1. alex in boston says

    How does Obama Sleep at night knowing of these forms of discrimination? When will we and our political allies stand up to this bigotry and discrimination??

  2. FASTLAD says

    I’m getting sick of calling the White House to request the President honor his commitment to ending the disgusting and divisive Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy.

    It’s past time he kept his own word.

  3. JP says

    I wish it we knew how the DADT “police” found this guy. He obviously didn’t out himself.

    This crap makes me want to start burning and making lion food out of the Christians again. The Romans had it right, these jerks are dangerous.

  4. shane says

    He’s hunky.

    They are trying to screw him out of his retirement.

    You ask how Obama sleeps – he sleeps soundly because he doesn’t give a shit.

  5. shane says

    Hey JP, last time I checked the Christians weren’t the only haters out there. At least my fellow Christians don’t hang us or stone us to death for being gay (yet).

  6. woodroad34 says

    This is beginning to sound more and more like Obama’s “katrina”–sit back, do nothing, and watch people’s lives be destroyed. And now I’m reading Obama is going to allow concealed weapons in national parks. He started out spectacularly and now, in my eyes, he’s slipping just as spectacularly. I’m getting more disenchanted with him.

  7. David in Houston says

    I watched that last night. I was saddened and furious at the same time. DADT needs to be ended now. Not tomorrow, not next week or next month. Now. People’s lives are being destroyed. President Obama needs to do the morally right thing and put a stop to this blatant discrimination.

  8. MikeMick says

    So far, it’s hard to believe Obama is anything more than a garden-variety Democratic coward who won’t back up his “convictions.”

  9. arch says

    How can this man be a risk to moral? He seems more like a source of inspiration to other servicemen both straight and gay.

    These stupid rules can be overturned, it was managed in the british forces which had just as strong a culture of “manliness” as the american forces. There has been no discernable reduction in the bravery and effectiveness of our troops because a few of them are now known to be gay.

    Keep fighting this battle, it can be won and then everyone will wonder what the fuss was about.

  10. Disgusted says

    Next week Obama is doing a $30,000 a couple of fundraiser for celebrities at the Beverly Hilton in LA – but he claims to be too busy with “important” things to repeal DADT – that’s CHANGE ?? Are you kidding me ….

  11. Phil says

    ALL GAY service members should come out of the closet and all should get fired at the same time. Only then will the military realize how integral gay and lesbian service members are to the armed forces. This forced secrecy is damaging to all of us.

  12. Nonplussed says

    Two years short of his pension?
    I just do not understand how this can be permitted,
    how can it be anything other than stupid and shameful?
    Has the Air Force no honour?

  13. Chris says

    Wow, this absolutely infuriates me. This man was doing his job and was damn good at it, based on the decorations he has. It is absolutely appalling that such an asset to the defense of our nation is being fired. If nothing else it is a poor business decision to fire someone who is so successful in their duties.

    I’ve never understood why conservatives are so against gays and lesbians dying in defense of our nation. You would think that they would be in favor of it, since it would be one less “sinner”.

  14. Michael @ says

    The facts are far WORSE than Maddow reports, tho she is not the first commentator to only “hear” half of the story. The OTHER, mindboggling half is this:

    Obama has gone from simply standing by while people like Lts. Choi, Tsao, & Fehrenbach are discharged [when he has Congressional authority under 10 United States Code 12305 to stop them in the interest of national security] to replacing his old promise of fighting to get DADT repealed with a NEW promise to actively DEFEND DADT in court!

    From yesterday’s “Wall Street Journal”:

    “A Justice Department spokeswoman said THE GOVERNMENT WOULD DEFEND THE [DADT] at the trial over Maj. [Margaret] Witt’s dismissal. . . . White House spokesman Ben LaBolt added: ‘Until Congress passes legislation repealing the law, THE ADMINISTRATION WILL CONTINUE TO DEFEND THE STATUTE WHEN IT IS CHALLENGED IN THE JUSTICE SYSTEM.” – Wall Street Journal, May 19, 2009.

    Before anyone responds, “But they have no choice,” they DO!

    They have the choice as “the other side” in any lawsuit not to act in which case the court typically automatically rules in favor of, in this case, the plaintiff.

    That would be Major Witt whom representatives of the Obama administration are promising to go into court and say,

    “We want her fired.”

  15. Nick says

    The Christian Taliban has indeed infiltrated the American military but particularly the Air Force. The media and the U.S. will not look into this at all because it is too much of hot button issue.
    It is dangerous and their prostheltyzing in
    the middle east is well documented.
    As for Obama- his unresponsiveness is not a shock. He is not now or never has been a champion of equal and civil rights for gay people. He has on occasion given an obligatory nod to the hard work of others in that area but never been on the forefront nor will he ever be.

  16. ggreen says

    The US Pentagon is over run with religious zealots. The entire building holds regular daily prayer meetings. its not a military HQ its a Holy Roller revival meeting.

    BTW Fehrenbach is totally adorable.

  17. 24play says

    For anyone who cares, here is Obama’s DADT strategy, as divined by The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder, based on what he hears from his White House sources:

    No, it will not stop these outrageous discharges anytime soon. But you’d have to be crazy (Michael/Leland) to think any Democratic president would (again) try and deal with gays in the military in his/her first year in office.

    Obama’s alleged plan is not going to make any of us feel good. But it does have the advantage of being likely to succeed.

  18. Bob R says

    So Barry the Bullshitter has screwed the LGBT community and we won’t even get a reach around or a kiss. But, don’t worry, the Messiah in the White House has a “master plan” and works in “mysterious ways” we just don’t understand. All will be made right in due time. Look for some real action after he’s re-elected 2012! What I do understand is Obama has done nothing to stop this bigotry and so he must, by his inaction condone it. He’s just another lying politician.

    Until the LGBT community is willing to close it’s collective wallets and purses and take to the streets, this will lack of action or even comment by this administration will continue. Obama has no courage, no principles and is not much better than Bush, except he is a better speaker and is literate. Obama is the true black Slick Willy Clinton, and you remember what he did for us.

  19. fadiekay says

    So the main reason the military has always defended its position on not allowing gays in the military are:
    1: They are more susceptible to black mail
    (Wait a minute they are only more susceptible to black mail if they CAN’T be open about being gay, isn’t this circular thinking)
    2: That their would be discipline and moral problems with the men serving with them, and under them
    (I don’t see it, gays and lesbians are just like any other segment of the population, it’s the gung ho, patriotic, tough ones who go into the military)
    3: This is the real reason, the only reason that this segment of the population is kept from serving, the grey haired old men in charge are homophobic.

  20. Peter says

    woodroad34, you need to get some of your facts before you comment. Obama isn’t “allowing” anything about guns in national parks. Republican Sen. Tom Coburn inserted an amendment to the credit card bill that would allow concealed, loaded guns in parks and refuges. Sadly, Democrats in Congress passed it because they wanted to get Credit Card legislation. That is how a good bill goes bad when they are allowed to tack on some bullshit like that. So blame Congress on that one, not Obama. Hopefully it will be stripped from the Credit Card bill in the final run through. Read about it here

  21. Michael @ says

    We’re happy, really, that 24Play/Crispy/Band/ShootTheMessenger has found an ally among the dwindling residents of the Obama Fallout Shelter.

    And we do encourage everyone to read the piece he references because the description
    “Salon” gave in Feb. to Ambinder’s attempt to defend the Obama administration’s duplicating “the Bush administration [tactics] to try to impose blanket secrecy on anti-terrorism policies and avoid accountability for serial abuses of the law” fits THIS article, too:


    Go ahead, read it, and marvel at how a well-known, paid writer for “The Atlantic” pulls out such head poppers as “the burden on the government to explain” and “the military to make its best case” AS IF it was some “government” other than Obama’s, as if it was some “military” other than that commanded by Obama.

    AS IF, the brilliant Obamatopians were just standing by while their doppelgangers in a parallel but slightly different universe are defending DADT and not them.

    That’s not reality, that’s the season finale to the TV sci-fi show “Fringe.”

    Next up from Obama, Inc.:

    Demonstrating how bad murder is by shooting someone in court.

  22. JT says

    Fastlad : Leave the White House alone. That’s all we need is for them to trace the call back to you and psycho Belledame and blow all our credibility.

  23. 24play says


    Crispy is another commenter here. The only screen name I use here—the only one I have ever used here—is 24play.

    And it is the Justice Department’s duty to either enforce U.S. laws or challenge them as unconstitutional. They don’t have the liberty of just choosing not to enforce a law because the White House disagrees with it. That only happened under the Bush INJustice Department.

  24. Michael @ says

    Nonsense, EVERYONE has “the liberty of choosing” whatever. That doesn’t mean there aren’t often consequences, but WHAT consequences would there be for the administration to, a la, a pocket veto, let the courts do what they will with Maj. Witt by simply not appearing? Impeachment? It wouldn’t get out of committee.
    Huffing and puffing by homohating Congressmen and another screeching press release from Elaine Donnelly? Shaking in our boots, are we.

    Would you have told Rosa Parks she SHOULD have given up her seat on that bus? Afterall, it was THE LAW.
    Would you have told Martin Luther King, Jr., that he should not have repeatedly broken what HE considered unjust laws? Those who sat in at Whites Only lunch counters breaking THE LAW?

    The sad thing is that I believe you WOULD…if OBAMA was the one Parks, King, et al., were challenging.

  25. NewEng says

    I am glad to see we are “almost” out of Kool Aid. This increasingly political forum gave Obama a free pass before the election and failed to present or entertain and tough questions during.. Wake Up!

  26. 24play says

    The Rosa Parks analogy fails. She is analogous to Choi or Witt or this decorated airman—all of whom I applaud for standing up and opposing this unjust policy.

    There is a difference between the role a civil rights activist plays in a civil rights struggle and the role the president plays. Sad but true.

    Obama is wise not to act on DADT this year because any move would likely be counterproductive.

  27. Michael @ says

    “Likely”?? Based on what evidence?

    You defend Obama for breaking his promises to immediately start working to get DADT and DOMA overturned, for not fighting, as he promised for ENDA and hate crimes legislation. Everything but coming up with an excuse for his making the promises in the first place.

    You defend Obama for ignoring his Congressionally mandated authority to stop discharges in the entirely rational name of national security.

    You defend him taking up where George Bush left off in fighting for the dicharge of Maj. Witt in court.

    Me thinks you would defend Obama if he were shooting infants in the street.

    You make the Claymates look like amateurs.

  28. newbie says

    A couple points:

    Please don’t label all Christians with a broad brushstroke like “haters” or similar. Many of my Christian friends are incredibly loving to all of us, despite the hatred many of us have shown to them. I also keep reminding them not to use broad brushstrokes when thinking of gays, liberals, etc.

    I don’t mind DADT. Hear me out please. The removal of DADT would mean that “they” could ask any service member about sexual orientation based on rumors or hearsay. A gay service member who is honest will be discharged, if they lie they’ve committed perjury.

    No, this goes FURTHER than DADT, it requires changes to the “consequences” of being gay in the military. (I say the consequence should be to buy them a beer and help them celebrate their openness. But what do I know.) Beware of the smooth talking politicians who say they will work to eliminate DADT unless they also outline changes to the underlying policies!!

  29. Suzanne says

    Cheers to Rachel for keeping this in the news!

    The President knows better at this point. Shame on him for not making it right. And he could. Commander in Chief, remember!? Dammit!

  30. linetwo says

    What most people dont know is that the Air Force does not fire people for just being gay. The reason that “Stain” his call sign is being fired is that there is an assault allegation against him involving a younger male service member. There is druggin involved and illegal sexual assault. This is why he is being fired, not because he is gay but because he drugged a male and what resulted was no legal, The service member reported it and the air force is taking legal action and stain is trying to play the victim card by saying they are firing him because he is gay

  31. Bill Wilson says

    Hell yeah–I am ABSOLUTELY SICK of our Lord and Savior Obama not endorsing gay sodomy, and holding up homosexuality as the ideal for our society!! How the hell are we gonna control the population if all these damn breeders keep having natural, normal relationships, good families, are aren’t awash in HIV, depression, other sexually transmitted diseases, and general unmanliness of character!!?? What’s so wrong about a dude ogling over sweaty oily pictures of other dudes? What’s so wrong about sexually lusting after your own body? I’m sick of it!!! Next thing you know, this SOB Obama is gonna tell us he doesn’t support polygamy or gay incest either!

  32. OIF1Vet says

    This policy is bound to be replaced with open accentance of gays and lesbians in the armed forces, its just a matter of time. We are working every day with international forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world that manage just fine with openly gay members. This just isn’t as important an issue as the economy and healthcare right now and Obama certainly picks his battles.

    Look for women to be allowed on submarines before DADT ends.

    Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is flawed policy and was never intended to last this long, but its going to be with us for a few more years.

  33. William Nealey says

    this is absolutely is just about every thing else this administration does. as I recall the gay’s bled just like everyone else and they loved their country as much and even more than some of the goody goody two shoes holier than thow people. there are some STUPID IDIOTS in the upper echelon of the military. no I am not a gay person at all but I damned sure respect the ones I have met in and out of the service. I dont aprove of that life style but if thats what a person wants that is their business,

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