1. Wes says

    Really liked the context of the gays within the whole family.

    It reminds people that we aren’t destroying families, we ARE families.

    I like that it begins talking about the heterosexual sister who met her husband 3 years ago (all the heteros at this point are thinking ‘aw good for her’), and then contrasts the 12 year relationship of the lesbian sister who cannot marry the love of her life and mother of their child.

    Then throw in grandma talking about the kid’s desire to see her parents wed and its icing on the cake.

    Gay marriage doesn’t destroy families, denying gays their rightful place in families does.

  2. says

    GREAT ad! Gets right to the heart of the issue and doesn’t skirt around the fact that this is about GAY marriage rights. If only we’d had more of these kinds of ads in CA, instead of the ineffective, vague spots produced by Equality California, the result here might have been different.

  3. Bruno says

    Some of the Democratic state senators that are “in play” on the issue are from Queens and Long Island. This ad should be airing there. Do people from NYC really think they’re that much more advanced than the rest of the state?

  4. Rafael says

    These ads need to be more personal and engaging. Right now they are all story tellers and borderline boring. I don’t feel represented in any single gay marriage ad I’ve seen thus far.

  5. Johannes says

    These ads are the same kind that already failed in California. I want to see ads that feature gay couples talking about what marriage means to them.

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