Rupert Everett Introduces His New Face


Clearly Rupert Everett doesn't have the same aversion to cosmetic surgery as he does to Abercrombie & Fitch or gay parents with strollers.

Star magazine: "According to Dr. Brian S. Glatt, founder of the Premier Plastic Surgery Center of New Jersey, Rupert, 49, has had a comprehensive series of facial procedures. 'I think Rupert had a face-lift,' Dr. Glatt tells Star. 'His cheeks are fuller and lifted, and his jawline and neck are pulled back and smoother.' As for his forehead, Dr. Glatt says it’s simply Botox. 'I think he’s definitely using it. He is very animated, and there are no lines visible on his forehead.' The last element in Rupert’s new look, says Dr. Glatt, is a chin implant! 'The shape and projection of the chin is drastically different. It’s much more pointed,' he says."



  1. Bud says

    That’s not really him, is it? He looks like George Bush’s little brother now. Eeeeeeeeee!

  2. woodroad34 says

    Oh, geez! His craggy look suited him much better–gave him better depth and a look to be a character actor…his new visual persona resembles something a makeup artist would do for a sci-fi movie. Table for Mr. Mannequin.

  3. Paulo says

    Well, he certainly looks younger but far less attractive, IMO. Is this for real? It doesn’t even look like him. The new face has a bland daytime TV look. Whatever happened to the rakish Rupert charm?

  4. seeldee says

    He may look ten years younger, but he no longer looks like Rupert Everett.

    He and George Michael have ruined their looks in similar ways by opting for drastic and unnecessary cosmetic surgery procedures. So unfortunate.

  5. alguien says

    i prefer him with his face lined-it’s sexy. now he looks like kyle mclachlan witha toothache.

  6. scott says

    All the plastic surgery in the world will not halt the bitterness. He looks awful. Barely recognizable.

  7. ZnSD says

    waaaahhhh??? nooo. That’s Rupert?? What a fool! What happened to aging gracefully? Sad.

  8. David D. says

    Rupert’s ‘before’ face certainly shows all the wear and tear of a life of excess, but at least he resembles his younger self captured in numerous film roles. The ‘after’ shot looks nothing like his younger self–instead it’s a whole other person, less handsome and less expressive, and utterly unrecognizable. I’m not sure how that’s supposed to be an improvement.

  9. says

    I’m no Negative Nancy when it comes to cosmetic surgery for men… if I could afford it, I might have one or two things altered to suit my personal aesthetic taste. But it’s so important to have someone there, preferably the surgeon, to say “less is more”. Particularly with men, the consequences can be disastrous if they go too far.

    The forehead is smooth, but so is Nicole Kidman’s. Nuff said.

  10. patrick nyc says

    Man that is so sad, I use to have the hots for him since Another Country. I prefer the before photo. My advice to him is stay away from stoves and fireplaces.

  11. Keith Boston says

    He was a guest on the Martha Stewart Show last week, trust me, it’s him. It’s even freakier live, you keep saying “why is that dude with the wax face trying to do a Rupert Everett impression?”

    why can’t we just get old like it’s supposed to happen? Why would you want to make your face look like a mask?

  12. blynchie says

    WTF!?? This has to be a joke– There is no way that ‘after’ photo could be him. That’s not a younger looking Rupert – it’s a tounger looking Charles Grodin!

  13. JK says

    He looks like a smoothed-out, tooth-whitened Charlie Sheen. What a downward spiral. God, that dye job. It hurts me to see a nice salt-and-pepper painted over with thick coats of coppery dye.

    And isn’t the “illegal homo” sort of the mainstream these days? Since when did having surrogate children become the new mainstream? Poor boy has simply become a bitter windbag, a mouth without a brain. Stop trying to sound so shocking, old doll, and get on with your own business. Instead of aiming for Charlie Sheen.

  14. DNashty says

    Yeah, someone’s gonna have to provide me some proof that the photo on the right is actually him. I’ve seen “before” and “after” photos of him from about a year ago where you can tell he’s had work done around the eyes but it’s still him. This one – it’s not just the jaw that’s different, so is the hairline, the cheekbones…I’m just not convinced this is actually him, and I wouldn’t put it past a rag like the Star to take some “almost” picture and claim it’s him just to make up a story.

  15. mike says

    Not a good look at all. Why can’t men do what Sean Connery does? Age gracefully and proudly!

  16. Bill S. says

    He didn’t do anything for me before. He does even less for me now (except give me the willies).

  17. Rovex says

    Looking at his recent broadway pictures i think it is him, but hes been overly made-up. TV make up artists seem to over do it in the US ive noticed.
    He looked better before, much more real and rugged. The trouble with plastic surgery is that the end result isnt easy to predict, it can make you look freakish.

  18. excy says

    I don’t believe it is him either. But if it is…what a huge mistake. As someone wise once said “Do not resent growing old. Many are denied the privilege.”

  19. tom says

    This is obviously a FAKE Photoshop/other person deal.

    Guys – come on. You can’t be this dumb!

    Look at the lower lips of ea. – are you going to tell me he had a lower lip REDUCTION? When everyone wants AUGMENTATION?

    No, sorry. Mabye Rupy did have plastica surgica, but that photo on the right is FAKE.

  20. norseman says

    So sad when the post-surgery face couldn’t win a celebrity look-alike contest for the original !!!

  21. latebrosus says

    Per Keith Boston, yes, it’s him. The ep is available online. But I have to say, that photo’s not taken from a good angle, and there is questionable use of Photoshop and too much make up. If you watch, face on, it’s still Rupert. But definite smoothing has occurred.

  22. B-rod says

    I don’t think that is the same person. Look at his hairline. The “old” Rupert had a thick head of hair and the supposedly “new” Rupert looks like his hair is thinning on top and in the front. That wouldn’t happen from plastic surgery, so I think it’s someone else.

    And I hope it is someone else because that “new” Rupert would even scare the face off of Joan Rivers.

  23. Rikard says

    HIDEOUS! I like his outspoken snarkiness and think he can say what he likes, but this is an offense to the eyes. Maybe it will look more natural when he gets the breasts and vagina.

  24. dc20008 says

    Wow. THis is Joan Rivers/Michael Jackson freaky. I mean a little freshener nip tuck is OK, but this isn’t even the same face. tsk tsk tsk

  25. Taylor says

    It’s him…but the photo has been doctored. If you want to see him with wrinkles, forehead lines and all…you can go to the Martha Stewart Show site and watch a video clip of his appearance on April 9th he first appears in the flower arrangement sequence. This is where the photo comes from. He has a ton of make up on…but all the lines and wrinkles are still there…just under the makeup…and the chin hasn’t been touched.

  26. Glenn says

    Seems to be a lot of dispute as to whether that’s really him, or whether it is but it’s a bad picture/makeup/angle, etc., so I guess I’ll reserve judgment. Not that Rupert should care, of course. But I’ll just say that from these pictures, I’d fuck the man on the left any day, in his hotel room or anywhere else. The guy on the right, um, not so much.

  27. Michael says


    Please, in the name of all that’s sacred, please post some other news item quickly. Enough with the Rupert Everett photos.

  28. Wayne says

    Maybe you saw the wrong person Dan… this is him. He’s been on multiple talk shows this week and I knew immediately that he’d had some work done. The ‘after’ picture is from an appearance on Martha Stewart last week. He even sounds different because his mouth is pulled so tight… but I guess some guys might be into a tight little mouth.

  29. says

    I’m not against plastic surgery when it’s warranted, but I hate it when “experts” give their “expert” opinion and are INCREDIBLY off base. He couldn’t have had time for a full face lift given the before rehearsal photos. It is possible that he had a thread lift, though, that allows for public appearances a little sooner with the help of pancake makeup (which he appears to be wearing). He has not had a chin implant; the healing time, just like a full face-lift (we’re talking about men’s skin, which is thicker and doesn’t heal as quickly or smoothly as women’s), just doesn’t add up mathematically. What he HAS had is an excessive, Lisa Rinna case of filler along with heavy Botox. The filler is the real problem. Filler can be a good thing in small amounts, but often times in addition to smoothing the face, it distorts the features and looks weird at certain angles and in certain light. The filler (looks like his doctor was heavy-handed with Juvederm) also doesn’t move and give the same way skin does, so that’s why he has looked so bizarre when speaking as of late. Hopefully, when the filler subsides, he’ll lay off of it and embrace the character his face has. He should embrace the gray, too; it’s way sexier than that single process brown that looks orange under heavy camera lights.

  30. says

    Meanwhile, I think Dr. Brian S. Glatt just lost a LOT of business by implying Rupert had good work. Of course, it’s probably a bad idea to go to New Jersey for plastic surgery anyway.

  31. NYCBullDog says

    I’ve seen him in person in NYC…he looks as ridiculous as Bruce Jenner does now although not as bad as the photo on the right. Sad..he was so handsome. Guess men will never learn that bad eye surgery makes them look like old lesbians.

  32. Jeff NYC says

    The picture on the right is not Rupert.

    Why would you debase Towleroad with this false tabloid posting?

    Shame on you, Andy. Shame.

  33. says

    There are so many ways that attempts to defy nature can go wrong, it amazes me how many actors are willing to risk their ability to play actual people to make themselves look “10 years younger.” They usually end up looking like people who have had plastic surgery to look 10 years younger, rather than actually younger. Give me craggy and natural over smooth and freaky any day. Taking care of yourself and aging gracefully is so much sexier than desperately and hopelessly trying to maintain youth. Aging (and mirrors and fluorescent lighting) can be a bitch, but it’s one thing everyone has in common.

  34. brad says

    it’s called drug abuse, people. you don’t want to look weathered, don’t do blow or even booze, for that matter. hello.

  35. Jersey says

    I don’t know if its him or not but I’ll say I don’t think guys should ever have anything done to thier eyes. Remove some sag from under the chin sure but if they fuck with the eyes it always looks goofy (Kenny Rogers and Bruce Jenner).

  36. Derrick from Philly says


    I don’t know why you’d post a topic like this. Gay MEN aren’t interested in such issues…only queens (comme moi).

    Well, you won’t get much of a response.

  37. says

    Are people this blind? Of course the man on the right is Rupert. How could you entertain for a moment that that is not him? It’s him, but the photo they chose is PhotoShopped smooth on top of all of his obvious plastic surgery.

  38. rudy says

    He should not have gone to Jessica Lange’s plastic surgeon (or used the discount coupon a la Tara Reid). All his patients come out oddly smooth but squinty eyed. As for the hairline, yup, that’s him. He just changed his hair don’t to the John Travolta/Brenden Frasier “I’m just pretending that I am not going bald” look. Too bad he could not have had a personality lift instead. He’s still the same old bitter whiny queen under all that stretched skin.

  39. hephaestion says

    I saw him perform on Broadway a few weeks ago and he was very good.

    I think he looked better before the plastic surgery.

  40. Thom says

    He looked better before – his face was handsome and had character. Now he just looks dull and character-less.

  41. scar2 says

    He’s been at this for a while. I remember seeing him in the film version of The Importance of Being Earnest. I saw it in the big screen & you can see some scar lines during his close-ups. I used to love him, even way before he was out. It must be tough losing your looks when you’re an actor. Also, don’t forget he admitted being a hustler in his younger days – so he was making a living on his looks even before he became famous.

  42. Glynn says

    I saw him on a UK chat show recently (The Paul O’Grady Show or was it on Nelly Norton?)and you could tell he had been “adjusted” then – but he’s now had more done and crikey, I now know why they call it plastic surgery. Perhaps he’s happy with the results, after all he’s the one who has to live with that Ab&Fitch window manaquin head look.

    Ooohh……stretched 49 year old skin over the face, with fillers – not something this 50 year old wants to see in the mirror thank you. I wonder where his beard line is now? Behind his ears maybe?

    What next Rupert?

  43. Daniel says

    EW. He was so charming with the expression lines, now he’s looking like a wax doll.

  44. Disgusted American says

    Im all for a lil nip or tuck,but ol’Rupert looks like ä different person”altogether..? Like someone else took over the roll of Rupert…Im scared.

  45. gwyneth cornrow says

    That is not Rupert Everett in the second photo. In any case, Rupert looks sexy with his salt and pepper.

  46. lordno says

    I’m as vain as they come and have noticed the onslaught of wrinkles but I would NEVER have a facelift. Aging happens-get used to it.

  47. Stephen says

    Is this is for-real — and I’m not sure it is — then this is AWFUL.

    Like he’s going to get more dates that way??

    Weren’t Burt Reynolds, Kenny Rogers, and Bruce Jenner (who all look TERRIBLE now, thanks to plastic surgery) lessons enough?

    I really hope this isn’t true.

  48. constance says

    He looks like a completley different peron… remenisent of Jennifer Grey and look what happened to HER!

  49. Paul says

    I hope it’s a left-over April Fools joke. Gross!! Where’s the charming Rupert we all know and love?

  50. ras says

    i think he looks better in his before pix. granted, he looks older, but he looks more natural. the after pic looks so weird, with puffed cheeks and slitty eyes…then again, i have a thing for the daddy types, so i might be biased :)

  51. Andrew says

    There is no way that’s him… the rehearsal and candid photos from Blithe Spirit show the same old Rupert onstage just a month ago on March 16; there is no way he had surgery, healed, and was on Martha Stewart in just 4 weeks.

  52. Nonplussed says

    If Madonna can do it then so can he, I hope he continues to grow old disgracefully for many years to come.

  53. shane says

    There is no way that is Rupert Everett. Did he get his hairline altered as well as his face completely re-arranged? And his jawline shaved down and his eyes made smaller than they were before? No, no, no.

    And btw – to all you fucking stupid ass queens making the “bitter” comments: you sure seem to know a lot about the subject. Go fuck yourselves.

  54. Bob West says

    I’m hoping it’s a hoax, unfortunately we live in a youth obsessed time. He’s far more attractive in the first photo.
    Among my favorite films of his “My Best Friends Wedding”, “The Madness of King George” and the “The Comfort of Strangers”.

  55. CK says

    I certainly hope that this is a hoax picture, because it is appalling! I preferred him looking natural and handsome. Whatever happened to growing older gracefully? hell a bit of hair color here and there is forgiveable, but this looks like he went bungee-jumping with the rope tied to his hair! Come back Rupert Everett, send this imposter packing!

  56. Frank L says

    With the surgery and Botox, he now actually looks more like Gavin Newsom than Gavin Newsom does.

  57. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Holy Shades of Darrin Stevens, Batman… Who are you, and what have you done with our Rupert?

    He looks like a Sim.
    Career suicide….

  58. says

    He looked so much hotter before!!! Why do all the men wanna be boys? Boys are boring! But poor Rupert, a lifetime of smoking and drinking and then you trade it all in to look like Billy Bush??? No thanks!

  59. Andrew says

    oh it’s him alright I saw him on Martha Stewart promoting Blithe Spirit it was shocking how inexpressive that new face is . Unfuckable.

  60. says

    I remember seeing him on Rachael Ray a little less than a month ago, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. “Is that … ?” Seriously, my jaw dropped. That is a for real photo, folks, and it’s a-scary.