1. Ralph says

    It will be very nice if Kris wins and becomes a vocal supporter of Civil Equality for all regardless if they are gay, straight or bi.

    The Christian Taliban is already using him – hopefully he will give them the shaft win or lose.

    Adam will do better NOT to win.

  2. Kuhnsy says

    I too voted for Adam, but it was definitely clear that Kris performed MUCH better last night (which isn’t saying very much). I can’t decide whether I want Adam to win but get stuck in a contract with that generic and insipid single or lose and have the freedom to tailor his debut to his own style.

  3. says

    We voted for Adam 10 times but also felt it was a so-so night for both of them. And that final song?! Jesus, what a load of crap – I mean I really think the judges were feeling sorry for both Chris and Adam for having to sing such a horrible song.

  4. says

    Kris definitely won the night for me. I’d love to see Adam win because he’s clearly a very sweet an extremely talented guy, who is undoubtedly going to be open about his sexuality (a hell of a lot sooner than Clay).

    But that SONG! I was CRINGING!!!! Worst Idol finale song ever!!!!!

  5. David in Houston says

    I’m very torn. It would be cool to have a gay man win A.I. But I’m a big fan of Kris, and I think that he deserves to win too.

    Yeah, that third song. It definitely made the case for being pro-choice. Because that song needed to be aborted. Worst. Song. Ever.

  6. Lexxvs says

    For me Adam’s performance was much, much better. The last song was symbolic, even if it wasn’t a good song. While Kris barely can talk softly and sing a little bit using an obvious over stretched falsetto, Adam can perform, no matter what.
    As for the numbers, yeap, may be Kris will have the mass of the Christian vote and therefore it’s very possible that he will win, even if he’s not as good as Adam.
    In the long run though, I see more Adam in the media than Kris.

  7. paul c says

    Adam has sort of turned into Sam Harris 2.0 as far as I’m concerned. Too much screechy theatrics. The other one is just boring. Like Jason Mraz without the playfulness.

  8. B says

    I loved how Kara Dio-I-Don’t-Care-About-Her snapped that she had to wait for the final show to get one of her craptastic songs into the competition and then Simon to tell Adam he wasn’t going to judge him based on Kara’s song. Ouch! Moew! Then Kara thought she’d be clever and tell Kris she wasn’t going to judge him based on the same song. Yeah, Kara Dio-Go-Away-Now, Simon had said that earlier. I wish we could vote her off the show!

  9. jtramon says

    I agree that last song was a brain-screw. So, unfortunately, however wins will have to put out as their first solo. Too Bad!

    I’m pretty tired of Adam. That screeeeeching is awful. Couldn’t care less if he’s gay or not – and just because he may be (okay-he IS) shouldn’t makes us rise up as a community and vote for him, soley based on sexuality.

    MAYBE….if AI ever gets a butcher gay man, I might change my mind!! LOL!!!!

  10. excy says

    That whole performance was unbearable to watch…and I can’t believe the judges didn’t make a bigger issue of Kris being OFF-KEY during the last horrible song. I think they must have been embarrased about the crappy song.
    Anyway, it is what it is…and Kris will win and he will be forced to record that song. I wouldn’t be surprised if Adam is relieved…he will now be able to go off and do his own thing. Most of the past American Idol contestants that have staying power and interesting (?) careers did not win the damned competition.

  11. busytimmy says

    Adam is a vastly superior talent, bith vocally and musically. Kris would be a great find if you heard him in a bar. He has charisma, but limited vocal ability and musicality. Kris sings beat to beat while Adam creates phrases the go over the bar line and really soar. Plus, he practically aced that horrible last song. He will learn to temper the vocal theatrics, but he can sing that way right now, so bless him.

  12. my2cents says

    Adam ain’t no Mika…oops–I forgot that since Mika hasn’t come out as gay, so he doesn’t have many fans here.

    Sadly, we’re left without any idea of who Adam is as a person (other than allegedly gay) and that is what sells a lot of cd’s.

    People buy music of artists that they identify with on some level and feel that their message somehow connects with the soundtrack of the listener’s life.

  13. wetcnt says

    Love when someone thinks they know why ‘people’ do anything. @My2cents – YOU may buy music based on identification with the artist or the message. I buy music based on the music, don’t care much about lyrics or message. That’s who I am and what I like. I don’t care who Adam is as a person – I enjoy listening to his phrasing and the pure sound of his voice.

    But maybe I’m not included in ‘people’. And BTW – I love Mika.

  14. busytimmy says

    That song stank, however, Ricky Minor or someone with some musical knowledge on that show should have changed it into a lower key for Kris. It was self immolation onstage for him. It was too high for Adam too!

  15. nick says

    I sent a text vote for Adam to 5701 but received a reply today saying that “your votes for Kris were accepted”. I think there is something fishy going on here.

  16. Mark from NYC says

    I thought Kris was the winner all around. Love Miss Adam, but I’m already tired of her screeching! Can’t imagine a whole album of it. ‘Course it would be great if a gay man won… but, oh, wait, there’s no gay man (officially) in the running… So, I’ll go with the one I whose voice I like the most: Kris.

  17. says

    If Kris weren’t cute as a button, with the dreamy boy next door quality, he would probably not be in the top 2. Not that cuteness isn’t a legitimate factor in marketing a pop star, and therefore in the competition. He is a classy, talented performer who knows his vocal limitations and works inventively within them.

    I won’t be hugely disappointed if he wins (especially given an alternative like Danny–blech), but Adam should win. Whether his vocals are your cup of tea, or not, he’s hugely gifted, and he’s brought more excitement to the AI stage than the rest of them put together. People complain about his screeching, but he’s clearly capable of reining it in vocally when he wants to–give him a good producer, good songs, and he’ll be fab. If they want a star, he’s it, though I think the vote could go either way.

  18. says

    Kris has a really adorable smirk. Unfortunately such an expression makes no sense when singing rather serious song of protest. “Brother, brother, brother There’s far too many of you dying” That makes him look like an idiot. In fact, really no one other than Adam seems to have understood so well what he was singing about in each performance and that made this season’s Idol The Adam Lambert Show. If he doesn’t win the top position it will draw more attention to him. Either way the sooner he gets away from Idol management and their mediocre instincts the better.

  19. Mike says

    I think that Adam may have turned many peeps off with the long coat, dry ice and theatrics of the first song but he definitely was better than the short but cute Kris on the last two. Didn’t think the last AI song was that bad compared to the other snoozers of past AI songs. Yes it has some cheesy lyrics but so have the other songs.

  20. itikganas says

    adam hits the high notes because he can. adam can do wonders with his vocals because he can.

    kris doesn’t scream because he cant. his range is limited. even his vocal stylings sound alike… he hides his voice behind the guitar, the piano.. and without them, he looks small and struggling to be in pitch (which didn’t happen)

  21. Kevin says

    Kris is John Stamos Lite. Competent, pretty, belongs on a CW drama as the angsty teen crooner. I don’t see him ever being a big star.
    For that matter I don’t think Adam is all that either, but I DO want to see Seacrest plotz when Adam’s BF rushes the stage and plants one on him.

  22. chuck barris says

    Both guys are very good in their individual ways… cute Kris is wholesome and real with a winning smile, and Adam is professional with zero mistakes (except way too much makeup)… either guy should win and both will do well afterwards.
    HOWEVER, neither guy should have had to wrestle with that Kara klunker and sing that third sappy moronic custom-made-for-Celine Star-Search bomb that Idol forced on them and the audience.
    Adam should probably win for invigorating the season like he did, but there won’t be so much wrong with the world if Kris wins for just being cute as Hell.
    And Kara deserves a huge GONG!

  23. DAB says

    In line with Andy’s original post, I agree: although I think Adam deserves to win, I expect 2/3 or more of Danny Gokey’s voters/votes will realign their allegiance toward Kris. Which is fine, ultimately. They’ll both have good careers. But I just think it’s a bigger leap to move from voting for Gokey to Lambert than from Gokey to Allen…especially if you’re voting your, uh, “demographics” and taste in music as much as the singing talent.

  24. E.R. says

    Adam ruled the finale and all the other weeknights. Never doubted for a second that he will be crowned American Idol… for all Seasons, actually.

    Only impostors would say that they go for Adam but they thought Kris performed better. Grow up.

    I am not even a fan of Adam but simply a great lover of music.

  25. Kyle says

    Kris was great, but could lose a few of those facial tics. Adam will go on to have a great career. They both did well, although Adam is the clear talent.

    I hope Glee becomes a top show. I loved the pilot!

  26. Catherine Ambrocio says

    Hmm..I think KRIS ALLEN really rocks the stage.I love him not only because of his serenading voice but more of his simplicity and cute smile..His countenance truly justifies his good heart and soul..WE LOVE YOU KRIS!! VIVA KRIS ALLEN!!

  27. Eric says

    Tim R,

    What does being gay have to do with liking Adam?

    And some of us just don’t like to be screamed at. Adam was loud and screechy and had a horrible vibrato. Yes, he can hit high notes, but when the timbre of your voice is awful, who cares?

    I’m so happy that Kris won!

  28. Karen says

    I didn’t really like Adam’s screeching either but when he wasn’t screeching he was amazing. He offered something different which was nice. I definitely don’t like anything theatrical but was somehow very entertained by him. He is way more talented than most vocally. I’m not surprised Kris won. I’m sure he got alot of female votes and those teenagers I’m sure spent alot of time voting. Doesn’t matter. I think he’ll probably be better off not winning. No one would ever buy that awful AI song.

  29. david beam says

    Since I’m not a viewer of this type of trash television, I follow Towleroad and Dlisted to keep up on the currents with regard to this “entertainment show”. I find that I’m somewhat worried that the Adam singer is apparently well qualified to move to New York and to study to be a Broadway singer/dancer/actor as he seems to have the style and attitude down. I worry for the sweetly short and innocent Christian boy. He needs to deal with Simon once his career tanks (inevitable), with Paula (whenever her buzz dies off and she runs short of generously silly platitudes, and especially for Gaycrest once the cameras are off and he wants his payback for helping the producers make him off in such a black & white situation to be the safe middle-america pleasing winner. Plus, just look at Gaycrest in that picture above-kathy griffin probably just pooped her pants laughing at all of the great one and two liners she’ll be throwing out there for the next few months.
    Oh well, if it weren’t for FOX, we wouldn’t have reality TV. And if it weren’t for FOX and it’s reality TV (and of course all of the other network slugs that followed this lowbrow style), we might still have people reading books, prose and poetry, shows and plays, or god forbid even writing and producing them themselves.

  30. NaturalMan says

    Awwww, Towleroad is all choked up about Lambert losing. Well, he was already a loser with a pair of hairy balls slapping his chin. The poor little Queers are all upset. They so wanted to spend the year discussing their genitals with Tyra and Oprah.

  31. Murray Schoorman says

    I think Adam Lambert has timed his “outing” very well … and for the right reasons!

    Can’t wait to take him out for dinner when he tours AUSTRALIA!

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