Levi Johnston Gets Shirtless for GQ


I've spared you the naked infant baby that occupies the rest of the frame, but you can read the full GQ spread here.

No doubt Sarah Palin is furious that her grandson is splashed in the pages of a men's magazine. Johnston told the magazine that Todd Palin offered to buy Bristol a truck if she would dump him.

Said Johnston: "Just going over there, and Todd and Sarah sitting there staring at me,
doesn't do it for me. Todd never says anything,
really. Sarah, I don't know. She's a politician. She knows how to throw in a fake smile and look happy. They're pretty good at that."


  1. Rad says

    Wonder what kinda truck Bristol’s gittin’? That’s gonna be one awesome “Sweet Sixteen” present! If she puts the baby seat in the bed, she can keep an eye on the young’un through the gun rack.

  2. Mike says

    I feel sorry for both of them, they’re just kids who were manipulated by Sarah and the republicans. I rolled my eyes when Bristol came out for abstinence – maybe Levi will become a spokesman for Planned Parenthood and marriage equality.

  3. Rob says

    Levi is adorable; my type physically but like a lot of straight guys not my type at all mentally lol. I agree on the moobies, give him another 10-15 years of hunting and drinking tons of Bud and Coors and he’ll be moobie central.

  4. Larry says

    Comes across like a current member of Fag Bashers of Alaska, you mean.

    Who cares? Somebody please, please take a photo of his naked redneck, homophobic, virgin ass.

  5. paul c says

    “Just out of curiosity…has he ever actually said anything homophobic publicly to anyone’s knowledge? I haven’t heard anything.”

    He doesn’t have to. Stereotypes say it’s true! We like to stereotype/judge/bash people round here.

  6. BradK says

    “…Comes across like a charter member of the Future Fag Bashers of Alaska…”

    Alaska, the final frontier. Where the moose outnumber the women five to one — and you really can’t tell the difference once the lights are out.

  7. Contrarian says

    Did the GQ reporter really use the phrase”young, dumb and full of comeliness..”? Wow, even the most clueless hetero reader will know the unexpurgated original dealing with reproductive fluid. Levi has certainly proved the fertility of said fluid. God, I know I’m really of an older generation when I have to discern the meaning of “moobiies” from the context!

  8. John K Beene says

    The GQ article says an adviser is “working to contain and reduce in frequency Levi’s homophobic outbursts”. So, Andy, why are we fawning over this guy in your blog?

  9. Glennmcgahee says

    So he’s a homophobic opportunist and you all slam the Palins for not treating the guy like family. They don’t like him, they must be evil, but he’s cute so its OK with you people. Guess if the beauty queen had been a guy (like Obama) and stated her honest opinion that she did not support gay marriage, but happened to be hot, that would be OK too.

  10. Deservebetterthanobama says

    “Guess if the beauty queen had been a guy (like Obama) and stated her honest opinion that she did not support gay marriage, but happened to be hot, that would be OK too.”

    You, my friend, sound like a single issue voter!

  11. says

    I tried to read the article, but, it was sooo long and boring I couldn’t get through it.

    And yeah, another example of a cute white guy takes his shirt off and the ‘mos fall all over themselves regardless of whether or not he’s a homophobe, murderer or gay basher. Let Kanye West say something positive and all hell breaks loose.


  12. Chitown Kev says


    Pretty much on target.
    I did manage to read through the article and something tells me Levi knows damn well that gay men are probably his primary audience and we don’t give a rat’s ass what he says. So he shows some cute redneck flesh and markets himself as best as he can, given the situation. Can’t fault him for that.

    And…OK, OK, I confess…this is a type of lowdown (and possibly downlow) redneck that I would probably go for given the right circumstances….call me shallow!

  13. jimcord says

    and with some of the stupid comments about his good looks and that you would “do” him, knocking the Palins because they might actually have the right idea and sense to know that their daughter would be better off as a single parent then with this very immature young man, and that because she (Sarah) is a Republican that this is the blame for all that has happened…………it makes me realize why Prop 8 did not pass in California. We don’t deserve it to pass yet!

  14. John says

    I gotta agree with Derek about the double standard though. There’s a whole lot of this “white boys are totally cool with their sexuality and not homophobic” crap in the gay community. What universe are you people living in?

    Who commits most of the homophobic murders in this country?

    It’s not black men on the DL. It’s the cute and cuddly white males you all are lusting for.

  15. Paul R says

    Sorry, he’s not all that hot. He’s an idiot. He’s a teenager. He got lucky for having dated the governor’s daughter. Oooh, but he’s FAMOUS! for nothing.

    If you think that’s hot, try porn instead. Or maybe hang out at your local high school during football practice and see how far that gets you. This guy deserves as much media attention as a flea on my dog’s back.

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