News: Singapore, Sam Adams, Cubs, Matthew Mitcham, GI Joe

 roadSingapore women's group AWARE votes out anti-gay fundamentalist leaders in dramatic seven hour stand-off. Background.

Paddick roadBritain's former top cop and London mayoral candidate Brian Paddick to front campaign encouraging same-sex couples to hold hands in public: "The photos are being used to create a same-sex love map of the
world. David Watkins, the group's founder, said: 'Hand holding is a simple,
liberating gesture that is essential to our communities' health,
visibility, and respect.'" Site: A Day in Hand.

 roadThousands of Cubs fans go deaf at Wrigley Field.

 roadLog Cabin Republicans making gains in NY assembly on marriage equality.

Mitcham  roadMatthew Mitcham exits Mexico City as swine flu escalates.

 roadEl Salvador in last minute gay rights ban: "After weeks of public debate and protest, El Salvador’s Legislative
Assembly approved an amendment to the constitution to ban marriage
between same-sex couples and same-sex couples’ ability to adopt a
child.  This amendment was proposed in the final hours of the current
Legislative Assembly session, which ends April 30th."

 roadL.A. Times: Same-sex marriages gradually gaining legal ground.

 roadEiffel Tower destroyed in trailer for G.I. Joe: The Movie with Channing Tatum, Dennis Quaid.

Johnwaters  roadLoving: this self-portrait of Provincetown resident and filmmaker John Waters at Ptown's McMillan Wharf.

 roadMarc Jacobs to marry in Provincetown.

 roadDog food vs paté? No difference, much of the time.

 roadThe Oregonian calls on Portland Mayor Sam Adams to resign in wake of recent investigations: "An investigation by The Oregonian's Ryan Frank and Brent Walth raised
the questions, in a story published Friday, of whether the encounter
took place earlier in the year and what it really amounted to. Whether
that is the center of the AG's investigation remains to be seen, as
does whether any of the conduct described, implied or suspected adds up
to criminality." Phone calls

 roadMale model fix: Joey Kirchner.

Westwicked  roadEd Westwick works up a sweat.

 roadMissouri state senator Jolie Justus weds her partner in Iowa.

 roadManohla Dargis memo to Hollywood: "Enough with the gay slurs, the gay baiting, imitating, limp-wristing, so-not-funny lisping — in other words, enough with the hating…Try this simple test: Every time you feel the need to mock or denigrate gay men or lesbians, replace that joke with an equally vicious dig about African-Americans or Jews. Doesn’t sound so funny anymore, does it?"

 roadLast week in holy crimes

 roadMiss California: Redefining breasts for the rest of us.

 roadObama appoints lesbian to become Assistant Secretary, Administration on Aging, at HHS.

 roadAKA accidental wood.

 roadSweeps warning issued to cottagers: "Sweeps is the time local
media often finds itself in bed with the cops to carry out sting
operations of men cruising for sex. Just last week we got a report from
a Bakersfield, California location where one customer saw not just cop
cars and a cop van parked outside, but also a news van for a local
television station. I'm sure it was a joint sting in which the media
gets to film and photograph those men cops arrest. In fact, I would not
be surprised to learn a reporter instigated the whole thing, asking the
police to come along so they could get some good footage."


  1. NoSleep4Sam says

    While I am no fan of the current Miss Cali., and found it suprising, but not shocking, that her breasts were paid for by someone else, I really don’t think there should be so many postings about them, especially on the same day as Amanda Lepore’s equally illgotten implants (whose video I thought was awesome, btw; the song notsomuch).

  2. Michael says

    NOSLEEP4SAM, Amanda Lepore isn’t trying hold herself above anybody else. Miss CA has set herself up as spokesperson for what is ‘right’.

  3. Leland Frances says

    Helen. Helen! Wake up! Big Chief Fierce Advocate just offered another lesbian a job and this one he didn’t filch from that 16-yr. old list of Clinton’s gay hires.

    FILCH! Not “felch.”

    Did you throw out the Fairey poster yet? NO! Not the “fairy” poster, the FairEy poster!

    Really, Helen. No more martoonies with your lunchtime BLT. Not B&D! BLT!!!!!!!!!

  4. bcarter3 says

    From the Matthew Mitcham article: “We got tested before we got on the plane in Mexico and were all asymptomatic,” Mitcham said. “I would have to pash you for you to get it.”

    Non-Australians should know that “pash” is Aussie slang for “tongue kiss.” Totally worth it….

  5. alex in boston says

    OMG! is hilarious for posting all those wonderful and christ-like followers doing what they do best – screwing the masses!! Please keep that link going (obviously he does this weekly)! it’s great ammo to use against “them” !! :-)

  6. 24play says

    Oh my God, Leland! Obama appointed a dyke to head the Administration on Aging! It’s like he’s appointed your own personal lesbian ambassador! You must be so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. B&J says

    24! I’ve been wanting to ask you, someone so close to the source: what exactly does Obama’s shit taste like?


    Rocky Road?

    Fudge Brownie?

    Barried Treasure?

    Cinnamon Buns?

    Chicago Super Fudge Chunk?

    Do you have one of those miner lights on your head while it’s up there so you can see to type?

    Everytime I see his big smile, I think “24 must be humming up there again.” Something like Nearer My God To Thee or Blessed ASSurance or Hole-y Hole-y Hole-y or A Mighty Anus Is Our God or How Great Thou Fart…all your greatest hits.

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