Eminem and Elton John Still BFFs

 In an interview with the Detroit Metro Times, Eminem calls Elton John frequently for advice:

Eminem"I talk to Elton a lot. We became
friends and I talk to him about things, career wise. And he had a substance abuse problem in the past.
So when I first wanted to get sober, I called him and spoke to him about it because, you know, he's somebody
who's in the business and can identify and relate to the lifestyle and how hectic things can be. He
understands like the pressure and any other reasons that you wanna come up with for doing drugs,
you know.
Me and him have had similar lives and stuff. So I reached out to him and
told him, 'Look, I'm going through a problem and I need your advice.'"

Elton John and Eminem's collaboration at the 2001 Grammys drew criticism from GLAAD because of Eminem's homophobic lyrics. At the time, GLAAD release a statement saying it was ''appalled that John would share the stage with Eminem, whose words and
actions promote hate and violence [against gays and lesbians]."


  1. jack says

    yeah, well those “douches” are two of the best and most talented songwriters, and in john’s case, entertainers of their respective generations.

    perhaps their personal lives have been, and might remain, trainwrecks, but mathers has more than justified john’s support. i wish them both well, and most of all i wish for them maintained sobriety.

  2. Wes says

    I’m ready to make everyone’s throats ache.
    You faggots keep egging me on till I have you at knife point,
    then you beg me to stop?”

    Some bitch asked for my autograph
    I called her a whore, spit beer in her face and laughed
    I drop bombs like I was in Vietnam
    All bitches is ho’s, even my stinkin’-ass mom

    My little sister’s birthday, she’ll remember me
    For a gift I had ten of my boys take her virginity
    And bitches know me as a horny-ass freak
    Their mother wasn’t raped, I ate her pussy while she was ‘sleep
    Pissy-drunk, throwin’ up in the urinal
    (“You fuckin’ homo!”)
    That’s what I said at my dad’s funeral

    Don’t you get it bitch, no one can hear you?
    Now shut the fuck up and get what’s comin’ to you
    You were supposed to love me [sounds of Kim choking]

    New Kids on the Block, sucked a lot of dick
    Boy-girl groups make me sick
    And I can’t wait ’til I catch all you faggots in public
    I’ma love it [hahaha]

    Talkin’ about I fabricated my past
    He’s just aggravated I won’t ejaculate in his ass

    Bitch I’ma kill you!
    You don’t wanna fuck with me
    Girls leave — you ain’t nuttin’ but a slut to me
    Bitch I’ma kill you!

    You better kill me!
    I’ma be another rapper dead for poppin’ off at the mouth with shit I shouldn’ta said
    But when they kill me — I’m bringin’ the world with me
    Bitches too!
    You ain’t nuttin’ but a girl to me

    My words are like a dagger with a jagged edge
    That’ll stab you in the head
    whether you’re a fag or lez
    Or the homosex, hermaph or a trans-a-vest
    Pants or dress – hate fags? The answer’s “yes”

    One of the greatest songwriters, maybe if you’re a mysogonistic homophobe with anger management issues.

  3. DCOMics says

    GLAAD is full of shit. Theres dozens of rappers who contain homophobic lyrics and yet they go after the most famous white rapper. How safe and convient. How about going after that homophobic jackass Lil Wayne? He won tons of high class awards and I don’t see any protests from GLAAD.

  4. Lexxvs says

    Wow, I have just read the lyrics of (F)Eminem and I my eyes are aching and my mind is trying to wake up from a nightmare.
    It’s just that we don’t listen rap around here. I guess that’s why. Just. Well…

  5. jack says


    i must have forgotten, ART must be pretty and comfortable. it can’t have a bullwhip up the ass or a crucifix in a jar of urine.

    i wasn’t a fan of his, but i am old enough to remember the beats, and ginsburg, and burroughs, i am old enough to know that art CAN be dark and ugly, when it reflects the artists truth.

    did you think POE was writing scary stories for your amusement? have you followed van gogh’s descent into insanity?

    who turned the republican white bread critics lose in here? go home and send yourself a hallmark card.

  6. Brian in Texas says

    I bought Eminem albums in high school (I’m 26 now). He really is a great lyricist and his songs are catchy. I don’t care for the homophobic slurs but, I know that a lot of his songs, lyrics, and characters are exaggerations and figures of speech. He is speaking as a character and not himself. He’s going for shock value and expressing the anger he has toward his mother, ex wife and absent father. I really don’t think he actually would kill his parents even though he graphically describes brutally murdering them in songs; so I take the homophobic/misogynistic lyrics not so seriously.

    Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys:

    “Eminem’s defense of the homophobic lyrics on his albums has always been that he’s not speaking as himself, he’s speaking as a character, and he’s representing homophobia in America … I thought it would be quite interesting to take that method and just to imagine a scene where a boy meets a famous rap star backstage at his concert and is surprised to discover he’s gay and ends up sleeping with him. Just to present rap in this homosexual context. I mean, there obviously are gay rap stars.”

    In reference to their song “The Night I Fell in Love” from their album “Release”


    I don’t think it’s as black and white as “Eminem hates gay people”

  7. nic says


    you tell us. why WAS poe writing scary stories? are you putting the explosive diarrhea that issues from eminem’s face-hole on a par with the work of the ‘beat poets’ and the conceptual art and photography of serrano and mapplethorpe? you’re kidding, right? none were inciting violence against other human beings.

    anyone can string words together and make them rhyme. but, no one should confuse rap garbage with art.

  8. Wes says

    I love how its okay to make “art” about abusing women, killing gay people, etc. I’ve met gays who gladly buy records by homophobic dancehall artists who think their chants of killing the “batty man” are “no big deal.” Even as many, many gay people’s lives are threatened and taken every day in the Caribbean.

    I wonder why Eminem never bothered to make songs “in character” about violence towards ‘kikes’ or ‘negroes.’ I guess then it would be considered on par with KKK tunes.

    I bet even 50 Cent, an Eminem protege, is only “in character” when he says straight up “I hate gay people.” There’s no reason to read any further into that.

    I remember when Eminem was popular. There were a million dumb white boys in high school who idolized him and wanted to be just like him. And they intensely harrassed the gay kids, including myself, in pursuit of that goal. Although I don’t blame Eminem directly for it, I do think he deserves some credit for adding fuel to the fire.

    The truth is, these messages have consequences.

    But its heartwarming to see that an emotionally disturbed prick can call up a famous fag for advice when he needs it. No, really, it is.

  9. John says

    Seriously. The homophobia isn’t the worse of it. The voice is what’s truly horrifying.

    If black folks agree to let whites off the hook about slavery, colonialism, and the rest of the long list of grievances, white boys have to promise to stop trying to sing. Please stop yelling non-sensical lyrics into the mic (with your whiny, high pitched, off-key voice) and calling it “music.”

    It should be outlawed as a form of torture.

  10. Xtabentun says

    Eminem obviously says in his music that he’s a fucked up person and that no one should try to emulate him. I mean, I don’t think anyone listening should go out and rape their own mother, and I don’t think he feels that way either. Is he homophobic? Sure. Which straight guy isn’t?

    You know, you could shut him up, but it won’t change the way he feels. And that’s what his music is — real life. You get the good and bad.

    And he’s obviously trying to come to terms with his demons.

    And at least he SAYS what he thinks instead of hiding it.

    He’s also one of the finest rap lyricists of our time.

    I think we should be proud that he has gotten over whatever hangups he has about gay people, and is now good friends with one.

    GLAAD doesn’t have any sense of context.

    Besides, they only go after Em because he’s white and not conforming to “white standards” of behavior or whatever. They don’t go after black artists because they don’t think black artists are one of them. Blacks are “other people.” It’s really quite disgusting.

  11. Xtabentun says

    And one more thing. He only says that shit because it pisses people like GLAAD off so much. He’s pointing out the hypocrisy and sniveling attitude among the self-righteous. And Em is anything but self-righteous. Self-loathing more like it.

    I mean, I’m a gay man who likes Eminem. So lighten up. He has a song on the new album about being molested by a male relative. Possible reason why he spat so much homophobic crap? Yeah I’d probably say it had something to do with it. But it’s understandable and tragic.

    He obviously recognizes his pathologies and uses his music to come to terms with it.

    Listen to this song (while it’s still up) and tell me this is homophobic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCzRei9-42s — a plea for understanding and (though a bit cliche) putting yourself in other people’s shoes.

    Get over yourself. Stop taking yourself so seriously and getting in a huff anytime anyone offends you. If you do, then, well, get fucked, faggot.

  12. mike shackleford says

    He’s calling E.J. for advise? Ain’t there enuf heterosexual rock stars in rehab to lean on? This smells of identity issues.

  13. XophMiller says

    Actually, this makes me happy. What I’ve learned over my 15 years of being out is that I have changed a lot of people’s opinions about homosexuals by being their friend and showing them that I’m not that different than they are. Not by attacking them or criticizing them for their beliefs. Elton did the same thing for Eminem and probably changed the way he thinks.

  14. nic says


    don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining. there are many straight guys who are not homophobic. your apologias notwithstanding, i detest anyone who incites violence against women and gays. for that is part and parcel of eminem’s “art”.

    i don’t care about his mommy issues or girl issues or various and sundry trailer-park-trash issues. he should be telling that to a therapist, rather than spewing his hate like a skunk spews stink. clearly, XTABENTUM, you want to be the girl who nurtures him through his learning process. you want him to suckle at your teats until he is man enough to assume responsibility.

    gurl, you may want to make an appointment with a therapist yourself.

  15. SEAN says

    i’ve suspected this for a long time and this only fuels it more: he is such a self-hating closet case. he’s painted himself into such a machismo corner, there’s no escaping. no wonder why he’s so miserable. and had been ‘self-medicating’. and fyi: i am *not* one of those fags who self-projects the ‘every straight guy is secretly gay’ fantasy. [tired] but eminem, with so many other smoke signals coming from him, it’s entirely plausible.

  16. Matt says

    I am worried less about eminems lyrics and more worried that there are people that vehemently agree with their sentiment, in jest or not, and would agree with that sentiment if eminem existed or not.

    He is a symptom, not the disease, and if he dropped dead tomorrow there would be homophobia, violence against women, etc

    Seriously the guy is unambiguously admitting that he has formed a close bond with probably the biggest flaming queen since Michael Jackson’s hair caught on fire. I think he has a lot of bullshit he is working through via his art, as artists do.

    so….just listen to Kanye instead. Peace.

  17. says

    Eminem is one of the many reasons why I don’t like contemporary hip-hop. I think that Eminem is a smug bastard. I hated him long before the homophobic shit came around, and I hated him when he won an Oscar for that goddamn song “Lose Yourself”. I hate the guy so much. Why the hell is he even around? He and 50 Cent and Kanye West should FOADIAF.

  18. "Jedi" is the new "Gay" says

    Ha, I expected a lot of negative whinging on this post, as hip hop and gays are like oil and water.

    Well, I, for one, don’t fall into the stereotypical “give me ABBA over Kanye” gay camp.

    Sorry, but Eminem is an incredibly talented artist. And hip hop needs him. And Kanye. And De La Soul. And Lil Wayne. And MF Doom. And I could go on and on and on and on, like hot buttered popcorn.


  19. PSHNT says

    Why the fuck are people even bothering hating on Eminems music?
    Don’t listen to it. God damn.
    Setting a bad example on kids? There’s nothing you can do about it now.
    There was a fire on homophobia before Em came around.
    As for the person who mentioned he raps about gays but not the KKK, the KKK burnt and hung people and I don’t hear any of that shit in Em’s lyrics towards gays.
    His lyrics are hypothetical, to piss on something that’s happened like Nazi’s would be insulting and an extremely sensitive subject as it ACTUALLY happened.
    Gay people have come a long way, still not fully accepted in most places but they’re better than what they were before the Rap scene.

    This is an extremely controversial subject and there will always be people who agree and disagree, but for the people who disagree; Fuck off and get on with it.

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