1. David D. says

    When I saw 999th in the lower left hand corner I thought it was a Joan Rivers birthday celebration.

  2. sparks says

    Still laugh remembering jokes from Joan’s stand-up album/show, “What Becomes a Semi-Legend Most.”

    Notwithstanding the ‘celeb’ gigs, she has only gotten better. If you get chance to see her do a live show, don’t pass it up.

  3. paul c says

    Who’s more “high school” – two women (Annie and Brande) who find a third (Melissa) very difficult to deal with, so they choose to block her out to make the situation bearable – or two women who lose at a game (the Rivers twins) and freak out with name calling and fit throwing…which they even more sadly didn’t look back on and see as an immense overreaction?

    I still love Joan though.

  4. dknatl says

    Take it for what it is – Reality TV. It’s all how the director spins it and Donald is getting mileage out of this. Let’s get real – the real whore pit viper is the Donald himself.

  5. Frank says

    I think the Rivers girls are being diplomatic by not calling out Trump. It was clear that he had decided that Melissa is “obnoxious” and “crazy”. So she was an easy set up for him. it was such a set-up and Melissa had every right to be mad!