1. Wes says

    Come to think of it I have no knowledge whatsoever of Timberlake’s position on gay people or gay rights aside from the fact that a former band-mate of his is gay.

    I am genuinely curious to know what he’d say if asked about marriage equality, hate crimes, or other LGBT issues.

  2. Bruno says

    I hate the term “man crush,” as if the true meaning of it is anything other than “I have gay feelings for a man.”

    From what I can gather, Justin’s OK with the gay but not outspoken much.

  3. says

    Seems I’ve heard Lance talk about JT in interviews. Always indicated that JT was very cool with the whole topic, but I’ve never heard anything directly from JT’s mouth, that I can recall.

  4. David D. says

    I remember him doing some performance on television and a male fan yelling out “I love you!” There was a bit of laughter, and Justin cheerily responded “Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little bro-mance.” (The first time I ever heard that term, so that tells you about how long ago this was.)

    I think JT tends to be very careful about what he says and does to protect his brand.

  5. patrick nyc says

    I have heard him talk in an interview with supporting his friend Lance. He also has no problem playing gay on SNL.

    I like the fact that straight men use the terms ‘bromance’ and mancrush’ it just proves that even straight men have a bit of curiosity.

  6. Vote4Adam says

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  7. paul c says

    I’ll take Kobe too…and the man-crush and bromance things are so fucking stupid. Why didn’t they die with metrosexuality?

    And didn’t Justin have two gay bandmates? I’m just sayin.

  8. sparks says

    I love JT’s sense of humor. A few of his SNL sketches are some of the show’s all-time best.

    He seems to be pretty well-rounded and grounded individual. Only a month after Lance came out both of them were at a charity event and while posing for some photos at one point Justin had his arm around Lance’s shoulder.

    He might not be yelling support from the rooftops but he’s not popping up in NOM adverts, either. 😛

  9. Jim says

    I adore JT! I love how he is a huge star who doesn’t take himself too seriously. I think this makes him so intelligent, so funny, and outrageously SEXY! Keep bringin’ it back, JT!

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