1. secretagentman says

    Oh yes, he is a hot one. When he sits in the Captains chair the first time, with his legs spread, all cocky, now that was sexonastick.

  2. Grace says

    I’m glad to see Mr. Pine getting some attention in the gay blogosphere. A sure sign of impending success. I’ve been a fan of his for a while, and I was ecstatic when he landed the role of Kirk. He was adorable in “Princess Diaries 2″, the ONLY reason to watch “Just My Luck”, and virtually unrecognisable as a hillbilly assassin in “Smokin’ Aces”. Hopefully, the success of “Star Trek” will afford him more leading man opportunities and we can all enjoy those dreamy blue eyes for a long time to come.

  3. says

    This was a really fun movie. Amazing how they can make something great for fans or people who’ve never seen a Star Trek film before 😉

    Pine is very, very fine. Quinto is just fine (but a fantastic actor).

  4. Leland Frances says

    Fingerlickin’ good! And both of them have SUCH Gay Face not that it would do me any good with a blank check and a string of pearls.

    Anyone else know anyone XY who claimed to have boomshackalackaed with Nimoy years ago?

  5. Rovex says

    Great film, and no, not borrow from star Wars. Nothing has ever been borrowed from Star Wars, by anyone quite the reverse in fact. Star Wars is just a copy of several other things that became more popular (not unlike the bible in fact).

  6. Rad says

    Caught the movie last night; we were two of 20 people in the entire theater.

    For us Trekkies out there (whom have NOT gone to see the movie yet), it is absolutely familiar, yet totally new and a well-crafted story. It reminded me very much like with the very first Star Trek movie where they reinvented the TV show for the big screen, only this movie is packed with a LOT more action and adventure from the get go. I almost want to say “epic”. Great dialog, lots wonderful homage to all that came before. >Knowing every line from every Star Trek television show< I found myself laughing out loud as they masterfully worked all those nuances into the updated characters.

    Zachary Quinto as Spock is… Outstanding. It was that moment, when his character first enters the bridge of the Enterprise and speaks, and you go “OH MY GOD! IT’S SPOCK!” like you did in that very first movie when Leonard Nimoy stepped onto the bridge.

    And Chris Pine and his bouncy, dangly briefs were pretty hot to look at, too!

    Good fun, all the way around.


  7. says

    For the last time: Star Wars is rooted in FAITH (and Akira Kurosawa films); Star Trek is rooted in LOGIC (and world cultures). The two do NOT borrow from each other. For fun, check out the VOLOKH article on the net asking “when did the Federation institute a socialist regime?”

  8. jimmyboyo says

    star wars borrowed from Star Trek but left behind much of the progressive politics of Star Trek so as to appeal to a dumber middle america audience.

    Star trek is a far older franchise. In fact star wars borrowed from Star Trek, King arthur legends, biblical myth, etc.

    Cool Trivia….the vulcan “live long and prosper” hand sign is 1/2 of the kohanim blessing. kohanim hold both hands instead of one in the same way and recite the prayer to bless the Jews. nemoy admits he created it based on his Jewish heritage. :-)

  9. jimmyboyo says

    shitstorm info

    – Star trek 1st aired 1966

    – star wars crap fest pops up 1977

    Roddenberry’s STAR TREK was 1st and was/is best

    – inter racial cast working together with even a damn red “ruskie” character

    – first inter racial kiss on tv (Uhura actress thought about quiting once but Martin Luther King JR himself talked her into staying on the show because she was the first black woman not playing a maid. An over glorified secretary yeah but for that time it was groundbreaking)

    – many episodes dealing with race and race relations.

    – flat out socialist federation with no money, profit, marketing labels (see the non name underware above) free health care and free education based solely on ability of passing admission tests

    – touched on atheist ideas and promoted science (fictionalized) as vs feel goody faith force spirtualism bs

  10. says

    Yeah! What Rad said!! There was enough in the film to make it familiar to those of us who have been watching this franchise for 43 years, but it was fresh and new and I can see a whole new set of movies in the next 10 years.

    I know this post was primarily Kirk/Spock-centric, but I think Karl Urban (Eomer from LoTR) did a GREAT Dr. McCoy. And, as you will see in one of the bridge scenes, he also fills out his Federation Uniform quite nicely!

    AND it was f*ing FUNNY! McCoy: “You have Numb Tongue? I can fix that!” as he hits Kirk with the 4th hypo to the neck in 5 minutes.

    I saw a Saturday 10am matinee at the Imax (Santa Clara, CA) and the place was PACKED. I will definitely be seeing it a few more times!! I think this will be one of those films where I discover something I overlooked before with each new showing.

  11. crispy says

    Jimmyboyo, that is probably the most retarded thing you’ve ever uttered on this blog.

    I’m not going to be baited into a Star Wars vs. Star Trek battle with anyone because I love both franchises. But Star Wars is rooted in Jungian archetypes and Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey… to say that is for dumb middle Americans is beyond ludicrous. Particularly coming from someone whose own struggles with basic grammar and spelling are well documented at Towleroad.

  12. scar2 says

    I’ve never watched Star Trek, or Star Wars for that matter. However, I went to see this one because of J.J. Abrams, who created Alias & Lost. I enjoyed it so much that I went to see it again the next day. It had Abrams’ style all over it. Lots of fun & action but a lot of heart as well (he also created Felicity). The green girl is Rachel Nichols, who was in Alias. Amanda Foreman, who was in both Felicity & Alias, also has a bit part.

  13. jimmyboyo says

    more cool trivia

    DesiLu productions produced Star Trek

    DesiLu as in Desi Arnez and Lucile Ball an interracial couple themselves who had run ins with McCarthyism and black listing during the red scare.

  14. woodroad34 says

    Actually, this Star Trek film takes place in an alternate reality (which, apparently Spock is now stuck in). So, much of what you see may or may not have happened in the real Star Trek timeline (Kirk meeting Capt. Pike before “The Cage” episode of the TV series, Vulcan being decimated, the hyper futuristic look of the Enterprise NC-17, etc). According to Zachary Quinto, Leonard Nimoy had final say as to who would represent his younger self. Pretty good decision. Also, if you look at the credits, Industrial Light and Magic did the special effects; that’s George Lucas’ company–so there might some visual similarities.

  15. jimmyboyo says


    Star wars sucks.

    Have you ever seen any interviews with George lucas?

    Jung/ He never mentions jung

    He does in fact state flat out he borrowed from japanese samuri movies and the king arthur legend.

    He also borrowed heavily from Taoist religous beliefs.

    Star wars dumbed down for mass consumption with nothing what so ever subversive or politcal about the original 3

    Lucas’ main goal was money and focused the entire story not on telling a story but to sell merchandise.

    roddenberry was groundbreaking with his trying to slip controversial ideas past the censors. It was subversive for its time.

  16. jimmyboyo says


    on the typos and misspellings

    I constantly apologize for such. When Towleroad becomes Shekespear-r-us i will edit my posts. Till then……

  17. David in Houston says

    Great movie. Chris Pine is incredibly sexy. But when I pay my $10, I expect to see ripped abs and bulging biceps. Chris better deliver in the sequel.

  18. crispy says

    You are 100% wrong about Star Wars. And your insistence that entertainment require political allegory to be meritable borders on Leland levels of insanity.

  19. Rovex says

    If you look at the demographics of who watches star wars and star trek, the dumb middle Americans do actually prefer star wars, so whatever pretensions you create for it Crispy, the facts speak for themselves. In fact despite being a European with a 150 IQ I could feel myself being drawn to a Texan republican pro-creationist group all the more as I painfully watched Episode 1. It made Teletubbies look intellectual and better acted. There is certainly more sexual tension in Teletubbies and the characters are more believable..

    In fact Star wars is somewhat unpopular outside the US. Look at boxofficemojos US list of top films by gross and the international listing, its VERY different.

    Star Trek took $72.5M over the weekend 76.5 when you add Thursdays previews. Thats easily the best for a Trek movie and very good in any light.

  20. Timmy says

    Also, corporations appear to still exist in version of STAR TREK (Nokia and Budweiser are both seen or mentioned). So who knows what the economics of this alternative universe are?

  21. Rovex says

    It makes sense that brands would still exist, people will always prefer one thing over another but yeah the Nokia thing did annoy me a bit. Thankfully it was short lived and wasnt seen again.

  22. crispy says

    We’re not talking about Episode 1, Rovex. I guess a 150 IQ doesn’t count much for reading comprehension.

    The original Star Wars film is frequently cited by scholars for its use of Jungian archetypes. I’m not creating any pretensions. A simple Google search will turn up thousands of college dissertations on the subject.

    And as I stated previously, I’m not making a comparison of Star Wars to Star Trek. They are both excellent and meritable properties for their own reasons. I’m thrilled with the box office results for Star Trek. But there’s absolutely no reason why a science-fiction fan can’t appreciate both of them.

  23. noah says


    Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball were not an interracial couple; both were white and were perceived as such. No one in the 1950s thought Desi Arnaz was anything other than a white man with a funny accent. Arnaz was a white man from Cuba.

    People in that era may have seen Arnaz as different but they certainly did not see him as non-white. Latin lovers were a staple of cinema: Fernando Lamas, Cesar Romero, etc. Rita Hayworth was a star. They were all white people.

    Moreover, no TV station in America would have aired a show about an interracial married couple in the 1950s. Interracial marriages were illegal in most states.

    Hispanic and Latino are terms that define ethnicity, not “race.” Someone can be Latino/Hispanic and belong to any race. Zoe Saldana, who plays Uhura, is a Latina. She’s also black. Similarly, George Lopez is Latino and is Native Mexican/Indian. While Andy Garcia or Cameron Diaz is white.

  24. Derrick from Philly says

    NOAH’s right, JIMMY. Desi was a white Cuban just like our beloved “Oscar in Miami” on this blog. But Desi did practice Santeria, a Latino version of Yoruba, and similar to Voodoo. So, like many Cubans Desi Arnaz was influenced by African cultures. Can’t say the same for good ol’ Oscar here on Towleroad He’s been influenced by Klan culture.

  25. jimmyboyo says

    Noah and Derrick

    I stand corrected on Desi

    I wrongly assumed ethnicity as race.


    “…college dissertations…” LOL there are college professors spouting off on little grey aliens abducting people, on the cultural depth of Madonna songs, on any and every fantasy under the sun. Pretentious? YES

    Sorry, but George lucas in interviews never mentions such. he flatly says himself he borrowed from cheap Japanese samurai movies and The arthurian legend

    George was/is a genius marketer and brilliant in being at the forefront in knowing he could make more $$$ off of the product endorsements than the actual movie thus why he signed away the $$ for the 1st movies while locking down all of the merchandise $$$ when nobody at that time thought he would make 2$ off of merchandise. He geared his fluffy movies not to a deep story but rather to sell schlock to make a buck. Brilliant on his part. But the story not so much.


    Can I please have your life?

  26. Ted says

    Great movie and I was never a trekkie like my friends.

    Chris Pine looked fine, but I would have chosen boxer briefs for him. Underwear of the future! I was so pleased to see a real man, pores and all, not so made up and pretty. And someone mentioned him sitting spread eagle in the captain’s chair – how about later when he was oh-so-cross legged just like the Shatner position, with those cum-hither eyes. Gimme a sequel, please!

  27. Craig says

    Guys, guys, c’mon now. Look at the picture. He’s getting way too excited over down there over the alien. It’s too much apparently to hope he likes guys; apparently we’re all from the wrong planetary system. Sigh.

  28. Davan says

    Ok boys – in case it hasn’t been clarified yet, Mr. Pines’ underwear were actually a pair of the low-rise trunk from the CK Steel collection. They tend to make it look “bulgey”.

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