting for wavering on those Torture-Prosecutions (seeming to base his decision on what his party wanted as well as the public polls), and has been criticized as a pushover. (Bill O’Reilly defended him, but added that Obama might have to learn to show more leadership, loudly and concretely). Any President is going to endure lots of criticism, and I think it’s way too early to make a judgement on Obama.

  33. Rafael says

    JT – I been an Obama supporter since the beginning, but I’m not naive. The president is hurting our cause in those states where Gay Marriage battles are being fought. He is officially against Gay Marriage and that is all the opposition sees.

    I knew when I voted for the President, when I campaigned for him, that he was not perfect and that he would make mistakes from time to time. I continued to support him because I strongly believed in his ability to listen, to objectively study an issue and to take the right position. Today he needs to change his position on Gay Marriage. In 4 years this issue will be a non issue, the more he waits, the worst for him and for us. The American people are great when they are united, not separate and equal. Whether President Obama wants to rule with dignity and justice for all Americans, that will be his call and his legacy to make.

  34. JT says

    Rafael : I do understand what you’re saying. But I think those opposed to gay marriage (as well as those in favor of it) would be voting as they do no matter how the President (whichever President) expressed he felt. But, yes, I do hear you.

  35. JT says

    One more thing : If I was forced to guess (and it’s just a guess) I’d say Obama is taking what he sees as the safest route on the same-sex-marriage issue, until it’s clearer which way the wind is blowing. So I guess I’m criticizing him, but not TOO harshly because I know he’s a politician.

  36. Rovex says

    What i think lot of you Obama haters fail to realise is that if he was all you want him to be, he wouldnt have got to be president in the first place!
    Fine, he isnt the saviour of the gay world, but he at least acknowledges that we exist and shouldnt be abused. Remeber Bushes reaction when he was asked if he’d seen Brokeback Mountain? Childish, and dismissive.
    Personally i think most of the more controversial things he will do will be in a second term, i get the impression hes going to progressively get more friendly to us as time goes on. In any case, he has 4 years at least.

  37. Phil says

    he said what he had to say to get into office…i’m sure he won’t stand in the way of our equality…give him some time

  38. DR says

    let me explain something most of you are ignoring while engaging in name calling…

    He doesn’t want to move on certain bills or legislation, ok, fine whatever. BUT…

    -It would have taken all of thirty seconds to have some one of come up with a statement which SUPPORTED the Iowa ruling. Imagine how good it would have felt to have the PotUS issue a statement APPLAUDING the decision instead of saying the White House will continue to strive for full LGBT equality while forcing the LGBT community to accept that the White House will only go separate but equal (which, by the way, not full equality).

    -How much effort does it take to issue a statement supporting the efforts of a junior Congressman who is investigating human rights violations in Iraq? Not a whole lot. and yet nada from the White house.

    -Are we going to hear a statement on the Hate Crimes Bill? Or just a “ok, I’ll sign it if it comes across my desk”?

    -He’s letting Gates do all the talking on DADT, and right now, not pretty.

    But you keep calling us names when we actually stand up and critize Obama, I don’t really care. This man isn’t going to support us unless we’re not a political liability. Wake up already, he’s not going to chance his political career for us.

  39. AS13 says

    It’s only 100 days into his presidency so I didn’t expect much, but after a year or 2 or 3 and he still hasn’t done anything then we need to look elsewhere.

  40. Rick in Robbinsville says

    didn’t he support gay marriage before the presidential campaign? where’s the gay chicago paper which printed this?

  41. DR says

    @ Rick… It was the Blade, IIRC, and it was well before he decided to run for PotUS. Once he made that decision, naturally, he changed his tune and became a moderate and has never looked back. He put aside his own views to get elected.

  42. RB says

    I am not any more upset with Obama today than I was when he won! He is governing exactly the way he said he would, he is left of left and is continuing his ORIGINAL STANCE ON LGBT ISSUES! People, he has not changed! He has NEVER been pro-gay any more than anyone else. Simply stated, he gave a good speach! NO surprises here.

    I have taken so much heat for not supporting the dem candidate but yet I am not the one that is surprised here? Did any of you really believe him? Did you? Leland your words have never been more true! I just never drank the koolaid the first time. It is hard to be disappointed when you never believed in the beginning!

  43. Chitown Kev says

    DR, it was the Windy City Times.

    You bitches are just AMAZING! I’m not happy with the Warren shit and homophobic preachers but good god, 3 months and he’s supposed to solve all GLBT issues? Please.
    And while Obama can use the bully pulpit to rally the Dems in Congress, the legislation on a host of issues has to hit his desk. Point fingers at granny Pelosi, Harry reid, and whatnot.

  44. patrick nyc says

    I think Obama has learned from Clinton’s mistake, do not take on anything that will bog you down in your first few months. Clinton did with DODT and we know how that worked out.

    I say give Obama some time and he will prove to be a better friend than Clinton ever was. The GOP right wing nuts are jumping down Obama’s throat on every issue, why should we expect him to throw them more red meat. Take a breath, if things don’t change in two years, then start to bitch.

  45. Josh says

    I think Obama is doing a great job. He is pragmatic and strategic as well as very intelligent. He did study civil rights law and constitutional law after all.

    He wants to end the culture wars. And to do that he has to keep from re-igniting them.

    He is dragging these country more to the left so that we can be a center-left nation.

    He may not be for marriage equality now (he use to though) but he is for ENDA, Matthew Shepard Act, repealing DADT, and federally recognized Civil Unions (which would require at least a partial repeal of DOMA.

    He probably wouldn’t attempt repealing DADT or DOMA until his second term (so a culture war doesn’t prevent him from getting a second term).

    Of course the catch 22 is the risk that Republicans may gain ground in Congress in 2010 and then block everything he tries or he might lose in 2012. Hopefully we progressives and moderates won’t let that happen.

    Obama wants to sign the Matthew Shepard Act and ENDA. He included gays in his inclusive speeches while running and included gays in his inauguration activities. He has spoken out against homophobia and invited gay families to the Easter egg hunt at the White House.

    Even the little things of just including gays in lists and activities are meaningful changes.

    Culture matters but changing culture has to be done delicately as not to prompt backlashes.

    We are seeing a cultural shift and shift in consciousness over gay rights issues and Obama’s presidency is a part of it and so are the setbacks (like Prop 8) which prompted a backlash against anti-gay forces.

    The so-called Stonewall 2.0 is still going on. All those protests after Prop 8 started a movement that helped create the political will for things like Vermont’s legislature passing gay marriage to happen.

    But we don’t want to prompt the pendulum to swing back the other way.

  46. DR says

    I find it comical that no one can comment on the FACTS. You guys were pleased with his comments on Iowa? The fact he’s been mute on Iraq? The fact that his administration is actively supporting a system of unequal marriage rights?

    Seems to me you guys are the bitches for taking whatever crumbs this guy throws at us and saying “thank you, Sir” while being screwed in a bad way.

  47. FlexSF says

    The posts in this thread are amazing. Obama’s speech was designed for a Holocaust memorial, and he mentioned homophobia once. Almost every post has singled out the word homophobia. The anti-gay crowd is truly obsessed with gay life in a very un-natural way.

    Why do they have some much energy vested in our private lives? Scary crowd!

  48. Rafael says


    You are right, but they are just a very vocal minority. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the radical right.

  49. JT says

    Josh : There’s no Stonewall 2 coming. Nothing so dramatic. Just the general gradual acceptance of gays and lesbians by the straight majority who don’t see it as anything weird or evil anymore.

  50. Leland Frances says

    Thanks, DR, for your attempts to point out the obvious to a mob armed only with excuses, denial, fantasies, irrelevant comparisons, post fake hero stress syndrome, and attacks on the messenger because they don’t like the message.

    NO ONE has explained why two days ago was the FIRST TIME since Decemember he has even mentioned us, and then really only our haters.

    Instead their lamer by the day excuses boil down to accusing us of expecting him to wave a magic wand and change everything instantly when all we’ve questioned is why he hasn’t taken a few minutes to publicly remind the public and Congress and the Pentagon that these are things HE believes in.

    NO ONE has explained that; no one has explained why he’s talked more about the First Dog than millions of American citizens. Maybe we should send our appeals to Malia and Sasha instead.

    The “Bell Curve” of grading that some will remember from going to school, though one wonders how many here have, has been replaced by the “Bush Curve.” Obama isn’t graded on his performance but on his performance compared to Bush [or Clinton or Pol Pot or fill in the blank]. Odd, I don’t remember Obama asking us to vote for him based upon what he wouldn’t do to us but what he would do for us.

    Even under Bush, out gays got appointments, invited to White House events. The absurdity is that not only did Bush include some, and Clinton MORE, but the majority of those given jobs by Obama so far were found on the list of people CLINTON gave jobs to, including the highest ones, Fred Hochberg, John Berry, Nancy Sutley, and Brad Kiley.

    “What did you do in the war, Daddy?”

    “I made excuses for why our Commander in Chief wasn’t fighting.”

  51. Chitown Kev says

    OK, Miss Leland, WHATEVER.

    You have already drawn up 8 different counts of impeachment againt President Obama in 3 months in office. No here expects a magic wand from Barack Obama, but apparently you do.

  52. AdamN says

    I expect Obama to be working on the economy, healthcare, and the wars we are in here FIRST. Bloody hell, we are in an economic crisis! Obama is fighting the Republicans to take care of that right now, he can’t afford to squander his political capital on us. And more importantly WE can’t afford him to squander his political capital on us right now because god knows if he tries to move forward on something like DADT or DOMA when our country is so fucked up the Republicans will makes such an issue of it that our fight will suffer some set backs. We are slowly winning marriage on the state level right now but I think it’s pretty idiotic to expect anything from Obama till our economy has started to really stabilize. The man is not a wizard and politics is about pragmatism not instant gratification.

  53. Leland Frances says

    “911. What’s your emergency?”

    “There are a bunch of men with their heads up their asses.”

    “Wait. Are these men gay?”

    “Yes, but what difference….”

    “I’m sorry, Sir. That’s not an emergency. That’s been going on for years and years. It’s particularly common among gay Republicans though we were never able to find that ‘big tent’ they kept babbling about. But we’ve been getting calls about liberal gays with their heads up their asses ever since Sen. Obama announced he was running for President. Our EMTs weren’t able to do anything then so there’s no point in trying now. Now if it’s gerbils, call us back. Have a nice day.”


  54. RB says

    No surprises here! I believe that Obama is governing exactly as he said he would. He was not forthcoming about civil marriage during the campaign and he still isn’t. I suppose there were a few more of us that were listening then.

    I did not drink the Koolaid, he is doing exactly what I expected and I am not surprised. He is no more cordial to the LGBT community than anyone else. This thread slightly amuses me….

  55. AdamN says

    Yes Leland, the ONLY thing that matters to gay US citizens is DOMA and DADT. Forget the economy, forget health care- some of us aren’t totally loaded Log Cabanites and these issues affect us as personally as the continuing battle for our equal rights and in fact are intimately connected to them. I voted for Obama for a number of reasons and I never was delusional enough to think that he would accomplish my wildest dreams in 3 months esp. when it came to gay issues.
    It seems to me you are the one siding with the Log Cabins here not the rest of us. Do you really think McCain or even Clinton would be doing better then Obama as far as gay rights right now if they had been elected? Really??

  56. DR says


    “he can’t afford to squander his political capital on us. And more importantly WE can’t afford him to squander his political capital on us right now because god knows if he tries to move forward on something like DADT or DOMA when our country is so fucked up the Republicans will makes such an issue of it that our fight will suffer some set backs.”

    Are you f-ing kidding me?!?!? We’re a political liability?!? We’re supposed to sit back and just watch as state-by-stte continues to strip of of our equal rights while the PotUS publicly decries one of the few victories we get?!?

    What a bunch of self-hating fags I’m seeing here. You people are so used to getting nothing, you’re totally used to it.

    We have soldiers being tossed out of the military unfairly every day because of DADT. I DARE YOU TO TELL THEM THIS TO THEIR FACES. Go ahead, write the SLDN and tell them that every gay soldier who has been discharged is “just a liability”. Go tell every couple in Iowa who was celebrating their right to get marries that they need to hide in the sand because the CiC says that “marriage is a union between a man and a woman” and that gays should get separate rights.

    You people amaze me. WAKE UP!

  57. says

    Ummm. . .

    Obama gave a good speech that put rights for LGBT people into an appropriate context. He’s done things that have bugged me, but he is still unarguably the most pro-gay president in US history. And here he was clearly on our side, doing the right things.

    So much to be happy about this week. Sad that people are not making the effort to be happy.

  58. AdamN says

    Yes, we are a political liability. It sucks but it’s been a reality for quite some time. Are you just realizing this? When did you move to the US? Have you heard about how the Right manipulated voters by using us as scapegoats for last 8 years? Or how they successfully gained a big power grab when Clinton tried to deal with gays and the military? It’s going to be different this time how? Because our country is in much better shape then it was in Clinton’s first term?
    This is not about being self-hating (believe me I’m not) or being pleased to sit in the back in the bus (which I’m not advocating) but knowing when and where to pick your battles. I’m all for rising up and protesting loudly and pressuring the government but I think we need to be strategic, realistic and pragmatic. That’s how real change happens. It’s not going to happen with Obama right now, he has much larger fish to fry then our specific fight, like saving this country from collapse which affects all of us. We are winning battles in the meantime and the public’s perception of us is radically altering.

  59. crispy says

    Could someone explain to me why he hasn’t mentioned left-handed people since December? We have issues too. WHAT ABOUT US?

  60. Mike says

    LELAND: you just outed yourself as PUMA/GOP troll. Gerbils? Really?

    “”I’m sorry, Sir. That’s not an emergency. That’s been going on for years and years. It’s particularly common among gay Republicans though we were never able to find that ‘big tent’ they kept babbling about. But we’ve been getting calls about liberal gays with their heads up their asses ever since Sen. Obama announced he was running for President. Our EMTs weren’t able to do anything then so there’s no point in trying now. Now if it’s gerbils, call us back. Have a nice day.”

  61. Leland Frances says

    Landon, still with the “selective hearing”?

    He said NOTHING about “gay rights” in this speech anymore than he did in 99% of his campaign speeches when the starving masses confused saw dust for bread. Thursday, again, he only spoke of “tolerance” for us, like a tooth ache that won’t go away. How 1993.

    Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter gives these examples of benefactors of Obama’s First 100 Days:

    “If you’re a woman seeking pay equity, a child in need of health insurance, a nurse trying to avoid a layoff, a $25,000-a-year worker hoping for a tax credit, a passenger who would rather take the train, a group of parents trying to start a charter school, a homeowner facing foreclosure, a cancer researcher strapped for funding, a hiker looking for more wilderness, a small business tired of exorbitant federal loan fees, a historian trying to see some long-secret documents, a young person eager to take part in national service, a prisoner praying to avoid torture, then you got something tangible out of the president’s debut.”

    Meanwhile at the back of the bus….

  62. AdamN says

    OK Leland:
    What about Hillary Clinton? Do you think she would have given us gay marriage by now?
    Or do you think McCain would have gotten rid of DADT at this point in his presidency?
    I really wish we could transport you to those other realities where one of them got to be president so the rest of us can get on with actually trying to fight for gay rights instead bitching about how little Obama has done for us.
    Obama is just getting started. Stop acting like hes James Fucking Dobson just because he isn’t operating on some magical time scale for the politically naive.

  63. AdamN says

    Oh and Eisenhower did not personally escort Rosa Parks to the front of the bus. She had to refuse to sit in the back all by herself.
    Obama is sympathetic to us and I think we have a greater chance of achieving some of our political goals now more then ever before but
    if you expected Obama to tear down the walls of discrimination in 3 months you need serious help.

  64. JT says

    Every president gets ripped to shreds by the public. Even Cindy Sheehan : she’s calling Obama another war monger now. Obama does have a lot to work on (I’m not totally sure he’s making the right choices on all that other stuff either….but, wait and see..) Whatever the case : Obama’s not the last president we’ll ever have, you know. Maybe more and more states will legalize gay marriage, the country becomes more comfortable with it, and by the time we have the next president he/she will be truly gay-friendly.

  65. DR says


    I refuse to accept being a political liability when around the country LGBT people are suffering at the hands of discrimination on a daily basis. If that means voting 3rd party next cycle, so be it. But when I see men and women losing their jobs in the military, losing their spouses to deportation because of DOMA, having to choose citizenship because of the same, et al, I *refuse* to accept being stuck in the middle of some stupid political game.

  66. Chitown Kev says

    DR, and to overturn all of that Obama will need help from the Congress, period. Other than Jared Polis, John Lewis, and a backhand from Nancy Pelosi (DOMA is not a priority, it’s what she said)…crickets.

    Other than that, I agree with the balance of your post. But we are not even 100 days into this Administration. In 2 years, I would be totally on your side. 3 months with the biggest economic crisis facing all Americans since the Great Depression…not so much.

  67. "Jedi" is the new "Gay" says

    Any cynical comments posted here most likely stem from impatience, ignorance or right-wing Republicans. President Obama has done so much so far for the good of America and to conveniently ignore those accomplishments for your divisive agenda is anti-American, at best.

    God bless.

  68. DR says


    I’ve already blasted Pelosi in a couple of other places; I am well aware of her comments. Trust me, if I lived in California, I’d be looking into other candidates to vote for.

    Despite the tone of my posts here and at JMG, I am aware he cannot waive a magic wand and make it all better. But when I see the office of faith-based initiatives getting more love than us, when I see the White House telling the Iowa SC that it made the wrong decision, and when I read an article where Obama says and I quote from the article posted above, “Barack Obama: I am a fierce supporter of domestic- partnership and civil-union laws. I am not a supporter of gay marriage as it has been thrown about, primarily just as a strategic issue.”

    Sorry, but I have no reason to trust this man, and I am a lifelong Democrat. Despite Jedi’s inane babblings, some of us who have been voting Democrat for 16+ years are fed up with being thrown under the bus.

  69. Leland Frances says

    The proof is in the pudding-headed misread of even what I asked for. No actions, let alone waving a magic wand [how original].

    One, in fact, was essentially asking him NOT to do something—send out any more comments on gay-positive court decisions that do more harm than could by again condemning true marriage equality.

    Another was dissing him for not speaking himself about us for nearly five months except in repeating his empty platitudes about “tolearance.”

    The balance was, again, all about questioning why he hasn’t SPOKEN, not what he hasn’t DONE:

    TELL all Americans [so that they will support their representatives in Congress] that he wants DADT repealed.
    TELL all Americans that he wants federal DOMA repealed.
    TELL all Americans that he supports the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Bill.
    TELL all Americans that he wants to see ENDA passed and antigay job discrimination in 30 states stopped.
    CONDEMN the rise in gay/trans hate crimes and the growing number of America’s children killing themselves.
    CONDEMN the rise in gay murders in Iraq.

    Now, would that be so hard? Take so much time? How would he be “wasting political capital” when the latest polls show:

    87% of Americans support anti gay job discrimination laws.

    81% support service by out gays in the military.

    63% support expanding hate crime laws to include gays and transgenders.

    55% of Americans support “Legally-sanctioned gay and lesbian unions or partnerships” [67% support gay couples getting Social Security benefits.]

    He’s not leading the American people, he’s not even following them. Why?

  70. AdamN says

    @ DR
    That’s nice you refuse to be a liability but what I’m saying is that it isn’t something any of us have a choice in until the public perception of us has changed and tipped in our favor (which is happening but we haven’t quite reached the threshold of change yet). Bloody hell, did you think that I meant that I wanted to be a political liability?!? Um, not so much… I want equal rights and do what I can to fight for them. But I also think we need to be realistic about where we stand so we take the steps to actively change the political landscape in our favor. Quite a big difference there.
    If the last 8 years doesn’t tell you how unbelievably idiotic and irresponsible as a gay person AND American it is to vote for a third party I really don’t have anything to say to you. But I guess you really don’t get it because part of your impatience seems to be your failure to understand the catastrophic mess Bush left this country in that Obama is now trying to clean up and how that’s gonna take an itsy bit of time…

  71. AdamN says

    So Leland you’re mad at Obama for not SAYING things?
    Oh OK, you do that.
    Have a nice day!

  72. Leland Frances says

    Oh, ADAMN, you’re really a man of the ages. Your illogical juggling would have been SO entertaining in the camps.

  73. AdamN says

    Yes, not harboring unrealistic political expectations, being concerned about creating actual political and social change, being concerned with other issues like health care that also affect the gay community…I’m totally illogical.
    Look if you want to complain about what Obama has or hasn’t said, go ahead. I’d personally rather concentrate my energy in other areas of our fight right now.
    Oh and part of my family died in concentration camps, so fuck off.

  74. nic says

    DR and LELAND sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. gee, talk about an unholy alliance: a log cabinette and a 60s/70s bolshevik protester. that honeymoon will most assuredly not last 100 days.

    bill clinton lost a lot of political capital by standing by his promise to end the ban on gays in the military. as a further consequence, he lost democratic control of congress. obama and rahm emmauel have an eye toward retaining control of congress, and perhaps extending it in 2010(?).

    i have no patience for the likes of LELAND and DR, who would just as soon sell us all down the river just to self-stroke themselves into a lather of self-cherishing, self-aggrandizement. they will continue to hold their breath and turn beet-red in the face if it kills them, just to make an absolutist point.

    chacun a son gout. but, to use LELAND’S favorite phrase, do not expect that everyone will “drink the (your) kool-aid.”

  75. Leland Frances says

    Obama may not be the Messiah but he is a miracle worker, for he’s brainwashed otherwise intelligent gay men and women into defending him at all costs; to make HIM their agenda and not the progress of gay equality. Shall we all start wearing St. Barack medals, praying that they alone will protect us from getting fired, kicked out of the military, denied legal rights and benefits of being married. Poor Matthew Shepard, if he’d only lived long enough to have on such a medal when they tied him to that fence. Or Angie Zapata when her head was crushed like a Halloween pumpkin. It could have stopped the two bullets that killed Lawrence King. If only Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover and Jaheem Herrera had hung St. Barack medals instead of themselves.

    “If there is no struggle there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation want crops without plowing up the ground, they want rain without thunder and lightening. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters. … Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.” – Frederick Douglass.

  76. AdamN says

    Its not brainwashing that is affecting otherwise intelligent gay men and women, it’s having realistic political expectations for a newly elected president at a time when our country is dealing with MANY serious issues and is still deeply divided.
    It’s more then insulting to make the assumption that the rest of don’t care about our fight just because we choose not to go hysterical over what Obama has not yet said or accomplished 3 months into his presidency. There are other avenues to change other then whining about what Obama hasn’t said and many of us would rather consider those.

  77. DR says

    Give me a reason to trust the man and I will. So far, I’ve seen lots of excuses and not a lot of action. Adam, I don’t really care if you hate that I am willing to vote 3rd party; the fact of the matter is that the gay community continues to accept less than what we deserve in the vain hopes that it’ll all work out in the end, and I’m tired of waiting. I’ve been voting Democrat for going on 18 years now, and have not a whole lot to show for it except the metaphorical knife wounds in my back.

    I’m sorry that you see my position as “squandering” my vote, but why should I support a party that thinks of me as a political liability and doesn’t have the time to address the issues which affect me?

  78. AdamN says

    Voting for a third party is voting for the Republicans. Do you really think Obama is worse then Bush already on gay rights? Did he run a campaign scapegoating us? I am willing to give Obama some time to see what he can get done for us but I certainly think he is already a vast improvement on Bush for us. God knows McCain/Palin would have been just as bad as Bush.
    But if you really think the Republicans are better with gay rights then the Dems and were happy with the anti-gay crap from the Bush years, go for it and do a Nader. I can pretty much promise you NOTHING will get done for us from the executive branch under a Republican president. So I hope you won’t whine then about wanting real change when you have actively thrown your choice to create some away.

  79. AdamN says

    Plus DR, are gay rights the ONLY thing you care about?? What about the economy, the wars the Republicans got us in, and health care? All these issues are important too and affect people in the gay community. Or do you like the way the Republicans have managed these issues to? It’s important to stand up for our rights but it’s myopic and politically unhelpful to us to see them as isolated from other issues.
    Also even if we continue to be a politically liability to the Dems (which is perception as much from the general public as it is related to the Dems and a perception which is quickly and radically altering) isn’t that VASTLY preferable to being treated like the enemy of our own country from the Republican side of the aisle? Maybe you need to hit some Republican websites (not the delusional log cabin ones) to see how they really feel about us…it ain’t pretty.