Elisabeth Hasselbeck Thought Michelle Obama Looked Delicious


Elisabeth Hasselbeck's pregnancy cravings are really getting out of hand. Michelle Obama looked so good at TIME's 100 Most Influential People at Lincoln Center in New York that the right-wing View host appeared to want a bite of her.

Kidding aside, Obama was the evening's focus: "And it was a powerful crowd that stood to applaud her entrance,
including fellow honorees Oprah Winfrey, Barbara Walters and her
cohorts from 'The View,' financial analyst Suze Orman, fashion designer
Stella McCartney, and the guys who invented Twitter. Not on the
honoree list but also attending: Diane Sawyer and Charlie Rose. Actors
Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy, Kate Hudson and Liv Tyler. Director Judd
Apatow, 'Saturday Night Live' producer Lorne Michaels, conservative
pundit Ann Coulter. In her speech, Mrs. Obama spoke of the
importance of public service in her own life, and then announced that
the president's budget proposal for next year will include $50 million
to help promote national service and advise nonprofit groups."


She told those gathered: "Our success was made possible with the encouragement of a diligent
parent or teacher, a grandparent who told us we had real talent, an
older sibling who paved the way and set a good example, a scholarship
or grant that created an unexpected opportunity, or a neighbor or
community leader who told us to dream big. That's certainly
been the case in my own life…As global leaders, let's not underestimate the power each of us has to
change the world for someone -– and let us not be afraid to try."


  1. Michael says

    Maybe we elected the wrong Obama as president? I find that I have ben far more inspired by Michelle’s examples/speeches/diplomacy/manners than her husband’s over the past 100+ days.

  2. Chitown Kev says

    The First Lady just SHITTED for this dress and the hair (that’s a complement for those here that are ebonically challenged!).

  3. Ed says

    Micheal, that is sure easy to say. While I totally admire and respect Michelle and think she has done a fantastic job so far as first lady, you try and deal with all of the things President Obama is facing now and see how you do.

    It is so easy to criticize and think you or someone else can do better. While you sit back and complain he has to deal with unpopular or difficult challenges. I think he has done a brilliant job in his first hundred days. Yes, he does have a lot more to do, like on lgbt issues, but he was left a mess so give him some time or get off your butt and do something. He can’t wave a magic wand. Also, it isn’t all up to him, there is Congress that can do things as well. While we need to keep his feet to the fire, we need to also acknowledge how much he has done in just a short time.

    I am very glad we have both Barack and Michelle Obama in the White House.

  4. patrick nyc says

    I agree with you ED. He spoke so well at his 100 day press conference that all I could think of was how awkward W Bush was. The man would give one liner’s and then do that stupid chuckle of his.

  5. troschne says

    It’s really a shame that Barbara or Joy didn’t take the opportunity to kick Hasselbitch off of that landing–if I were Michelle Obama, I would have pulled out my shiv and cut that bitch–what a frigging phony. On any given day, Elizabeth wouldn’t have Nice Thing 1 to say about Mrs. Obama, but by God, she looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her hate-filled mouth in that pic. I can’t stand that twat.

  6. DaveO says

    Michelle looks great in darker colors. Though anything is better than that god-awful bedsheet she wore at the inauguration ball.

  7. jimmyboyo says

    daveo I have to disagree

    Not on the inaugral gown = it was gross

    But on dark colors. Black skin always looks best bedecked in white, blue, yellow, pastels. The lgihter colors and black skin go so well together that browns and black garments for black skin should be banned. Where as caucasian skin generally doesn’t pull off lighter colors well at all unless with a good tan.

  8. Jim says

    There are certain women who make anything they wear look good. The First Lady is one of those women.
    But, how could Ann Coulter make the list. I could have given them 100 other wingnuts to put before her.

  9. Paul says

    Michelle looks great, but wrote: “you try and deal with all of the things President Obama is facing now and see how you do.”

    We are citizens; he is the president. It’s not supposed to be a job that anyone can do…I’m pretty unimpressed by Obama’s first 100 days. Particularly his stimulus bill. FDR built the Hoover Dam and hundreds of other monuments and public works, Eisenhower built our nations highways and freeways. Obama’s legacy? Forgettable earmarks and some abstract ‘green jobs’. Plus all the silly gaffes…bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia, appearing elated at the sight of Hugo Chavez, an I-Pod for the Queen of England pre-loaded with videos of himself! And also the whole threat from N. Korean and a dissolving Pakistan.

  10. Chitown Kev says


    Uh, and Michelle Obama should absolutely burn that dress she wore on election night, I have to be honest.

    And I do think that 100 days is a little too soon to be talking about Barack Obama’s legacy, esp. since you are putting that legacy up against a President that served 3 full terms in office and another president who served 2 full terms in office.

  11. jimmyboyo says


    as an unabashed socialist I wish obama went more left and gung ho on public works like FDR

    But one could argue that as a black man he must be more moderate. As centrist as he is a new poll shows more than 1/3 of repubs and southerners wanting to seceede from the union. It isn’t over tax cuts no matter how much tax cuts make them wet.

    I wish Obama wasn’t as centrist and safe as he is playing it but he might have no other choice.

  12. DaveO says


    God, I’d already blocked that bizarre election night dress from my memory. Looked like she’d been shot in the chest. Or maybe it was some double-reverse bikini or something.


    I’d have to disagree. I’m not sure if it has to do with her skin color or not, but I’ve seen her in pinks and yellows and white and it doesn’t seem to work. Keeps the focus too strongly on her face and hair and you forget that there’s more. Black and purple really spread the focus around, drawing attention to her stunning figure, so it also works best when it’s more tight-fitting.

  13. Kid Not So Fresh says

    Another room full of rich people congratulating themselves on how splendid they all are. Barf.

  14. Mico Beale says

    That’s photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders in the photo. Is he going to be the first male host of The View?

  15. Ed says

    Paul, I’m very unimpressed by your comment. It is full of embarrassing Republican/right wing talking points that are mostly wrong. Come back with the truth and then we can have a discussion of Obama’s first 100 days.

  16. Whit says

    Hey Ed,

    Obama VOTED FOR the financial mess he claims he “inherited” from Bush. Do your damned research.