1. nickbilz says

    what the hell is up with these adds? there are like 5 going off at the same time squawking about spots and candles. i would mute my computer but then couldn’t hear my iTunes. can you fix this Andy?

    oh, and the pics above are great 😉

  2. DanDude says

    “Landed” means that they own the land themselves, as opposed to just working on it. I honestly think that makes it even hotter – give me the hot farmer over the farmhand any day!

  3. Critifur says

    Landed obviously mean they own the land they farm.

    I second the complaint about the EXTREMELY unpleasant ads, five to a page, all playing an individual soundtrack all at once. That plus the slowest loading time of any website out there would put me off reading Towleroad once and for all. Seriously Andy, please change this.

  4. alguien says

    i THIRD the complaint about the fucking ads. they are VERY, VERY loud and having 2 or 3 VERY LOUD ads blaring at me simultaneously is really annoying.

  5. Crash says

    I don’t know what ads you are all complaining about. I don’t hear any. But, I also use Firefox to surf the web with the adblocker activated, it pretty much blocks 90% of ad content on any site (Sorry Andy, I know that is how you make your money) and the site loads pretty quickly for me. There is a slight delay on the main page with the video player there, but other than that, not too slow.

  6. Nino says

    This makes me so happy that they are real and sexy men, but don’t have these “perfect” bodies, with every muscle defined.
    THESE men are TRULY hot.
    I wish there were more of them around in the gay community… :-/

  7. titus says

    where were they when i visited the region? i spent a week camping in the lauterbruin valley, climbing out of my tent each morning looking straight up at mountains. the air was sooo clean, like wine. i haven’t made it back yet, but i hope too. it was the most beautiful area in switzerland i visited. thanks for the memories.

  8. Paul R says

    I hear/see no ads either. Guess it depends on the browser.

    In Europe “landed” doesn’t just mean they own the land, but that they inherited it and it’s been in their family for a while. The whole “landed gentry” concept, though most of the gentry never did a thing to the land.

  9. says

    I’m conflicted- as a Gay man, I’m all “cool, sexy farmy guys”, but as an entomologist I’m more “handling hay bales shirtless is a great way to get infested with Scabies mites…”

  10. nic says

    the kid with the kid (goat) is precious. but seriously ANDY, fix the download time on your site. i love what you do, but i don’t love how you do it. fix it already. i have the patience of Job, but many do not.

  11. paul c says

    Seriously, Andy, if you’re getting paid for all the slow shit on the right side of this site, that’s great. But if you have stuff over there that makes every page view ridiculously slow and cluttered, ditch it!

    I don’t know if you get paid for the “jiglu” and “evri” and “widget”, or what the fuck their purpose is, but they’re crap as far as I’m concerned.

    Does Peter Walsh need to come in with a crew from Oprah to help you de-clutter your site? Is there such a disorder as internet hoarding?

  12. says

    ClickToFlash for Safari stops Flash ads in their tracks!

    That said, TR almost always gives me an error or two, or the page never finishes loading. But I don’t get no bleedin’ blaring ads.

  13. Paul R says

    Google Chrome is a fantastic browser for avoiding long delays. And if you do a lot of searches, it’s fantastic because you can just type the information into the URL area. It doesn’t work with all systems and software, but I like it way better than IE or Firefox (!).

    No I do not work for Google.

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