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Paterson: We Live in a Society of Civil Law; Separate Church and State


New York Governor David Paterson appeared on State of the Union with John King yesterday and talked about the recently introduced marriage equality bill, as well as his differences with Obama on the issue.

Said Paterson: "I think the President has acknowledged that there are several ways in which a civil union between same-sex couples does not accomplish the protections that marriage would...I think that people of religious beliefs, many, feel that the sacred relationship between a man and a woman is the only threshold for marriage, and I respect that point of view. However, we are living in a society of civil law. We separate church and state. And I don't understand why people who profess equal love to what those of us who are heterosexual are engaged in when we get married, why they aren't allowed to do the same thing. And that's why I introduced the bill."

Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. We do live in a country of civil law and we do deserve civil marriage! I am glad that Paterson continues to stand up for the LGBT community and do the right thing with no regard for the political suicide that he is surely committing!

    We need more straight allies to step up just like Paterson!

    Posted by: RB | Apr 20, 2009 9:35:39 AM

  2. I fear for his political career and his detractors but I'm sure he's aware of all of the backlash when he made that ginormous decision to introduce the bill in the first place. Kudos to him!

    Posted by: marq | Apr 20, 2009 9:42:37 AM

  3. I'm quite certain Mr Paterson knew what he was getting into with this. Good for him!

    Posted by: lis | Apr 20, 2009 9:57:11 AM

  4. Bravo, Governor Patterson!

    Hopefully your common sense stance will influence some of your fellow Democrats who insist on sitting on the fence (Psst! We won the last election, guys. No need to continue kowtowing to the wingnut right).

    Posted by: ichabod | Apr 20, 2009 10:02:37 AM

  5. I can't stand John King...he's alousy interviewer,and had a problem with KISSING the asses of GOP pundants.

    Posted by: Disgusted American | Apr 20, 2009 10:03:24 AM

  6. Go Governor Patterson!

    Now could you, like, whisper this in the ear of a certain former United States Senator from Illinois (who shall remain nameless)?

    I can't do much, living in Illinois, but I will do all that I can to support you, Gov.

    Posted by: Chitown Kev | Apr 20, 2009 10:41:54 AM

  7. It's great that he's doing this now but it's a little to late. They've predicted he'll lose his next election by a landslide.

    Posted by: AS13 | Apr 20, 2009 10:48:15 AM

  8. Mary! Don't just sit there pulling on your pop beads! I KNEW we should have paid for that Extended Warranty on Obama. Find the contract while I call!

    "Hello? Yes, we'd like to know: did the '90 Days' start the day he was elected or the day he was sworn in? Can we still trade him in for Gov. Patterson?"

    Posted by: Leland Frances | Apr 20, 2009 10:58:30 AM

  9. And, about this long before the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries, Hillary Clinton was supposed to win the nomination in a landslide. I believe the word used most often was "inevitable."

    A lot can change in a year and a half.

    Posted by: 24play | Apr 20, 2009 11:05:58 AM

  10. Why not take a second to send a quick e-mail to Governor Paterson, thanking him for this effort? We certainly know he'll be receiving loads of angry correspondence from those opposed...

    There's a simple form to fill out - takes about 30 seconds. Give him some ammunition to use in press conferences - give him the opportunity to say he's received "overwhelming response in favor of gay marriage."

    Thanks for considering it...

    Posted by: M in NYC | Apr 20, 2009 12:29:03 PM

  11. Thank F*CKING God.

    A politician who actually remembers he is in AMERICA where there is this "theory" (but not practice) about separating Hate Groups, I mean Church from State.

    Posted by: John Bisceglia | Apr 20, 2009 12:57:06 PM

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