Saturn Like You’ve Never Seen It


The Cassini Equinox mission returns some absolutely mind-blowing images of Saturn.

The Big Picture writes: "NASA's Cassini spacecraft is now a
nearly a year into its extended mission, called Cassini Equinox (after
its initial 4-year mission ended in June, 2008). The spacecraft
continues to operate in good health, returning amazing images of
Saturn, its ring system and moons, and providing new information and
science on a regular basis. The mission's name, 'Equinox' comes from
the upcoming Saturnian equinox in August, 2009, when its equator (and
rings) will point directly toward the Sun. The Equinox mission runs
through September of 2010, with the possibility of further extensions
beyond that."

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  1. RandaPanda says

    and this is one of the many reasons I love you, Andy: fascinating, borderline nerdy space and science stuff – plus, unlike most gay press, you’re not addicted to wincingly awful double entendres… sincere thanks, bro.

  2. Deed says

    I really like the science & nature items that you post. These pix are mind-boggling. Even more so when you stop and consider that they aren’t CGI, they are pictures of the the real thing.

  3. K says

    Deed, I had the same reaction when I asked my stupid questions in the earlier Saturn post. I still really have trouble wrapping my head around it! And this is even in true color! It’s spectacular and wonderful. The additional images on the website are magnificent. This is what we can see when we literally leave earth.

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