1. Mike says

    Fine, David…it’s private. But imagine if you had been more open about your life and your sexuality…imagine the people you could have influenced.

    But thanks for coming out about yourself after the damage of Prop 8 took place.

  2. Marty says

    More than a day late, more than a dollar short, and evidently it IS everyone’s business. Better late than never, though. Please, DHP, be more prominent and use your celebrity when this comes back to the ballot box. Let your fans know they are hurting YOU, they are attacking YOUR FAMILY. You have a well known face, USE IT.

  3. Wayne says

    Talk about back-handed compliments… you guys are assholes! I would no more want you on my team than George Bush. The guy is private, as he should be, and he’s right. Who a straight person marries is no one’s business, just as his getting married is no one’s business. It’s no wonder we lost the right to marry in California… you guys beat up on people playing for your own team! Be gratious! Be courageous! Be bold! But more than anything, fight the real enemy! Not one of your brothers!

  4. Mike says

    Wayne: When Gay Marriage is legal in Illinois everybody will know I’m married. Can you imagine if two straight public figures got married and kept their status on the DL? That would be called shame. People would wonder what they have to hide. DHP did not just lead a quiet life, he lead a hidden life. He didn’t talk about his (then) partner when asked during Frasier. He didn’t talk about his partner when he was at Broadway finctions for God’s Sake!

    Give me a break with this nobody’s business shit. He came out only after the barn cught fire.

  5. Another Mike says

    He mentioned his partner when he won the Tony for “Curtains”, in his acceptance speech. If that’s not a Broadway function, I’m not sure what else qualifies.

  6. Wayne says

    Mike, he didn’t come out to YOU or the press. He was already out to his family, friends, co-workers. Just because he’s an actor doesn’t mean his personal life is your business.

  7. Christopher says

    How ridiculous we are as a gay community when we tear down someone who delivers an extremely well-spoken, intelligent response; is well-loved by the public (and what a large group he reached by doing it on The View, by the way); and has the ability to possibly open the mind or begin to change the vote of someone who is uneducated about the gay community.

    We have plenty of issues within our own LGBT community that pit us against each other – positions on “outing”, “straight-acting” champions vs. those who can’t “pass”, trying to understand Log Cabin Republicans, etc. – but couldn’t we – just frigging once – UNIFY OUR INTENT rather than pick each other apart??? Imagine what we could do if we were working together, rejoicing in the fact that another celebrity is adding their voice to our fight, rather than sniping at them.

    I understand and respect the anger; I respect the position you take; I just see our community constantly being so self-destructive, and until we finally learn how to work together, whatever our role or however large or small our voice, we’re never going to get anywhere.

  8. Jeffrey says

    Mike is right. I’ve known DHP was gay for at least 10 years. It wasn’t a huge secret in the gay community in Los Angeles. But middle America didn’t know. Where was his voice before we voted on Prop 8?? He might have made a real difference. I have lived my life as an out actor since 1979. Those of us who have chosen that path probably sacrifice some success in our careers but we are willing to pay that price to be honest about who we are. We never get any credit for it. Everybody focuses on the ones who come out after years of hiding. I have never believed there was any shame in being gay. I am sick of actors and other celebrities coming out AFTER decades in the business and being applauded for their ‘bravery’. Better late than never, sure, but give me a break.

  9. says

    For crying out loud – lately it seems that gay men have gotten so cynical and bitter that they are JUST AS BAD as the bloody hypocrites in the Republican Party!!!

    David Hyde Pierce came out eons ago – Andy mentioned it on this very site. The fact he got married last year is really no one’s business but his own.

    STOP CRYING OVER SOUR GRAPES!!! The reason Prop 8 passed in California is due to laziness, lack of action and lackadaisical attitude and sense of entitlement that now permeates in the GBLT community – especially in California.

    I keep forgetting how superficial our community can be – these comments are a GREAT reminder of what assholes our community can be also.


  10. Matt says

    Caribtony: “The reason Prop 8 passed in California is due to laziness, lack of action and lackadaisical attitude”

    You mean like keeping your life and marriage a secret? I agree.

  11. says

    I’m sorry, but getting married is not a private act for anyone. It’s a public declaration complete with legal document that’s on public file.

    When John Smith marries Mary White they become Mr. and Mrs Smith and are known as such by one and all. Mary White is turned into Mary Smith in the process.

    Of course there have been changes in recent years. Some mary Whites keep their names. Other couples become “Mr. & Mrs. Smith-White.”

    All of this is public.

    I like David Hyde Pierce a lot, and appalud much of what he said on The View.” But his marriage isn’t “no one’s business.”

  12. Matt says

    Lis, how is not being afraid to tell the world you are married considered being an “advocate”? Sorry, is this what straight folk mean when they say “Why do they have to flaunt it in our face”?

  13. Jeffrey says

    Any public figure who is coy, evades or outright lies about being gay does great harm to other GLBT people as well as to themselves.
    Every straight celebrity is asked about their family life, who they are dating, how many years they have been together. We always know they are straight. Gay and Lesbian celebrities maintain that their private life is private. And the media, for the most part complies. Being closeted is the strongest way possible of saying that there is something inherently wrong with being gay. It hurts every GLBT individual, helps contribute to teen suicide and slows our progress towards equality. And it really hurts the closeted person the most. See the brilliant documentary “Outrage” if you haven’t already.

  14. Automotive Enthusiast says

    Like I said last night,this blog is full of bitter ignorant contemptible slobs who have probably done nothing but troll around insulting people on their own team.Its is no wonder we lost the prop 8 battle.Some gay people are just plain obnoxious bitter fags who can dish it out but cant take it.A good number of you are probably 40 or 50 something and still havent grown any pubic hair (figuratively speaking,for those of you who obviously dont have a CLUE).Stop acting like a bunch of little girls who feel like you lost your hello kitty doll and grow the fuck up and admit that we lost because of our general laziness,apathy,lack of organization,and for many of you lacking the capacity of commitment.

    YOU ARE ALL FUCKING IGNORANT.The sad part is that your ignorance really shows when someone calls you out on it because,you rationalize your stupidity by making shit up as you go along.

    Ill tell you this: I dont want bitter homos like you on my side.

    For christ sake its like dealing with a herd of Jackasses.

  15. adamblast says

    So he was half-closeted for years. Give him the break you expect people to give to you. He’s not closeted now.

    Navigating a serious stigma is a tricky business. Few people get it right.

    We could be a hell of a lot nicer to each other.

  16. Katya says

    Jeez people – look, I love DHP to bits…Niles Crane is probably my favorite TV character ever…but I seriously fucking doubt that if he’d made a big show out of his sexuality and his marriage that it would have turned the fucking tide on Prop 8. There are probably plenty of people who voted for the ban who wouldn’t even recognize his name (not everyone watched Frasier!). Stop acting like it would have made some enormous difference.

  17. Jeffrey says

    @Automotive Enthusiast
    Maybe you should try writing about cars cause you aren’t very good at this subject.
    I’m 40 something, volunteered and gave money before, during and after Prop 8. Thousands of us did. There were many mistakes made by the people at the top (mostly having to do with advertising) but Prop 8 didn’t pass because of laziness and apathy on the part of GLBT citizens. Maybe you are projecting.
    The No on 8 campaign raised more money and had more participation than any GLBT political action in the history of our country. It was terrible that we lost, but we won more people to our side than any other state has when fighting for equal marriage rights. Religious people and Republicans are the reason we lost. Check out the data if you don’t believe me.
    Many states have had 70 to 80 percent of voters going against same-sex marriage.
    We had 52%. In a year we will win.
    What do you think you can get in any other state? Massachusetts being the exception.

  18. Andalusian Dog says

    He certainly was out when he mentioned getting married at the Broadway Impact rally in Manhattan, 2 weeks ago.

    Just because you are too obtuse to, I don’t know, read stuff or watch TV shows, doesn’t mean that DHP has not been out. He’s been out for a long time, you just haven’t been paying attention.

  19. Mr. E says

    @Automotive Enthusiast, interesting that you keep blasting Towleroad and the commenters on it as being despicable yet you keep reading and commenting. Follow through with your threat and GO AWAY!

    And Andy Towle, it sucks that Prop 8 was upheld but there is a bigger and more urgent problem in California right now. The Guvanator has threatened to cut funding for ADAP (AIDS Drugs Assistance Program). This program provides HIV drugs to 35,000 people in the state of California. If that stops people will start dying again! Prop 8 sucks but you can’t get married if your DEAD! Some attention this maybe? Thanks!

  20. says

    Folks: We can applaud him for coming out but it’s none of your business whether he did so before or not. He is not put on this earth to live for your benefit, nor you to live for his. Would it have helped? Possibly, in some small way as it does when anyone comes out. But each of us has the right to live for our own sake. We are not sacrificial lambs for the good of others.

  21. Tone says

    Why does the buggery bloody video say “private” when I try to view it? I did search and found another clip elsewhere of the same scene but come on!

    What a delight though to learn that DHP is family! I always thought he was one of those men who was str8 but appeared gay as pink ink. I’ve always liked him!

  22. Frank says


    Marriage, by its nature, is a public commitment. No one has a private marriage. Marriages are a matter of public record. David Hyde-Pierce is a coward.

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