1. Martin says

    This is a dumb argument. Somehow I have the impression that as long as this moron Steele is running the Republican Party that neither him nor the party are going to be a serious threat.
    10, 15 years back conservatives in Europe tried the same argument. It is not even measurable in pennies how much a conservative would be held responsible with his/her tax money by granting benefits to gay civil unions or gay married couples (pensions etc). On the other hand have a much more harmonious society.
    If Steele is starting a stupid debate like this ask yourself where the government is spending the most money (weapons), where the government is flooding money down the drain (abstinence programs) and much, much more…

  2. RB says

    Steele’s comments are nothing less than ignorant and stupid. He continues to be the best spokesperson for the democratic party as he will ensure that anyone with a brain will not vote republican!

    Look, I have been called many things in my life but a financial drain on small business is a first. He is a dinosaur that is awaiting extinction. I don’t even know how he said that out loud without hearing himself how poorly educated he sounded! Idiot! But hey, we will take the help however we can get it.

  3. CK says

    Keith nailed it… and exposed Steele for the braindead ‘let’s-not-really-think-things-through’ kinda person he is, clutching at any straw possible to bash gay people… seriously, it’s the most ridiculous argument against marriage equality that I have ever heard. Utter nonsense, and this comes from the Chairman of this party? Do the rest of the party actually support this moronic stupidity (there is nothing polite to say about the drivel he spouted!) espoused by Steele????? Keith is right to ask: “What the Fuck?????”

  4. another matt says

    Too bad the gay “leadership” against Prop 8 couldn’t drive home the economic benefits of gay marriage in Califorina over the course of 4 months as effectively as Keith did in 20 seconds. Good job, guys.

    Steele is an idiot, but he’s not nearly half as bad as some of the other clowns that occupy the Republican party (Palin, Bachmann, Boehner, McConnell, Keyes, Huckabee…*shudder*). I left the Republican party in October, and I’m not looking back…no matter how much I loathe Pelosi and the Clintons.

  5. MT says

    Couldn’t you use that exact argument against any marriage? Gay or straight? If gay people getting married is going to hurt the economy imagine the damage already inflicted by straight marriage.

  6. gregorybrown says

    One of the things that doesn’t get talked about much is an implicit assumption that same-sex married people will “clean up” the negative images of gay men (in particular) as sexual depravitors. Adam and Steve will settle into a nice house and behave nicely, offering no threat to their hetero neighbors.

    This ignores the fact that straight marriages are not uniformly “normal” nor nice in the details: half end in divorce, many are unhappy in some way, and the accommodations that couples make to sexual needs licitly and illicitly are limited only by imaginations. Gay men in legally recognized marriages can be expected to be neither better nor worse in any ways than their heterosexual counterparts. Admitting that either “same” or “other” pairings are not airily perfect, monogamous and joyful is too dangerous, however many or few actually are.

    The projected expenditures and revenues that might come from legal same-sex weddings assume that L/G couples will indulge in the customary orgy of conspicuous consumption that’s become the pattern for str8 weddings. And, however distasteful that is to me, personally, that’s probably the way things should be.

  7. jimmyboyo says

    Steele is NOT the head of the repub party

    Steele is a propaganda tool, window dressing, smoke and mirrors numb-nut that doesn’t realize that he is being used

    Newt, Limbaugh, and cheney are the 3 heads of the current repub party. Palin, Jindal, Romney, and Jeb are but tools and or little soldiers compared to the 3 generals.

    Proof that Steels has no power is that they voted overwhelmingly to remove direct control of the money from Steele.

    His placement was blatant “out of touchness” (LOL is that a word)Americans voted for a black president so lets put a person of color mask on our party never realizing that americans voted for Obama not because of his race but because he came through the primaries as the biggest anti-bush. Clinton wasn’t able to define herself as THE anti-bush as much as Obama did and thus why Obama won. America also voted for obama because he is smart and if not competent ( I personally think he is competent) himself he at least gives the impression he knows how to surround himself with competent people (i.e. Hillary as sec of state)

    Steele is a fool and a joke. I sort of pity him

  8. K says

    gregorybrown- Thanks for bringing that up. I hadn’t thought about that, but I think you’re right. Honestly, the case involving the RI lesbian couple *did* make me uncomfortable, for the reason you mentioned. Also, consider what homophomes might scare people with once they can no longer scare people by telling them that “a storm is coming.” What if there is something they think of that might be even *more* charged and create *more* animosity? Still, don’t you think there might be a benefit on the micro level-i.e., “The dirty, disgusting, non-commital gay couple next door just got married. I guess not all gay people sleep around.”? The 5 year mark for MA is a great example. It is absolutely true that when equality is achieved, that won’t be the end. We’ll still need advocacy groups, GLAAD, etc. That’s painful to think about. Maybe it’s so tiring to be focusing on this one issue that people are kind myopic and can’t juggle with others, even though we know they exist. I know I am. Anyway, an interesting point to bring up.

  9. says

    JimmyBoy , I don’t feel sorry for Steele (and I know you really don’t either). As I have said numerous times, Steele looked me and Lanni Davis in the eye and said that “a change is gonna come” when I asked him about when the Republican party was going to change it’s policies towards Gays.

    Steele either lied to me OR he has no backbone whatsoever and is so determined to hold a position given to him for P.R. purposes(can you say “Spook by the Door”?) that he will put up with anything his puppet masters throw his way with little or no regard to his own personal integrity.

    Maybe I do feel sorry for him. He’s ceased being a man.

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