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News: Nevada, Chace Crawford, Finland, David Mixner, Real World

 roadNew Yorkers for marriage equality: what you can do.

 roadSame-sex marriage opponents in New York underfinanced, disorganized...

Goose  roadWhiffling: Goose photographed flying upside-down.

 roadChace Crawford is the new Kevin Bacon.

 roadHe's a new housemate on The Real World: Cancun, and he's gay.

 roadNevada Governor Gibbons says he will veto Domestic Partner bill. Spokesman: "The governor believes that government has no business in your medicine chest or your bedroom. He also believes there are existing contracts that can be created, so no change to the law is needed. If there are people who want to be domestic partners, they can do so under existing laws. He is also mindful of the fact that voters of this state on two occasions have said that marriage is between a man and a woman, and it's part of our Constitution."

Pattinson  roadRobert Pattinson joins 'Bel Ami'.

 roadJoseph Gordon Levitt looks like a serial killer.

 roadUniversal Gear store in Washington D.C. hit by gang robbery and caught on camera.

 roadHarmony Printing: Toronto-based printing company refuses to publish gay-themed graphic novel because they "have a lot of long standing clients who are religious organizations."

Pansies  roadPansies planted in Liverpool in memory of murdered gay teen Michael Causer. Pansy Project: "The pansy was the perfect choice. Tackling the gay connotations it carries in an ironic way, but also its name translates in French as 'To pause or think' which is exactly what we hope people will do when viewing these plants."

 roadSan Antonio police investigating derogatory remarks to lesbian couple during home raid: "The women, Lindsey and Carol, had been at home for the evening when police charged through the door advising, 'We have a warrant.' Evidently, a warrant had been issued after an anonymous informant who had been assisting the SAPD for over 2 years claimed that a man named 'Randy' had been seen with methamphetamine in the home. Unfortunately, after the police entered the house, they allegedly made several lewd and derogatory comments about the couple including many references to their sexual orientation.

 roadMichael Jackson postpones first dates of his tour.

Gosling  roadRyan Gosling is a blue valentine.

 roadFinland allows gay adoption.

 roadGeorgia school says 'bullycide' victim Jaheem Herrera was not bullied.

 roadDavid Mixner calls for March on Washington: "My plea is for our LGBT leaders to call a March on Washington for Marriage Equality this November and if they won't do it, I appeal to our young to come together and provide the leadership."

 roadOklahoma Governor signs bill allowing Ten Commandments monument on state Capitol grounds: "Groups including Americans United for Separation of Church and State and the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty had both encouraged Henry, a member of First Baptist Church in Shawnee, Okla., to veto the bill on the principle of separation of church and state."

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  1. Yes! A March on Washington in November! or October for NCOD (and better weather)?

    Let's get the show on the road! I think there's a lot of energy that should be tapped and show to mainstream 'merica.

    Posted by: David R. | May 20, 2009 5:38:02 PM

  2. Sad to see Nevada continue to be so gay unfriendly.
    Those San Antonio police appear to be fucking idiots. No wonder people question authority when assholes make these kinds of mistakes. Pathetic.

    Posted by: SFshawn | May 20, 2009 6:19:05 PM

  3. It's weird, the average person in Nevada doesn't seem to be anti-anything. This is a very leave us alone type of place. However, our government is chock full of Mormons and other right wing types. It doesn't help that we sorely lack in leadership in ur LGBT community. After I was verbally gay bashed at our government center last week, only two LGBT leaders reached out to me. Our city council members, on the other hand called me right away. Until we get effective leadership at our local LGBT center we will continue to be second class citizens here.

    Posted by: Derek Washington | May 20, 2009 8:49:17 PM

  4. I was there on October 14, 1979, as a questioning young teen. I was there on October 11, 1987, as an out, loud and proud gay man. I will be there in 2009, as a defiantly queer gent.

    Posted by: bading | May 20, 2009 10:01:09 PM

  5. I still am amazed at how ignorant the average joe can be in Oklahoma. They tend to be so unbelievably unrealistic in their opinions and how they lead their lives, with so many of them using "The Bible" to explain or, more commonly, to excuse their surreal behaviors. You have local, state and national legislators who ignore basic tenets of US governmental and Constitutional rules, amazingly daft and "blind" public educators who forget that they aren't in a private institution, and private institution educators who refuse to allow open or atleast thoughtful discussions about issues in their classrooms. As a former resident, and a person who will only go back there for funerals (how sad-it is a uniquely beautiful part of our union), I can tell you that twenty-five years later there are still giant parts of my life, and so many others, that are damaged beyond fixing due to the negligence and ignorance that fosters such cruelty and stupidity in this state. Hail to the Baptists and other newly minted sects of Christianity in Oklahoma-you are quickly gaining ground on Utah as the Ground Zero for craziness and unqualified spokespersons for "progress" in this great nation. At the least, I am proud for them that they have the right to bask in and loudly reiterate their ignorance insomuch as I have the right to call them on it, and to not have to live in such a backwards and hate/fear filled state.
    I miss my friends from there, but don't miss having to live in fear of my safety because I'm from New Jersey, moved to Oklahoma from Wisconsin, I'm Irish-Scottish-English-Canadian heritage, I'm short and out of shape, Jewish and gay. Only if I were a felon would I face tougher challenges in that state. And if I were a felon without being a Northerner, a Jew or Gay, it would be a lot easier for me there, though I still wouldn't want to be there.
    Enough sour grapes, at least the heritage of Native American abuse overwhelms my small gripes. That collar will never be shaken from the State of Oklahoma, and so many other states. But that too is yet another subject for another discussion.
    Maybe gay Native Americans from New jersey............

    Posted by: david beam | May 21, 2009 3:25:07 AM

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