Beau Breedlove Files for Restraining Order Against Reporter

Beau Breedlove, the former legislative intern at the center of the scandal involving Portland Mayor Sam Adams earlier this year, has filed a request for a restraining order against an Oregon reporter:

Breedlove "In January, [The Oregonian's Brent] Walth interviewed Breedlove about his relationship with
Adams, as well as exchanging text messages with him during developments
that followed. In his petition, filed in Multnomah County Circuit
Court, Breedlove characterized the contacts as threatening, alleging
that Walth said he would publish damaging information about Breedlove
unless he agreed to an interview.
Breedlove said that Walth's harassment and
threats "affect the public's opinion of me and the investigation that
is being made by the Oregon Attorney General's office. 'Any suggestion that Brent Walth coerced or threatened Beau
Breedlove is absurd,' Sandy Rowe, editor of The Oregonian, said. 'Mr.
Breedlove gave us an on-the-record interview voluntarily. He asked for
nothing in exchange for the interview, and the newspaper made him no
promises about what it would or would not publish.'"

Soon after the scandal died down, Breedlove announced he was posing nude for gay porn magazine Unzipped.

UPDATE: Request denied.


  1. Cj says

    This just gets better and better. 2009 is the year of “15 minutes of fame whores”

  2. Turtle says

    He never actually posed nude in “Unzipped,” it was all a tease with strategically placed ties and so forth. Sure got a lot of publicity for something that never happened, though, so score on that front.

  3. shane says

    You know how we fags loooove to idolize pure fucking trash (breedlove, marc jacobs . . .)

  4. Ken says

    Famewhore. And not a very sexy one, either. Without the scandal, he’d be just another wannabe; with the scandal, he’s just a not-too-bright, decidedly minor celeb. He’ll be over before he’s 20.

  5. alex in boston says

    Just a reminder that when you put yourself into the limelight, whether as someone’s plaything, or as a “Reporter” wanting to hand deliver a letter to the President”, then be prepared to have your life and all you are exposed to the world!! Do you think for one minute this boy wishes he had kept his mouth shut, or that the “reporter” being dragged publicly away from Air Force One, had simply mailed her letter? Of course they do – be careful to anyone who wishes for fame and fortune it sometimes comes with a tremendous burden!!! Look at the SCOTUS nominee, Sotomayor, spoke out at a conference what years ago, but in one sound bite the right wing is going to focus their comments on that one simple sentence! The fact of her upbringing, her illustrious career, the fact that She Saved Baseball!! Means absolutely NOTHING!! So be mindful and careful of what is in your past – it will come back to bite you in the ass faster then you can say NO COMMENT!!

  6. Toto says

    With that name he was BORN to be in hardcore gay porn. If he hasnt been approached by a gay porn director they just missed the campiest opp of a lifetime!

  7. says

    I originally had some respect for Breedlove but that disappeared very quickly when I realized precisely how sleazy a human being he actually is. As for Unzipped, I thought they used to have taste in models. This guy is rather unattractive. He sure wouldn’t be model material on the criteria of his looks alone.