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Zac Efron Jumps for GQ


Fresh from having his toes nibbled by Jason Sudeikis, Zac Efron continues his promotional blitz with a visit to the cover of GQ and this inside shot of the actor as a shirtless flag.

The profile touches briefly on how High School Musical exists in the closet:

"And the weird thing is that this, basically, ironically, is the plot of the movie that made Efron who he is today. High School Musical is about a young man struggling to choose between high school sports and the temptation of musical theater, and finding the courage to do something his buddies think is totally gay, except it’s a Disney movie and therefore it takes place in a universe where being gay does not exist, so Troy’s buddies just say things like 'You ever think LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal auditioned for their school musical?'

“'It was the worst possible thing you could do in high school,' Efron agrees. 'Kids who are in musical theater tend to be self-confident in a quirky kind of way, and when kids who are really self-conscious see somebody doing that kind of thing, they try to bring them down. I used to do random things, man. When I was a kid? I dyed my hair silver, to look like SisQó in the 'Thong Song' video. I just didn’t give a fuck. I didn’t care.'”

Cover image, AFTER THE JUMP...


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  1. OMG, it's Pat fucking Boone!

    Posted by: FizziekruntNT | Apr 13, 2009 6:11:11 PM

  2. Zac Efron said "Fuck" in an interview?!?

    I'm SHOCKED!


    Posted by: MikeinSanJose | Apr 13, 2009 6:11:48 PM

  3. WOW! Lookin' FAB Zac! I'm going to have to do a High School Musical marathon tonight!

    Posted by: Evan | Apr 13, 2009 6:22:05 PM

  4. zac is a good looking guy, but something is off about that cover. it does not flatter him at all.

    that top photo though is interesting. i wonder how these people come up with such photos. haha :-P

    Posted by: liz templin | Apr 13, 2009 6:24:33 PM

  5. His head looks way too big on the cover although I do adore that suit he's wearing.

    Posted by: brentbent | Apr 13, 2009 6:39:40 PM

  6. His hair is soooo gross, no matter how much crap he loads into it!!!

    Posted by: David B. | Apr 13, 2009 6:54:17 PM

  7. he's said fuck in interviews before. nothing to be shocked about.

    Posted by: alguien | Apr 13, 2009 7:08:13 PM

  8. Am I a bad gay because I don't find him attractive at all?

    Posted by: Mike | Apr 13, 2009 7:25:08 PM

  9. Agreed that the cover picture is unnerving. He needs to cut his hair and do something to remind me how he's different from Chace Crawford.

    Posted by: Paul R | Apr 13, 2009 7:48:07 PM

  10. Am I the only one around that doesn't find this greasy punk the least bit attractive? Everytime I see him, he just kinda grosses me out.

    Posted by: bigTseattle | Apr 13, 2009 8:09:52 PM

  11. he looks hungry - or am I projecting?

    Posted by: fred | Apr 13, 2009 8:24:50 PM

  12. they are making a high school musical 4?????????????

    when is that crap going to be played out/

    I understand the kid needs a steady paycheck, but shit he has his 2nd non HM movie out now. It is going to get to the point that the HM movies detract from his ability to do other stuff.

    Posted by: jimmyboyo | Apr 13, 2009 8:28:45 PM

  13. There is a typo in the caption under the top picture. It should read "shirtless fag."

    Posted by: Jeffrey | Apr 13, 2009 8:44:51 PM

  14. Why does that cover shot in the jacket remind me of the Steve Carrell from "The 40 Year Old Virgin"?

    Posted by: CJ | Apr 13, 2009 8:46:10 PM

  15. I have a pole he can hang on.

    Posted by: George | Apr 13, 2009 9:49:48 PM

  16. I think that picture makes him look like Måns Zelmerlöw. Very hot! =P

    Posted by: Scott E. | Apr 13, 2009 10:11:15 PM

  17. The cover picture makes Zac look like a Bobble-head doll!

    And it's not just HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL that Disney is forcing into the closet, methinks...

    Posted by: wirrrn | Apr 13, 2009 10:59:14 PM

  18. @ jimmyboyo,

    He sold his soul to Disney. He probably is making peanuts on those dumb movies but probably is compelled by some draconian contract to play a teenager till he looks older than Luke Perry in 90210.

    Posted by: Wheezy | Apr 13, 2009 11:02:35 PM

  19. There is something VERY odd about that cover shot. It looks like they took his head and put it on someone else's body - only they made the head three sizes too big.

    Posted by: gr8guyca | Apr 14, 2009 12:37:40 AM

  20. looks like they spliced his head from one shot onto the body from another...and not particularly well, because the scale seems off. Makes him look kind of like a bobble head - though a pretty bobble head.

    Posted by: Aaron | Apr 14, 2009 1:50:37 AM

  21. I can't believe I'm even commenting on this, but he looks like a 1970s West Hollywood hustler, that sleazy man/chicken thing…

    Posted by: buzzerme | Apr 14, 2009 3:03:21 AM

  22. I prefer Zac's Emo look to this strange quaf on the GQ cover. As for the length of his hair I say skip the shears and let it grow baby grow. (long hair lovin' gueers like me now break into the theme song from Hair the Musical).

    Posted by: Jerry Cheney | Apr 14, 2009 4:14:05 AM

  23. The cover photo looks Photoshop-ed to death.
    His head looks out of proportion to his hands. The shirtless photo looks great.
    On a unrelated topic have you seen "Southland" best new TV show.

    Posted by: Bob West | Apr 14, 2009 7:28:00 AM

  24. so, let me get this straight...

    disney created a world where homosexuality doesn't his character isn't harassed in a homophobic way, but in a deliberate manner to show that the other guys just don't understand musical theater?

    i wish my high school days were like disney. then all i'd hear was, "ian thorpe never painted still lifes..." sigh

    Posted by: ian | Apr 14, 2009 9:24:41 AM

  25. wheezy

    You are probably right. Mickey owns his soul for pennies and till High school musical # 53 is made

    Posted by: jimmyboy | Apr 14, 2009 10:55:37 AM

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