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News: Van Gogh, Greece, Dom DeLuise, Quebec, 911, Supreme Court

 roadTwo arrests made in Oakland Park anti-gay assaults: "Victor Gonzalez, 21, and Pargu Leandro, 25, both of Deerfield Beach, were jailed in connection with the April 6 early morning attack that left Craig Cohen, 47, on life support and caused severe head injuries to David Villanova, 27. Gonzalez and Leandro each face attempted murder, battery and robbery charges" Background.

Vangogh  roadTurns out Gauguin may have cut off Van Gogh's ear, and may also have been seriously infatuated with him.

 roadTeen arrested for swearing on 911 during emergency call for her seizing father.

 roadActor Dom DeLuise dies at 75.

 roadOpenly gay Iraq veteran Anthony Woods running for Ellen Tauscher's seat in Congress.

 roadVandals strike gay community center in Burlington, Vermont.

 roadLittle Britain to be feature film for Ben Stiller's production company Red Hour: "Creators & stars Matt Lucas and David Walliams have just finished penning a script for the film that sets the action in Las Vegas. 'We’re really happy with it, but the whole film project is still kind of dependent on how much we can raise our profiles in America' says Walliams."

 roadPolitico on Obama and the consideration of a lesbian Supreme Court Justice. But did we already have one?

Lambertoil  roadVote for the Worst is holding an auction to benefit Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society. One of the items is a painting of Adam Lambert.

 roadFake memoirist James Frey has a "secret" about Oprah Winfrey, lost passage suggests.

 roadDavid Ogden Stiers (Major Charles Winchester from M*A*S*H): I'm gay.

 roadClassified. White House has no plans to release NYC Air Force One flyover photos: "So we're not gonna see the fruits of this cruel joke?"

 roadRebellious Iowa counties stir up opposition to marriage equality, call for resolution.

 roadWriter-performer Mario Baldessari "sets out to slam bigotry" in D.C. production of Fat Gay Jew.

 roadAll the outfits at the MET's Costume Institute Gala.

Tilos  roadGreek court rules same-sex weddings held on the island of Tilos last June invalid: "We will appeal within May ... but I fear the appeal court's decision won't be different, considering how conservative Greek courts are."

 roadPaula Abdul's new single, "Here for the Music".

 roadCurly-haired pigs.

 roadCarrie Prejean gives Joe.My.God the tweet of death.

 roadQuebec government supports LGBT seniors with $500,000 in projects: "Marguerite Blais, the cabinet minister responsible for seniors, and representatives of the gay and lesbian communities made the announcement in Montreal today. The new initiatives are centred around education campaigns that highlight the isolation felt by many homosexual seniors.Laurent McCutcheon of the gay helpline Gai Ecoute says homosexuality is taboo in many institutions which serve the elderly, leading many Quebec seniors to hide their sexual orientation. Blais says her support for the projects came after statements made during Quebec-wide public consultations in 2008 on issues facing the elderly."

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  1. i don't think it's ever been a particularly deep, dark secret that david ogden stiers was gay. i had the opportunity to meet him once when i was an apprentice player at the san diego shakespeare festival (he was riding a skateboard around the lawn!) and even then he set off my 19 year old gaydar. he was perfectly charming to chat with.

    Posted by: alguien | May 5, 2009 3:59:19 PM

  2. Yeah, Ogden Stiers played a very prissy character on MASH. Can't say this is a surprise, but I'm glad he felt comfortable revealing it and didn't take it to his grave.

    As for James Frey: hack.

    As for Gauguin and Van Gogh, I believe that Van Gogh was obsessed with Gauguin. The wording above suggests the opposite. Though it seems like a tempestuous relationship in both directions.

    Posted by: Paul R | May 5, 2009 5:24:24 PM

  3. What are folks' thoughts on whether or not Dom DeLuise (R.I.P.) was gay? I'm not sure myself.

    Posted by: Joel | May 5, 2009 5:33:32 PM

  4. @Joel - I think DeLuise was outed by The Globe or some other tabloid back in the early 90's.

    Poor Oprah...she has very questionable judgement when it comes to people she promotes on her program -- James Frey, of course, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Phil, Barack Obama, Rhonda Byrne - author of The Secret...and giving a talk show to Rachel Ray. Wow. Not a great track record.

    Posted by: paul c | May 5, 2009 5:52:36 PM

  5. Gay or not, it should be known that DeLuise has three adult sons, all of whom are TV and film actors in Hollywood. Did he come out as gay or was The Globe blowing smoke?

    Posted by: Julius | May 5, 2009 6:09:13 PM

  6. An African American running for Congress in the conservative "soccer mom" environs of Contra Costa County? And he's gay too?

    If he actually manages to pull this off, then change really has come to America.

    Posted by: John in CA | May 5, 2009 6:10:15 PM

  7. Regarding the gay supreme court justice -- I thought it was a link to a story on David Souter.

    @Julius - I would imagine we'll be hearing more about Deluise's life soon. I tend to believe the story because he was part of that whole Burt Reynolds group with Jim Nabors, Dinah Shore and Charles Nelson Riley. There seemed to be a pattern among Reynold's friends.

    Posted by: paul c | May 5, 2009 6:24:56 PM

  8. Sometimes madness is just,well, insanity or if you prefer, twisted genius. Must everything be about unrequited homoerotic longing? Judging by his art, and his sojourn in the South Seas, Gauguin showed zero sexual interest in men. As for Van Gogh, I don't think we will ever know.

    Now on that actor from "MASH", the real question is why Hollywood then and now feels a need to make WASP males prissy martinets,(Frasier, anyone?). Stereotyping other ethnic groups is a big no-no, and should be. On this and until recently, on LGBT issues,the Hollywood crowd had a double standard.

    Posted by: Contrarian | May 6, 2009 11:16:51 PM

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