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News: Jon Huntsman, Ethiopia, Katy Perry, Hubble, Ethan Zohn

 roadWashington Governor Christine Gregoire would like to see a marriage equality bill on her desk. SIGNS "everything but marriage" law.

Mayer  roadJohn Mayer in lipstick assault.

 roadThe Pool: Inside a White House photo-op

 roadAFP on the secret life of gays in Ethiopia: "Under its penal code, the very act itself can bring three years behind bars. And if the offender 'makes a profession of such activities' the penalty rises to up to five years. The law also seeks a maximum sentence of up to ten years if any kind of coercion is involved. Yet, there are calls for more stringent rules against the homosexual community whose exact size is impossible to determine due to fears of repression."

 roadColorado conservatives see "chipping away of legal barriers" to civil unions.

 roadHollywood Reporter: Taking Woodstock a "solid but minor" Ang Lee film.

 roadPolitical masterstroke? Obama nominates Utah Governor Jon Huntsman as ambassador to China.

 roadKaty Perry's Adam Lambert cape censored on iTunes.

 roadObama names lesbian Jenny Durkan for U.S. attorney: "Obama himself said that all six of his nominees for U.S. Attorney 'have distinguished themselves as fair, tenacious and respected attorneys throughout their careers in both public and private service.'  And Gov. Gregoire had this to say: 'I am so pleased the Obama administration also recognizes Jenny's leadership and experience, and nominated her for this important position.  I hope the Senate will act quickly on the nomination to confirm her.'"

Hubble  roadA commentary on the NASA TV live feed of the Hubble repair: "One of the striking things, watching the astronauts work, is how slowly everything goes. They move slowly, slowly, slowly, like fish in glycerin. They can barely bend their hands to grasp tools because of all the pressure keeping them alive inside their suits."

 roadFormer Survivor winner Ethan Zohn battling cancer: "On April 30, Zohn was diagnosed with stage two Hodgkin's disease. The diagnosis came after months of unexplained itching and night sweats, originally thought to be a skin condition."

 roadMadonna denies that she's planning to hold Kabbalah ccommitment ceremony with Brazilian boytoy Jesus Luz.

Pine  roadChris Pine demonstrates the wonders of gold-digging for the paparazzi.

 roadFirst record to be released on Justin Timberlake's record label TenMan gets some vocal help from Timberlake himself.

 roadMale model fix: Todd Sanfield.

 roadConyers on Obama: "Why is he becoming so conservative now that he's got the job?"

 roadNew strategy against AIDS involves insertion of a gene that produces protective antibodies: "The new method worked in mice and now has proved successful in monkeys, too, they reported Sunday in the online edition of the journal Nature Medicine...That doesn't mean an AIDS vaccine for people is in the wings, Johnson said. Years of work may lie ahead before a product is ready for human use."

 roadIowa attorney: risks paid off in marriage case. "Was the case winnable? Would it pose a security risk to the firm? Would other clients disapprove and take their business elsewhere?The firm's senior lawyers discussed the concerns, Johnson said, but quickly gave him the go-ahead. Over the next several years, Johnson estimates his firm poured roughly $500,000 into research, travel, and other expenses for the case."

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  1. Obama really needs to stop pandering to the Republicans and trying to prove how bipartisan he is. It just makes him seem insecure.

    Obama is screwing his presidency up, and I'm willing to bet that he won't be reelected in 2012.

    Posted by: Eric | May 18, 2009 5:00:31 PM

  2. Ok - there's a weird Madonna conspiracy and everytime I try to comment ANYWHERE about this, it doesn't get posted. Even on Madonna fan sites! Anyhooters: Madonna and Jesus are SO NOT AN ITEM PEOPLE! He is actually Steven Klein's boyfriend (for a while) and they are all playing a great big joke on everyone. I heard it from the cat's caboodle.

    Posted by: Rami | May 18, 2009 5:31:12 PM

  3. Proud to be a Washington State-ian today. If you want to donate to the pro-equality camp, go to:

    You can laugh at the somewhat pathetic, if still dangerous, opposition: You can call (360-631-1894) or write the man behind the opposition (Larry Stickney). I'm pretty certain the phone number is still Stickney's mobile phone, so don't be afraid to call and chat or leave him a long message. Don't be rude, just let him know why he's off base.


    Posted by: David R. | May 18, 2009 5:34:45 PM

  4. "Don't be rude"

    My ass!

    "just let him know why he's off base"

    He's off base because HE'S A BIGOT, a "dangerous" one per your own characterization, and our pansyass fear of being called "rude" ...but "FAGGOT" and "CHILD MOLESTOR" is one of the main reasons we are still having to fight for equality 40 fucking years after Stonewall.

    Grow a pair!

    Posted by: Leland Frances | May 18, 2009 5:47:44 PM

  5. Obama's choice of Jon Huntsman for ambassador to China is not pandering to the Republicans. Jon Huntsmand speak fluent Chinese, has an adopted chinese daughter and has been an ambassador to Singapore before becoming governor of Utah. Jon Hunstman probably would have posed one of the biggest threats to Obama in 2012, and now he will be too busy being the ambassador to China to run. Huntsman also did not have to accept the position. Ironic that by sending him to China as an Ambassador he brings to mind Sun Tzu's Art of War " keep your friends close and your enemies closer"

    Posted by: Jon 92027 | May 18, 2009 6:06:26 PM

  6. First off, Todd Sanfield is just about the most perfect male specimen I've ever seen. The only words to describe him are 'holy crap'!

    Second, it was sad to hear about Ethan Zohn. I hope he's going to be okay. I'm glad he has a girl friend to give him support.

    Posted by: David in Houston | May 18, 2009 6:34:32 PM

  7. It looks as though Chris Pine knew the paparazzi were photographing him, and he was having a little fun... either way, he can pick his nose any time, as long as he washes his hands haha...

    Posted by: CJ | May 18, 2009 8:17:33 PM

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