1. Derrick from Philly says

    “It’s amazing how some guys are naturally hairless.”

    Yeah, but, DAVE, I bet he’s got a little aschenhaller…unbleached.

    I usually like beefy men, but he’s got to loose some of that stuff. He looks about 10 years older.

    Don’t get all upset and call me “shallow”, I’m thinking about his career, dammit!

  2. E. says

    These comments are nuts. He’s still as hot as ever. Actually, the fact that he’s not so image- and career-obsessed that he can let himself go just a little bit for while makes me adore him even more.

  3. B-rod says

    He would do better if he kept his shirt and lost his fork.

    He’s looking real chubby.

    Maybe he’s gaining weight for the a new Frosty the Snowman live-action movie?

  4. David in Houston says

    He’s suppose to be a hot sex symbol? Where is his chest or abs? He has no definition at all. He has a cute face. But so does every other soap star. I agree with the above comments. I just don’t see the appeal.

  5. DonnyB says

    “He’s looking real chubby.”

    Wow. The real world is calling, it misses you. From the neck up, yes, his face has filled out a lot, strangely. From the neck down, though, his stomach is flat. Maybe not defined, but definitely flat.

  6. Barry says

    In the world of gay, this is chubby LOL. I think he’s hot no matter what, but it is true, when Channing gets really cut, he becomes a supernatural sex god. Right now, he’s a pleasant treat for the eyes, nothing more.

  7. says

    I hate fat homo pigs who call guys like this chubby. We all know you’re not all sporting six-packs, and yeah, it IS hypocritical to call him fat when you’ve got beachballl gut unless you’re gonna insult your fatass self along with Channing Tatum. Just like the creepy, fat, ugly trolls who remain single because they’re still waiting for their rocket scientist stand-up comedian Abercrombie model to come in and sweep them off their feet – completely fucking deluded.

    And I don’t even personally think Channing is all that when he’s in his tip-top model shape, but I’m certainly not about to denigrate his looks. So retarded.

  8. Jay says

    He just isn’t that toned right now. That’s the least of his problems, considering the fugness of his face. How did a guy with zero acting talent, no personality that I can detect, ears that stick out and eyes that practically share a socket ever get declared gay hot?

  9. J says

    This is what happens when you stop dieting and working out 24/7 for your film role. Your body goes back to fat storing. Hello sedentary america.

  10. nic says

    a totally hairless torso, even in the pit areas… it looks as if the pillsbury dough boy were to finally take his new year’s resolution seriously. and what’s up with the porcine face?


    i bet dollars to donuts that the large majority of people who comment on this site don’t make a living off their bodies and faces. perhaps if channing tatum were not an action ‘star’ and model, our expectations would be lower.

  11. Kryanox says

    I’m sorry i may sound like i am hating, but this guy was actually a model? Some of them aren’t goodlooking but photograph well. But this one guy has neither one it seems, unless a pro photographer is around i guess.
    Sorry just my thoughts, I don’t know why he’s in movies when there are way more talented actors out there

  12. Paul R says

    Why don’t you all go jogging (causing your face and body to bounce) without sunglasses (causing you to squint) in the bright sun (showing every possible shortcoming with your body)?

    Of course actors and models look better when they’ve been styled and are under controlled lighting. The only disconcerting things here are the absolute lack of hair below his face and the choice of hair on his face.

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