1. Naha says

    That is quite possibly the worst video I have ever seen.

    Dull, cheap, ugly, pointless, and completely unrelated to the song.

    A homeless person with a Flip Mino and iMovie could do better.

  2. Dan says

    LOL I’m a diehard PSB fan and I agree — the video suuuucks. And they are descending into cliche… the bowler hat is idiotic. Don’t you think Neil looks like a child molester?

    In all truth the song should be sung by a much younger act.

  3. brian says

    aw-uh-huh. they are the rogers and hammerstein of current pop, yet the videography has always been kinda dodgy. loved the J&MC back in the day, but come on! With all the great talent out there, it’s hard to believe that PSBs settled but such a mundane, blah video. sorry – but not something worth a bookmark or share out)

  4. Michael C. says

    I can’t wait until you all get old and DO NOTHING because you think people are “too old” to do anything.

    I’m 25, btw… I’m just aware that I won’t always be.

    Go on with you bad selves Neil and Chris! No one does it like you do.

  5. Paul R says

    Love the album, love the PSBs, but this isn’t the next single I would have chosen and the video is repetitive and lifeless. Their videos used to be almost consistently amazing…if videos are dead, they shouldn’t have bothered making this one. I can’t see it attracting new fans or engaging old ones.

  6. paul c says

    “A homeless person with a Flip Mino and iMovie could do better.”

    That’s the same thing I thought when I watched that Josh & Josh movie on here a couple of weeks ago.

  7. jason says

    What have we gotten from the Pet Shop Boys in the last 15 years or so? Camp stares? I can do without camp stares. They belong in a bygone era where homosexuality was telegraphed in the form of camp stares and teapot poses.

  8. Paul R says

    The Josh & Josh short had a lot more going for it than this video. A whole lot more.

    And Jason, I agree with you a bit, but not entirely. The bored stares and static performances of the PSBs have left me tired—artists need to adjust and refine their art from time to time. But they still sometimes make great music (especially when producing other people; see Disco 4, easily one of my favorite CDs from them even though they have only two songs on it). And I thank you for introducing the term teapot pose to my vocabulary.

  9. Ric says

    Why does a video have to be a knock-down, dragged out production? Why can’t it just be a simple video with the artists singing? I like it for its minimalism. BTW if you’ve seen them live you’d know that Neil doesn’t move or dance during the entire show. They hire eye candy go-go boys for that and it’s much appreciated.

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