1. WeHo Superhero says

    I grew up in Silverton and knew/know Stu. They are right tha the city is a phenomenal background for a reality show. Though, it sounds as if they are much more open minded there, now.

  2. TikiHead says

    Mike: “he is butt ugly…some men are not meant to be women”

    So men are ugly, women are beautiful… huh?

    Stu is no beauty queen no, that is true, but she is still a woman. Women look every which way, just like men.

  3. pickles says

    Where are ‘Mike’s pix? I’m sure he’s god’s gift to trannies, himself. What a pathetic comment. If everyone looked like Lisa Rinna or Donnatella Versace ( I dunno- just guessing his fave type of tranny) the world would be a very dull place. Stu ROCKS!

  4. Joe says

    Uhh … I agree with Mike, and the rest of you are just sugar coating the obvious … some men make pretty nice trannies (i.e. look at a contestant from RuPaul’s drag race) … while others … lol

  5. buzzerme says

    I missed something along the way — I thought he/she was a pre- or post-op transexual, but the second video has him saying that he’s a heterosexual male in a relationship with a woman for 35 years. Therefore, I assume that he is (simply) a crossdresser — which oddly gives him the right to be kind of “odd” looking — and not a tranny at all…
    Nice taste in shoes though.

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