First Look: Kerry Degman Behind-the-Scenes for A/X Underwear

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Kerry Degman is repped by Major Model Management.

The underwear campaign was shot by Matthew Scrivens. It was shot on the beach at Islamorada in the Florida Keys. The campaign was styled by Victoria Bartlett (Management Artist), hair
by Neil Moodie (Tim Howard), Make-up by Mark Carrasquillo (Art and
Commerce) and created by an in-house team under the direction of Tom
Jarrold (SVP Global Marketing and Creative for A|X).


  1. Jim says

    Thank you, Towleroad and Armani Exchange, for this amazing feature on Kerry Degman! He is both refreshing and heart stopping at the same time! Please keep giving us these special “first looks” of him and others!

  2. jimmyboyo says

    Is it strange that I am more turned on by the ocean, sand, coconut palm, and red mangrove in the pics and vid?

  3. Michael says

    My pants feel very funny after that video. Jeez that boy is pretty. He just needs to NOT talk.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    they’re beautiful boys-i’m just not a fan of tighty whities.

    tighty whities?

    Watch you mouth, ALGUIEN, you’ll be branded a black racist on this blog like me….even if you aint black. He aint tight. He’s a sexy white boy…leave him be.


    it’s time for a vacation. That boy’s stuff is more exciting than the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian & Artic all put together, baby.

  5. jason Kanner says

    Can you please credit his agency, MAJOR MODELS…also the photographer for the underwear ads is MATTHEW SCRIVENS( who appears in the video). Thank you

    Jason KANNER

  6. Paul R says

    Am I the only one who sees more than a touch of the Beckham Armani campaign here? The buzzed head and especially the pose in the third thumbnail make it look very similar.

    Not that I’m complaining.

  7. Contrarian says

    The line between modeling for legitimate products or services and hard core porn having been erased years ago, I find it difficult to take male models seriously. Nowadays it seems they are simply cleaned up versions of their porn brothers doing only slightly less salacious fare. Ah for the days when it was all about the cut and drape of luxurious fabric and the genius of the designer and the model was just a handsome mannequin.

  8. Jesse says

    In my opinion,
    the previous campaign with Clint Mauro was of much higher quality.
    It was directed by Tom Jarrold, as well
    (SVP Marketing and Creative for A|X).
    The model is cute (in a generic sense), the photography’s beautiful, the location is o.k.;
    but I think what bothers me are his awkward poses. His right hand on his right knee (at the top of the page) is killing me. Kerry Degman is more Sean Cody than Armani.

  9. Jere says

    Why Am I not in the keys for this shoot?

    I could have showed Kerry how to catch Lobster and helped him with the Lotion Sweet!

    I have a standing invitation For Kerry to visit Orlando and take me too to the keys next time Peace Jere

  10. R. says

    He ain’t no Chad White. But whatever. He looks better in person than in photographs. He looks “special” in photographs.

  11. Rad says

    Every time I see a body like that I just wanna smack my folks for the crappy genetics I’m stuck with.

  12. Wolfy says

    Wow, all those credits under the picture … is there any research on how much money was wasted, errr spent, on this to sell underware? And a video no less to further hype the campaign … are you kidding?! Please add in those production costs too, and the cost of the billboard, so that I can subtract all the amounts spent from the cost of a pair to find out that they’re really only worth 69 cents. Yes, that monetary amount was chosen on purpose as I don’t need underwear ads to get me to think about sex! And wow, all this from a country at war!

    Mankind is the final form of evolution.

  13. douche says

    Will Jason Kanner please shut up???
    We all know he is a MM product and you are so desperately trying to live in the sliver of light Kerry casts with his beauty.
    Go smoke some other MM pole and leave Kerry to be his own bright shining star!

  14. Mikey says

    Yummy and Delicious. Really sportin those unders well. Makes me want to go out and trade in my FTLs for Armani