1. Elijah says

    Stop the presses! Iraq will REALLY pay attention now that a dozen mangy queens have thrown another hissy fit, shaking their politically limp dicks in oooh aaah “Harvey Milk Plaza,” led by the half pint who, henceforth, shall be known as “Bevan Dufty For Mayor.”

    “Milk” is barely out on DVD and rather than inspiring a new generation of Harveys San Francisco gays are still thinking like trees silently falling in the forest with no one around.

  2. dizzyspins says

    Protests are useless. Do you think the Iraqis care what people in SF think? They assume the city is a den of iniquity. Money and political pressure talk, not placards or resolutions.

    I think the gay community should take a lesson from the Jews.

    When the jews of Europe were being sent to concentration camps, American jews did everything they could to bring them to the US or to send money to help them escape.

    When soviet Jews were being persecuted in Russia, American Jews used funding and political pressure to get them to America.

    When the Jews of Ethopia were threatened by civil war and famine in the 80s and 90s, Israel airlifted them to the Holy Land. Its been a rough transition, but at least they are safe and able to prosper.

    What we need to do is get those Iraqi gays the hell out of Iraq and bring them here, where we should help them start a new life.
    If we truly are a community, we need to save our brethren.

  3. Alan says

    I have to agree with the comments above. I didn’t attend the “rally” even though I live in S.F. and am certainly concerned about the killings. However, this is the second “rally” in as many weeks about anti-gay acts in *other countries* and at both rallies Supervisor Bevan Dufty, undeclared candidate for mayor, was in attendance. It needs to be pointed out that there have been rallies against the Iraq occupation, against cutbacks to low-income residents by Governor Schwarzenegger, in favor of tenants rights, in favor of unions organizing in downtown hotels, protesting job and service cuts by Mayor Newsom–AND IN EVERY CASE BEVAN DUFTY HAS NOT BEEN IN ATTENDANCE. These rallies about events far away are pure opportunism–little publicized until after the fact and sure to have the attendance of an opportunistic candidate for mayor. Bevan Dufty needs to show he has at least as much concern for people over whom he wishes to be mayor as he claims to have with people over which he can do little to nothing by making a speech in Harvey Milk Plaza.

  4. Dale Fecker says

    This protest was certainly not useless. Any action that draws wider public attention to any tragedy, which this protest did with the local news report and is doing now in the National blogosphere, is worthwhile.

    The conversations have to start somewhere.

    You may as well say that the Stonewall Riots were useless. Do you think we would have reached this moment in GLBT American history if we all had sat at home or on a bar stool and waited and hoped for politicians to do the right thing? Protesting remains an invaluable element of change. It’s a fine day for Gays when we feel justified in criticising a politician for attending a rally in support of our community. Something has to be done to save these lives. What are *you* doing?

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