Rick Warren’s This Week No-Show Excuse: He Inhaled Pulpit Fumes

Politico received an email from a Rick Warren aide explaining why he bowed out at the last moment from his This Week appearance with George Stephanopoulos. The aide said that Easter was like the Super Bowl for Warren and he was under the weather from preparing for the many services he was to preach. Plus, he had inhaled fumes from a new pulpit:

Warren “My understanding was that Dr. Warren’s condition was related to
fatigue and exhaustion — which affected his voice — exacerbated by
inhalation of fumes from the newly refurbished (but still drying)
pulpit used in the televised services the previous night. After
initially informing George Stephanopoulos of his inability to pre-tape
on Saturday, I put him directly in touch with his chief-of-staff after
doctor consultation to pursue the remote possibility of an early
[Sunday] AM pre-tape. That turned out to not be a possibility as he had
to cancel half of his sermons today, though he was able to preach
several of the six services at which he was scheduled to preach…“There has been a lot of blog chatter trying to connect the dots with
the interviews this weekend and comments Dr. Warren made on CNN Larry
King Live, but his cancellations were related to health and fatigue."

And the aide said that Warren had been responding to the Larry King Prop 8 controversy with this statement on a per-inquiry basis:

“Throughout his pastoral ministry spanning nearly 30 years, Pastor
Warren has remained committed to the biblical definition of marriage as
between one man and one woman, for life — a position held by most
fellow Evangelical pastors. He has further stressed that for 5,000
years, EVERY culture and EVERY religion has maintained this worldview.

“When Pastor Warren told Larry King that he never campaigned for
California's Proposition 8, he was referring to not participating in
the official two-year organized advocacy effort specific to the ballot
initiative in that state, based on his focus and leadership on other
compassion issues. Because he's a pastor, not an activist, in response
to inquiries from church members, he issued an email and video message
to his congregation days before the election confirming where he and
Saddleback Church stood on this issue.

“During the King interview, Pastor Warren also referenced a letter of
apology that he sent to gay leaders whom he knew personally. However,
that mea culpa was not with respect to his statements or position on
Proposition 8 nor the biblical worldview on marriage. Rather, he
apologized for his comments in an earlier Beliefnet interview
expressing his concern about expanding or redefining the definition of
marriage beyond a husband-wife relationship, during which he
unintentionally and regrettably gave the impression that consensual
adult same sex relationships were equivalent to incest or pedophilia.”

Pastor Rick Warren Evades Prop 8 Conflict in Talker Cancellation [tr]
Rick Warren: 'I am Not an Anti-Gay or Anti-Gay Marriage Activist' [tr]


  1. DNash says

    “He has further stressed that for 5,000 years, EVERY culture and EVERY religion has maintained this worldview. ”

    Which, for the UMPTEENTH time, is simply NOT TRUE, as a glance at his own stupid Bible would show him. What an idiot.

  2. says

    How does someone so completely, utterly stupid become so prominent? Warren says: “[he remains]committed to the biblical definition of marriage as between one man and one woman, for life… He has further stressed that for 5,000 years, EVERY culture and EVERY religion has maintained this worldview.”

    The Old Testament contains many examples of polygamy. Duh…

  3. Kaden says

    How did he become so prominent? He got people more ignorant and in need of something to believe in to follow his interpretation of the Bible. More people have been killed, tortured, and persecuted in the name of religion than for any other reason in history. This man is no different.. he will lie to whomever he needs to as long as he accomplishes his goals. Which I am betting has something to do with money and power……

  4. Wayne says

    Hasn’t Rick Warren ever heard of Native Americans? There is plenty of historical evidence that several tribes were accepting of homosexual behavior and unions (Before the Priests, Conquistadores, and settlers set about destroying pre-Columbian and Native American cultures, that is).

  5. alex in boston says

    I can assure you that with the video posted above being out there it is highly unlikely that he would dare go on a “Left” leaning show to repudiate it let alone defend it! He has already shown a propensity to lying about it and his personal hypocrisy!!!

    I know people will believe what they want to believe BUT when someone who claims to be such a righteous authority LIES to you and to The Whole Country – can you honestly continue to follow him let alone believe him?

  6. Dave says

    Honestly, is ANYONE going to be surprised when this closet case gets outed for the hypocritical, self-loathing deceiver he really is? It’s just a matter of time before Warren’s skeletons see the light of day, and I know I’m not alone when I say that I personally cannot wait.

  7. mike says

    Hey Pastor Rick! For my Lenten journey this year, I dedicated myself to reading the Bible once again and I made particular note of where the Bible defines marriage as between one man and one woman. Um, Rick, I’m sorry to inform you, but I found no instance whatsoever where the Bible defined marriage as between one man and one woman. In fact, it NEVER describes marriage as between one man and one woman. Um, there are a lot of polygamous relationships (mostly Old Testament) but no real definition like you say. The New Testament, well, Jesus actually stated it would be better to not marry but if people did marry then it’s for life. But, he didn’t say it was one man and one woman. Paul (Saul?), the great manipulator, also was adamantly opposed to marriage and he never described it as one man and one woman. He actually preferred that people didn’t marry at all because Paul had this thing about “lust” and all that stuff. But, Rick, sorry to say, the Bible does NOT define marriage as between one man and one woman. Also, I did a lot of comparative reading and references to the original Greek and Hebrew and I hate to inform you, Rick, but where gay people are concerned–um, I don’t know how to tell you this, um, but the Bible has been really mistranslated. It doesn’t condemn same-sex LOVE at all. It does condemn lust and stuff like that, but it never, ever condemns love. Maybe it’s time you cloistered yourself away, Rick, and re-read your Bible.

  8. JerzeeMike says

    Well, I was going to jump on Warren regarding his completely inaccurate statement regarding the definition of marriage but I’m glad to see that Towleroad readers know their stuff. Well done, people!

  9. Paul R says

    I don’t understand why he keeps referring to Prop 8 as a two-year ballot initiative. Didn’t they only start gathering signatures for it last May, after the Supreme Court ruling? Until that ruling, they had nothing to be pissy about.

    At least these jerks have to retract statements about pedophilia and incest. Five years ago, they wouldn’t have cared.

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