1. says

    The taser barely seemed to affect him. Does it still shock him when he presses the muzzle(?) of the taser up against the skin?

    Seems to me, the cop was a little trigger-happy (panicked?). Why didn’t they make any attempt to cuff the guy when they first started putting their hands on him?

  2. ugotmeinsd_619 says

    I think he deserved the taser. The cops gave him ample opportunity to put his clothes back on, the crowd cheered him on, he got pumped up by the crowd and started to resist the cops orders.

  3. Dan says

    I’m weary about the liberal use of taser by the police. The case about the polish immigrant tasered to death in Vancouver airport should have been a huge awakening about the dangers of this ‘non-lethal’ weapon. (It’s especially scary when, towards the end, the taser is aimmed almost right next to the heart. Wtf???)

    And I don’t get it… why doesn’t the police just escort him away? Instead they opted for this whole spectacle in front of the crowd (the physical intimidation and violence). I’m seriously losing respect for the police force.

  4. soulbrotha says

    High taser usage seems to be in direct proportion to the number of fat, out of shape cops who can’t subdue one person. Rather than get winded, they just pull out the zapper.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, if he’d a been built like Channing Tatum or Brian Westbrook the police might have treated him kinder and gentler? (…don’t know who Westbrook is, do ya’? You’ll see him in the Superbowl next year.)

  6. Mauricio says

    I cannot believe this!!! I have absolutely no respect for the police! what kind of threat is a naked man!???!! instead of going on the streets and catching real criminals they opt to intimidate and use force on someone like this guy?

    I also can’t believe how everybody else is just staring and watching like a bunch of idiots! DO SOMETHING! you as people HAVE POWER!! in fact you pay this fucking cops with your taxes.

    It’s frustrating

  7. jim says

    Cops are enabled to enforce the law not question the law. Tragic but necessary.

    Its sad when something like this happens. The cops may have been hastey and trigger happy, but they did their jobs.

    To me, its more about the issue of public nudity. An event like Coachella should simply state a ‘clothing optional’ policy to avoid disturbances like this. Are they even able to circumvent public nudity laws? I dont know…

  8. PatrickPatrick says

    “Asking for it?” The guy was at a fucking music festival. He was probably high on something. Does that itself deserve a zapping?

    What’s wrong with you fagots? We used to have a better sense of humor about a little civil disobedience even if it is just for fun.

    And by the way, the “rules” of the even don’t say “no nudity.” 😉

  9. says

    He deserved the taser, UGOTMEINSD_619? You’re kidding, right? Did you know that police use of tasers has resulted in over 300 deaths since 2001? I’m not going to say they’re never warranted, but this man was not being physically violent. He wasn’t endangering anyone in the crowd or even the police officers themselves. And, well, he was OBVIOUSLY unarmed.

    I think this is a clear case of police officers that were dumb fuck ‘average’ students in high school and could never really amount to anything of substance in their lives, so they joined the police force, probaby pushed by their bigoted families to do so. They still harbor feelings of inadequacy, which they, in turn, take out on those who ‘break the law’ and those who ‘question their authority.’ After all, THEY are the law, and we shouldn’t forget it. Bored to tears with being glorified security guards and controlling traffic, they jumped at this chance to exert force.

    Sure, the guy should have had his bits covered, but the police were WAY out of line in bringing out the taser. Furthermore, the guidelines for what exactly warrants the use of a taser aren’t clear enough. Still, this could not in any way warrant the use of a taser.

    I only trust lesbian cops.

  10. peterparker says

    I’m infuriated not only by the fact that they tased this guy simply because he was naked, but also by what seemed to be complete and total excessive force. Disgusting. I hope the cops get sued.

  11. TonyRz says

    Yeah, 275 pounds of fat cop to a naked, prone guy’s chest via a knee – that’s necessary.

    Bottom line, they didn’t know how to get one guy to calm down so they could do their job.

  12. Ken says

    I’m from a city where the cops will shoot you if you don’t follow instructions. We may not like it, but if the cops tell you to jump… just jump and get a lawyer later. They gave him plenty of opportunity to comply.

  13. Randy says

    What I want to know is, why does the crowd just stand there? This is like the murder of Oscar Grant by BART Police. Everyone was watching, filming it, shouting at the uniformed murders. But no one took action against the Gestapo.

  14. Disgusted American says

    since when did cops give up “subdueing” people with force…adn just USE thier TAZERS for everything under the sun…its like they are lazy or something…..I mean, the man obviously had NO weapons hidden….they just couldn’t have tackled him to the grown without tazering him?

  15. Lexxvs says

    They didn’t taser the guy because he was naked. They tasered him because he physically refused to comply with the police orders. That was clear.
    Police don’t do the laws. Lawmakers do. They are obliged to carry their duty. We cannot comply only with those laws that we think are right based just on our own judgment.
    That’s why the LGBT movement fights for equality under the legal system.
    I personally think that the use of the taser is dangerous and should be avoided but it’s very easy to speak without being in the situation of having to struggle with every mad guy who is out there.
    And for those delirious comments who asked for a kind of a revolt to help the crazy dude, just sober up and grow up. And –peacefully- fight for the right to be naked on public, one that I would support.

  16. ZnSD says

    maybe it’s just the California sun seeping into my brain but I find our culture’s distress over public nudity laughable. What exactly was the harm being done? I’m puzzled. Certainly I didn’t find him attractive but I’m not sure that’s the point: I don’t find republicans attractive even when clothed.

  17. Joel says

    They asked him nicely to put his clothes on; he refused. They attempted to take him into custody; he resisted arrest. Rather than continue to fight him, they tased him. I don’t really see a problem with any of this. If this dirty hippie wants to run around naked at a music festival, he needs to contact the appropriate legislative body. Being a jerk to the cops and then resisting arrest isn’t going to effect change.

  18. DMS says

    Everyone knows you can’t take your clothes off in public. And if there WAS some confusion, the tape shows the police kindly asking him to put his clothes back on. He didn’t do it.

    There are tens of thousands of people at this event and if “anything goes” then there would be not only chaos, but potential for injury. I for one wouldn’t want to go to an event where people felt free to do whatever they wanted. Can you imagine if we lived in a world where people could do whatever they wanted? Oh, let’s bash that fag because he’s an abomination to god. Not cool.

    In order to maintain order people have to follow rules.

    Now, is public nudity a problem? I don’t care. But that’s not the issue here. Take that issue up with community leaders.

    There are lots of things I would LIKE to do that I don’t do out of respect for the rules and my community. Sorry, but his guy deserved his fate.

  19. IWasAtCoachella says

    If this guy had simply put on his clothes after being asked (multiple times!) none of this would have happened.

    The guy was high as a kite – he was not making rational decisions, and the crowd egging him on didn’t help. If the cops didn’t act – and this guy wound up hurting someone (or himself) in his altered state – people would be outraged that the cops didn’t do their jobs.

    Yeah, the cops used the tasers – three times! And still this tripping hippie would not settle down. In a crowd of that size, what would be a better alternative? Their nightsticks? Their guns?

    For the person who commented that the “rules” do not forbid nudity – that may be so, but local ordinances might.

    I’ve gone to Coachella for several years now – and it is a very well run event, especially when you consider there are 50,000 people partying in 100 degree heat. I think security does a great job of letting people be and have their fun. Sure, there are thousands of people there doing drugs and getting drunk (like me) – but they are able to keep their shit together, not act like total douchebags, and ruin the experience for the rest of us.

    Where were this guys friends to help keep him in check?

  20. Ed says

    I’m not really familiar with this event but looking over the rules they do have instructions for strollers and infant issues so my assumption (possibly wrong) is that this is an all-ages event. Given that, nudity is probably not all that appropriate.

    Undoubtedly the guy was high on something and I think the police were within bounds to intervene. It looked like they asked him to get dressed. Had he done it, it probably would’ve ended there. His refusal to get dressed upped the ante.

    I think the police were poorly trained and never seemed to be in control of the situation. The fact that the police officer allowed the wizard to pat on the shoulder showed that. I’ve never seen a cop permit that and in my experience, it draws a stern warning that you’ll be charged with battery on an officer if you do it again.

    The police officers’ entire approach to subduing this individual seemed poor at best and they clearly weren’t prepared.

    Did this guy deserved to be tased? No but not because he was in the right. I believe better trained officers would have either de-escalated the situation or managed it better to avoid the need to use the taser.

  21. Brad says

    First off, is that a micropenis?

    Whereas I have no problem with nudity and if I were a lawmaker, I’d likely vote on a measure to not make it a crime, it’s the police’s job to enforce the law.

    This dude was very disrespectful to them. The cops asked him several times nicely to put clothes on but he was acting like an ass. They tried to force it on him and that’s when things got rough.

    I’ve never been tased (has anyone on here?). I can’t imagine it’s fun, but it’s a generally non-lethal form of subduing someone. The cases cited above of people dying when being tased were in instances where the police GROSSLY misused the taser gun, in one case tasing a guy hundreds of times until he died, in another case the police holding the taser on him to give the victim a minutes-long continual shock.

    It may not be fun, but it probably beats getting clubbed, pepper-sprayed, or whatever else the police could do. The guy shouldn’t have been such an ass. The police just asked him to put clothes on, no big deal.

  22. sean says

    that douche deserved it!!! the police can be real assholes but in this situation they were just doin their job. if that idiot would have listened shit wouldn’t have gone down, but he kept fighting and fighting. even after he was tasered he kept fighting. what a loser!!! and was that a dick or a clit?

  23. TonyRz says

    “fighting”? He wasn’t fighting. It’s completely unnatural to just surrender and go limp in danger. You do things without thinking : trying to cover your face, shrinking away, putting your arms up in a defensive posture, whatever. That’s EXACTLY what this guy was doing.

    Again, three cops who can’t get a fat drunk hippie to calm down: unfit for their job.


  24. TonyRz says

    I can’t imagine it’s fun, but it’s a generally non-lethal form of subduing someone.

    All four of those guys (3 cops and hippie) were so out of shape, I’d lay odds on a taser provoking a lethal cardiac event on any of ’em. And people did help – that girl walked up and shook the victim’s hand; and that guy gave him water to keep everyone cool and calm and demonstrate the lack of danger and urgency (and probably gently prod the hippie back to earth).

    Those 2 concertgoers would make better crowd control than those three donut-scarfing asswipes.

  25. says

    There are a number of us discussing the issue of tasers as part of a Day of Blogging for Justice.

    I invite your blog readers to see what I had to say about taser torture in America and sign online petition seeking congressional hearings.

    peace, Villager

  26. JeffRob says

    The guy wasn’t “probably high on something”.

    Try “fucked off his ass”.

    And speaking as a liberal, cop-hating, dirty hippy Coachella-attendee, take it from me the guy had it coming. Tasers suck and I wish violent cops would all just die painfully, but in this instance, they needed to tase him.

    You can tell just by looking at the length of the video- over 5 minutes. They don’t have time for that shit, not with 50,000 other drugged -up hippies about to get naked. Plus he was being a total, total douche. Oh, and HuffPo also didn’t know that he was proudly peeing in a random spot in the grass when the cops got to him.

    And don’t complain about the crowd watching. You do get upset, you do want to kick all those pigs’ fucking teeth in, believe me, but then you see the glock on their hip.

    Coachella, rocked, btw. Be jealous, bitches.

    And Derrick- you betta get yer hands off my boy Brian W. Damn that ass is so fine.

  27. Ridonkulous says

    I really hope this guy sues that police department for a ridiculous amount of money. He needed to go home, yes, but taser use has gotten WAY out of hand.

  28. Jadis says

    I don’t think his nudity or his refusal to put his clothes back on is acceptable, but it seems to me those police were not using force suitable to the encounter. They were going way beyond what is necessary.

    I think they felt they had to prove a point, and they wanted to get their way more than the actually wanted to defuse the situation. If police have to resort to using this much force on a naked man, especially when they outnumber him, they have failed in doing their job. Aren’t they supposed to be “peace officers”? If they can’t defuse tense situations and know how to use their authority in more constructive ways, they shouldn’t be given a gun and a badge.

    Maybe it’s a lot to ask of people who have to work in such high stress environments, but I believe a good officer must be the better man at all times, because they have our lives in their hands. The responsibility of their station must serve to remind them always of the trust we have placed in them, or that trust will be lost, and communities will suffer.

  29. paul c says

    This incident was fucked up, but so are people who post only negative propaganda about police officers.

    Especially people who live in NYC and whose candy asses, without a police department to protect them, would last about one day out on the streets.

    Andy Towle, why don’t you start a defense fund for Richard Poplawski and Lovelle Mixon? They were just poor victims being oppressed by the evil police…and they’re all evil, aren’t they?

  30. will says

    I believe they guy was already subdued when the obese cops started the Taserfest.

    The cops should be fired. And the Tasers removed from their department.

  31. says

    Seems like there’s a basic divide in the comments. There’s people who think the police should only taze people if they’re under some kind of threat of violence.

    There’s other people who think that disobeying orders is a crime and the police should exact punishment on the spot. It frightens me to see so many people so insistent that the important thing in life is following orders, and brutality is an expected and appropriate result of failing to do so.

  32. Brad says


    I think it depends on what the orders are. If they are, “stop protesting and go home!” then, yes, they should be disobeyed.

    If they are, “please put some clothes on, this is an outdoor venue,” then they should be obeyed.

    The cops weren’t denying him some constitutional right to show off his teeny-weeny.

  33. CK says

    A good example of poor police training. I’m constantly amazed at how bad American police are at their jobs. Any other country ant the police would be fired for that.

    How can 3 big cops not get handcuffs onto one guy without restoring to hair pulling, kneeing into the chest and a taser…. please.

  34. Freddy says

    You sorry fuckers, educate yourself before you voice your opinion about something. This sorry naked wizard did not do what he was supposed to after several attempts and request for him to put some clothes on. The greatest thing about this is the wizard went to jail and the popo went home you fucks.

  35. rex says

    i was at coachella – didnt see this thank god – it makes me feel icky to see someone get tazed – he has the smallest dick ive ever seen – hasnt he suffered enough?

  36. nobody beats the wizz says

    exactly, iwasatcoachella – the fault in this lies with the crowd egging the guy on as well. some friend or other concert goer should have tried to defuse the situation before the cops got involved. see cops coming, talk the guy down. but instead, they treated the guy like their own personal jester. “look at the naked wizard with the small wand, isn’t that hilarious.”

    it’s all fun and games, until someone gets hit with the taser.

    and while i hate the seemingly more common use of tasers, the cops made an effort to speak to him calmly and get him to comply. he was having none of it. would it have been better had they let the naked guy dance naked? sure. but that isn’t the issue here. some naked wizard dancing isn’t a big deal. just let him be, i guess. then again, i don’t want him dancing naked beside me.

  37. Christopher says

    To Lexxvs and Joel…I agree 100%. Also, if I saw this happening at coachella, you better believe I would not be the one revolting on his behalf. I’m not gonna get myself arrested or cause some stupid riot because one idiot doesn’t wanna comply with decency laws. Get high and be naked at home, in public, have some sense and keep your damn clothes on!

  38. Shaun says

    Maybe the nice ladies at Stonewall should have gone along with the policemen who were just doing their job. I’m sure everyone knew you couldn’t wear clothing of the opposite sex in public.

  39. says

    He wasn’t violent, so tasers should not have been used. Those cops need some basic training in dealing with a non-cooperative naked man with a tiny penis. If they would have just pointed out how small it was, he may have covered up. The naked man must be regretting the world is watching that video now. Remember kids, don’t do drugs.

  40. TY says

    1. So sad that this response was the result of a guy getting naked! I mean — who cares?! It’s his god given body!! Who was he offending? Well, maybe some of us size queens because DAMN that is the smallest penis ever!

    2. How lame that not ONE person tried to step in and talk to the cops about their response. I mean the fat nude guy was resisting a bit, but that’s pretty pathetic that 3 cops couldn’t get him under control or ask him to put on a loin cloth to protect the people from the nightmare that is his penis. There was no need to taser him and WWF knee drop him. What if Wizard Man was actually some buff, armed dude?? I wouldn’t trust these pigs for bacon!!

    3. Not like I really needed another reason to think this, but lordy, Coachella is so wack! Overcrowded beer gardens, NY fashion editors and their insecure posses, gays that forgot the white party was the week before, fat pathetic cops, thousands of girls dressed as MIA, cheesy hipsters (who don’t stand up for their fellow “crrrraaaazy, out there” brethren). I’ve been within earshod of this conversation too many times this past week while out and about — “OOOoooh mmmmyyyyy god — did you see Band of Horses (they are like totally the next Kings of Leon!), Girl Talk and the Kills?!?!” Barking into their iPhones, Venti latte in hand, American Apparel head-to-toe… I mean Snoozeville! I like my Music Festivals to be off their rockers and foaming at the mouth — nudity a-must, a crowd with tons o’ nitrous ballons, booze and other illicit substance running rampant like Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden. I hope all Coachella-ites gets tasered by these assholes pigs.

  41. says

    Wow. Sad reading these comments.

    1. Who cares if he was naked? Seriously. At Coachella? Really? Really?

    2. All the small dick jokes are stupid and pathetic. I guess only guys who have flaccid dicks down to their knees can get naked. More power to him that he didn’t feel inhibited by such narrow-minded thinking.

  42. Joe B says

    First of all…Jason, where the hell do you get your information? 300 deaths from the Taser! You are sadly misinformed. That said, there is a very simple solution to this type of incident…if you don’t want to become involved with the cops then don’t act like a complete idiot. Best said in the movie Liar Liar, “Stop breaking the law asshole!!!”

  43. Kristoffer says

    The law is the law. Doesn’t matter if you think there are more important things the cops should be doing. More than likely these cops were hired by the people holding this outdoor event – so they were supposed to be at this venue to stop things like this. The dude was probably high on E and should have just put his damn clothes on when asked to do so and be done with it. I think it’s sad when people bad mouth and bash cops – the same men and women who will risk their lives to protect you 24/7.

  44. John Robet Washburn says

    I think what we forget here is that being a police officer is a privileged position. They are public servants meaning their salary comes from taxpayer money. We as the people are their employers. If we do not like the way they are doing their jobs then we must stand up and voice our concerns. Abuse of power has been a problem for societies from the beginning of time. Police brutality is alive and well in America. It’s time to wake up and realize that our civil liberties are under attack.

  45. patrick nyc says

    Yes there are bad cops, just as there are bad people in every field, but cops are in a position of power, with guns. That said, I have many friends and family who are cops. It is a thankless job and dicks like the one in the video just keep them from doing their job.

    As a friend of mine pointed out to another friend, when she was trashing all cops, the cop who came to her after her rape was very supportive. If you are in need of help, who are you going to call? The drugged out freak or someone who has chosen to be there if you are in need?

  46. Anubis440 says

    The guy deserved the taser. The police gave him several chances to put his clothes back on, even getting the clothes for him, and he threw them away. They tried to cuff him without having to tase him and he resisted. What else are they supposed to do? Would you rather have them pull out their guns or hit the man with their batons rather than tase him? Taking your clothes off at a concert is not freedom of speech, it’s indecent exposure and an arrestable offense.

  47. Tom A says

    I’m not sure which day this was, but I saw this guy on Sunday afternoon – high as a kite- wearing one of those John Mayer green body thong things, which hid next to nothing nothing- but was probably legal, since his genitalia was mostly covered. Maybe he got the last laugh.

  48. Paul R says

    Kristoffer, I doubt he was on E, unless it was about 10 hits. Most people on E avoid confrontation. Given his behavior, ranting, clothing, and amazing ability to withstand multiple tasing, I would guess it was a lot of pychedelics, alcohol, and sun mixed with a delusional personality.

    The comment that he was peeing on the ground was probably as much of a concern to the cops as his nudity. We also have no way of knowing if he’d been bothering people and the cops were responding to a complaint. I agree that three cops should have been able to restrain him more effectively, but he’s hardly a hero. And in fact, it looked like the tasing cop was the one who really went beyond the pale with excessive force, though earlier another cop pulled out his gun (I think). I’m not sure if it was the same cop, but there’s no way I’m sitting through that again!

  49. says

    The law is simple when it comes to the Officer’s authority. When asked by the police to comply, you are REQUIRED to comply, whether you are agree or not. That IS the law in every state. IT IS NOT YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO REFUSE. There are plenty of legal and non-legal avenues to pursue if you are treated unfairly by the police.

    I work in LE and many of you are right, we are not charged w/defining whether a law is right or wrong. We are charged w/upholding the law as-is. When officers take it upon themselves to uphold laws of their own choosing, the system truly becomes corrupt. Lawmakers and legislative bodies are the people who make, change, and end laws NOT the police.

    He was clearly not tased because he was naked. He was tased because he refused to comply and then became combative. For all the complaints about tasers, they are referred to as “less-lethal” for a reason. Meaning there is always a possibility of death in mitigating circumstances. Guns are considered “lethal”. Would you prefer the officers not have tasers and have to resort to drawing a definitively lethal weapon to force you to comply?

    A few bad cops do not make them all bad. There is a fine line between use of force and abuse of force. Abuse of force should be monitored and dealt with effectively. However, when you refuse to comply you give up the high ground and are escalating a situation unnecessarily.

  50. heather says

    -I support public nudity, especially at appropriate events like music festivals for adults.
    -I support the naked wizard’s right to be high and naked at coachella.
    -It is totally normal for a man’s penis to withdraw into the body cavity when he is high on E or cocaine, and naked and cold. His body is doing what it is supposed to do.
    -I do not believe that police have the authority to harm another human being, and certainly not a nonviolent person who was NO THREAT TO THEM.
    -Police were not even called for in this situation; the Naked Wizard did not need to be physically subdued; he needed to be talked down by someone patient and compassionate. “Yes, naked wizard, your right to be naked is a beautiful thing. Let’s us walk over here away from the crowd and reel you back in enough that you’ll put your clothes on.”
    -I’ve talked people down like this before; it takes about 15 minutes. How long did this spectacle take?
    -Since the cops didn’t have the patience or training to *talk* the candyflipping hippie down, they tased him instead? How ridiculous!
    -The police endangered his life by tasing him so close to his heart, by tasing him repeatedly, and by tasing him without paying attention to what they were doing.
    It’s a good thing he doesn’t have a pacemaker.
    -There is simply no excuse for this lazy lack of compassion; this blatant misuse of “authority” that cops have been given, but have no right to in the first place.

    –Since when does accepting the job to protect me give you authority OVER me? Why is protecting myself from a cop supposed to be a better deal than protecting myself from the people the cops are supposed to protect me from? At least people wouldn’t just stand and watch if they saw three guys tackling me and shocking me repeatedly with a weapon. For refusing to put my clothes on.

  51. Dan says

    Take a look at the chick with the white pants and black top near the beginning. She wanted to get a closer look and came up to him to shake his hand. She then took one final glance before leaving. That’s one perverted broad.

  52. gtucker says

    The reason they tazed him was because he reached for the officers gun, for that they could have shot him. The officers gave him three warnings to put close on he didnt, they tried to move him, he wouldnt go. He deserved the taze for reaching for the gun.

  53. James says

    I am shocked at the number of crazy yanks who seem to think this police brutality is in any way proportionate to the perceived “crime”.

    Yes he was naked. Yes he obviously didn’t want to get dressed. So what? What harm was he doing? What kind of fat stupid police do you have who, despite outnumbering him three to one, need to jump on him and then electrocute him instead of just marching him away?

    Let’s be honest. The police were scared because they realised the crowd was booing them and was generally against their heavy handed approach. Did you see the young woman shake his hand, the guy pass him a bottle of water? The police really misjudged the mood and messed this up, and that’s why this video is news.

    This video confirms my worst impressions of the US. Even a music festival is policed by these kind of high-school-failure fascist morons. Screw America. You’ve damned yourselves…

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