1. Fiona Derian says

    Mariela Castro is just trying to hard to be the image of the new socialismo. Don’t be fooled by all this, what good are gay rights in a country where human rights are consistently violated by his father and uncle?

  2. DickSox says

    Wow, compared to the disaster in Moscow this looks like San Francisco. As to Fiona’s valid point however, here is a simple solution, let ALL us fellow citizens of the “FREE” United States travel to Cuba without this ridiculous undemocratic ban that OUR government imposes on us to travel 90 miles from Key West and let us see and decide for ourselves, like grownups without OUR big brother government telling us we can’t or we’ll get in trouble.

    Viva GAY PRIDE the world over, and that includes Cuba !

  3. dizzyspins says

    I’m against the travel ban and sanctions against Cuba because they hurt the people more than the government. And Americans are allowed to visit countries with leadership far worse than Castro. But just because the current president’s daughter says she supports gay rights and there’s a state sponsored photo-op doesn’t mean anything has changed. At least we never put gay people in camps.

  4. says

    Dizzy – State sponsored photo opp? You HAVE to be kidding! There were trannies in hot pants and heels,l dykes in corsets, and men kissing all over the place. Oh! plus a cardboard cut out “bride and bride” where chicks could have their picture taken with their chick.

    And things that have changed: free sexual reassigment surgery, a polyclinic with ALL services esp for the transgendered and rights legislation that is soon to take effect so queer couples have equal hospital visitation, funeral/estate, and housing rights as straight couples. so yeah, things have changed (no more camps!)

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