News: Susan Boyle, Iraq, Michael Phelps, Carrie Prejean, Sun

 roadSun dimmest it's been for 100 years

 roadConfirmed: Miss California Carrie Prejean dating Michael Phelps.

Boylemakeover  roadBoyle banishes bushy brows.

 roadMore on the executions of gay Iraqis: "According to [Congressman Jared] Polis, the 'egregious human rights violations' are 'being
carried out by Iraqi government officials from the Ministry of the
Interior.' …'While I do not know if these executions are being
sanctioned at the highest levels of the Iraqi government, it is
nonetheless disturbing that government officials and state-funded
security forces are involved in the torturing and execution of LGBT
Iraqis,' Polis wrote to Patricia Butenis, the chargé d'affaires at the
U.S. Embassy in Iraq."

 roadJust Jared interviews Rosie O'Donnell. On her 2004 marriage to Kelli: "I wanted to be included
in the list of people that raised their hands. I didn’t want it to be
something that I had an opportunity to participate in but was afraid
to, so we went and did that. We don’t actually celebrate that as our
anniversary, and that marriage was annulled, because the first few
were, but people did write us to say 'Happy Anniversary!' which is how
we remember, but our anniversary is in December…for sort of when we
knew that we would be together…forever."

 roadProject Runway date announced

 roadMale rocker Marilyn opens up about relationship with Gavin Rossdale.

Promad roadDallas company pulls homophobic prom ad.

 roadVictory Fund announces 12 new endorsements, largely in municipal races across the country.

 roadFormer Miss Delaware sides with Carrie Prejean.

 roadArizona student can wear rainbow wristband, after demands from ACLU:
"Eighth grader Chris Quintanilla wore a rainbow wristband with the
"Rainbows are gay" to Parkridge Elementary School in March. Natali
Quintanilla, the boy's mother, said the principal called her and told
her he would not allow Chris to wear the wristband.Quintanilla
contacted the ACLU following the incident; the union wrote a letter to
the district demanding it rescind its ban on the wristband, saying the
ban was a First Amendment violation."

Love  roadAlabama lawmaker Jay Love drafts resolution in support of Miss California: "Love said there are those 'tell­ing people what they can believe and what they can say,' which he said is wrong. He said she is being punished for saying marriage is between a man and a woman. 'I don't believe that's right,' Love said."

 roadDelhi teach fired for being gay, teaching students about homophobia.

 roadABC News: Silence deafening in culture wars. "While social conservatives remain a major part of the GOP, they are
losing influence inside and outside the party, said Rich Galen, a
Republican strategist."

 roadWorst Catholic logo ever?

Jesus  roadJesus Luz: new post-Madonna photos.

 roadGay couple attacked by curry vendor at Sydney Royal Easter Show: "Richard said that when the couple went to try one of the sauces offered
for public taste testing, they were told by a female worker at the
stall: 'No, it’s only for mums and dads. It’s only for people who have
families.' When the couple asked why they were being
discriminated against, the worker replied: 'I can discriminate against
who I want – it’s my product. Now get lost.' The couple were
subsequently offered the product by another employee at the stall, but
after trying it, the employee who had ordered them to leave threw a pot
of curry at them, narrowly missing Richard. She then went to throw a glass jar at the couple before they retreated."


  1. Tralfaz says

    You know the white speck on top of chicken doo-doo?

    Well that’s the kind of white woman Miss California is.

    She’s like the white speck on top of ol’ CHICKEN SHIT!!

  2. Paul R says

    I thought Miss California was no longer going to be a topic of discussion, since she doesn’t merit the attention? Instead there are three references in this section alone.

    I would much rather read about Marilyn, and that’s saying something.

  3. says

    – this explains about Phelps smoking dope – it may be the only way he can understand her…

    – why would an Alabama legislator draft… oh, wait. never mind…

    – worst catholic logo: hiding right out in the open…

  4. SFshawn says

    So another bubble headed miss america thinks what she has to say matters?

    That lady with the curry is lucky she’s in Sydney because if she behaved like that in San Francisco she wouldn’t live to tell her side of her pathetic story.

  5. says

    Miss California actually does have the right to express her opinion.

    I am , for my own reasons, glad that she said what she said.

    1/ She lost the crown
    2/ At least we found out before she becaime Miss USA and said those things later to a group of school kids somewhere.
    3/ The reaction to the whole thing has kept Gay marriage in the news where it must stay if we are ever to achieve national recognition of same sex marriage.

    All in all, a good thing.

    Oh yeah, I never thought I’d say this ,but, thanks Perez.

  6. woodroad34 says

    “I entered pageants in the ‘good ole days’ way back when it was a bad thing to be a black contestant — but it was considered a very good thing to be wholesome, moral and honest.”

    Since when has bigotry ever been wholesome or moral?

    BTW, I have a friend in Carlsbad, CA (San Diego area) who has this to say about Miss Barbie’s momma:
    “My neighbor Dick C. of Oceanside, Ca. told me that he hooked-up with the mother of the homo-phobic loser about 9 years ago for a one night stand of unprotected sex, right after her divorce. He told me that she gave him the most incredible blow-job that he’s ever had in his life. This good christian woman from a family of Italian Catholics, not only got divorced, but was going around hooking up with men for long nights of sex.
    Francine came to my door early the next morning to introduce herself as Dicks new girlfriend. She was wearing a tight leopard skirt with silky blouse with her bosom exposed. Horrified at what she had said, Dick immediately dumped her.
    I wonder if this gay hating woman with good conservative christian morales, instilled in her daughter the value of giving someone a good blow-job”

    Now she’s dating Michael Phelps…I wonder if she’s taking one toke over his line….

  7. woodroad34 says

    Oh, and Derek, you do have a point (always glad to read your comments). Had she kept her mouth shut and became Head Barbie, she would have represented America on her level — coming across as all wholesome and moral while spewing bile and lies to impressionable kids. The devil wears a lovely face.

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