Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood Ditches the Tights


Here's the first shot from Ridley Scott's Robin Hood starring Russell Crowe.

Producer Brian Grazer told USA Today: "He doesn't have the old Robin Hood tights. He's got armor. He's very medieval. He looks, if anything, more like he did in Gladiator than anything we're used to seeing with Robin Hood. Oddly, it's a metaphor for today. He's trying to create
equality in a world where there are a lot of injustices. He's a
crusader for the people, trying to reclaim some of the ill-gotten gains
of the wealthy. That's a universal theme."


  1. Jon says

    501’s in the forest in 1300? Could this macho plonker be any more of a laughing stock?

  2. says

    Well, first of all, I’m pretty happy that Russell Crowe has decided to forego the tights at 45 years old. And while I’m almost certain I won’t see this film, I’m also going to praise them for casting a Maid Marian (Cate Blanchett) that is only 5 years younger than Robin Hood. I looked it up fully expecting to see someone under 30 playing the role.

  3. crispy says

    Ridley Scott is one of the best film directors working today. But I am surprised he’s returning to a well that’s been bled dry.

  4. Hank says

    Except, men in stockings/hose and tunics are very medieval and very period and certain types of armor are more French than British.

    You fail history of fashion Brian Grazer, but I’m sure you’ll do well with Maximus of Sherwood Forest.

  5. adamblast says

    Is that all they’ve got? He’s not wearing green tights! It’s a metaphor for today’s politics!

    These are the *identical* hype-themes used for the Keven Costner version. And we all know how well that turned out.

  6. John says

    You do have to ask why?
    Russell may need a hit but Cate sure doesn’t.As Crispy said “a well bled dry”.It most certainly won’t be as sexy as the current UK version on tv.I guess it will be an “Epic” to make up for the past…sorry Mr Costner.

  7. says

    Russell Crowe’s an amazing actor. I really enjoyed State of Play and am sort of baffled by the fact that anyone would doubt his ability to make an awesome action flick. If this is half as good as Gladiator or Master and Commander, it would be a fantastic 2+ hour diversion, well worth the $10.

  8. nic says

    “GLADIATOR” failed on virtually every aspect — from historical to CGI. the fact that gladiator was celebrated bespeaks the idiocy of the “acadamey” as flegrantly as m&m getting an oscar for the seven shit mile theme, or, for that matter, that “spotless mind” ignored the fact that the protaganist was homosexual and married to a latina (not a white woman). and, don’t even bring up the movie, “the enigma”.

  9. Jan Stringer says

    Who cares about the Academy? Lots of people Love Gladiator and still do. Maybe all the folks who bougbht it need to be put straight eh?
    As for all the ‘experts’ on fashion that have suddenly appeared. Gawd….anyone who comes out with: “Except, men in stockings/hose and tunics are very medieval and very period and certain types of armor are more French than British” has got to be kidding, right?
    What the hell does ‘very period’ mean? Stockings and hose were the garments worn during the 15th century and later. They didn’t exist in the period of King John. The Medieval period was several centuries long and styles of tunics varied considerably throughout. What the blazes the point about the armour is I can’t really tell….excpet that during the period of this film the French were running England anyway. And of course until we know what kind of armour Robin wears we can’t judge what style it is. Close cropped hair was worn by returning soldiers because of the need to avoid headlice and fleas.