1. Wayne says

    It is now time for everyone to face facts and start speaking truth to power. NO MORE EXCUSES! Stop giving Obama a free pass. He has backtracked on every promise he made and yet most in the gay community keep treating him like a hero.

  2. Nick says

    Why is this even news? Did anyone honestly believe that he was going to make things better for gay people. It wasn’t and isn’t going to occur. Some baby steps might occur -if it is politically expedient for him-otherwise-not so much. He appreciates the queer vote but doesn’t intend to go beyond meaningless verbiage.

  3. says

    Martin Luther King came to Lyndon Johnson and said, “We need this Voting Rights Act. You know, we need your help,” and Johnson turned to him and said, “I wanna do it. Make me do it.” He wasn’t just gonna do it. He needed to be made. He was telling Martin Luther King to get out in the street and make it happen.

    I’m glad we’re doing that.

  4. Pissed off says

    I give the son of a BITCH an F-

    On a number score that would be -60

    However Im not gonna just attack President Obama NO that would not be fair.

    I am also calling out all the STUPID,IGNORANT,UNEDUCATED Gay people who are bitchin about Obama 24/7 and saying that they are going to vote republican next time.What I have to ask


    First off,I want names of republicans who fully 100% supports civil rights for gays THAT INCLUDES MARRIAGE EQUALITY.I WANT NAMES BITCHES.By the way One or two names dont count.

    Secondly lets say Sarah Palin is running for the 2012 election are you Jackasses planning to vote for her.

    This BITCH made it quite clear that she is TOTALLY AGAINST gay people.She even thinks we can be converted or cured.If any homo has been paying close attention last election you would have caught that one up front.

    Third,if not Palin who is to say that the next Republican presidential candidate is going to be for civil rights for gays.Since some of you think you actually have all the answers I want them.Keep in mind I dont want just a lousy opinion,I want the facts that back them up.

    And dont give me that “atleast a republican would be honest about their opposition to gay folks and gay rights” bullshit
    You have got to be a fucking moron if thats the kind of philosophy you plan to use at the voting booth.My suggestion:


    Ive read this blog and its comments many times and the only thing that stands out is the stupidity and ignorancr of most of its readers.


    Trashing Obama all the freakin time is not gonna change the man’s mind on where he stands on gay issues,so why not shut the hell up and take action.

    Im angry that Obama has done nothing for our cause too,but unlike some of you people I dont waste my entire day trashing him like my words will reach the White House and change his mind.If you really feel that strongly as much as you claim how about writing a personal letter to the white house clarifying your feelings,thoughts,rants,raves,suggestions.Or even personally go down to the white house and stand outside with a sign and shouting so he can hear you.

    Although I am angry at Obama for his lack of support for gays,I am even ANGRIER at the hypocritical Homos who think that Republicans are more in favor of gay people than democrats are.THIS JUST IN: No one party has any major support for our rights and well being.You may find those individuals on either side who do support us,but how vocal about it are they?

    I hear more speaking out against us than for us.Although most of the more vocally against us come from the republican side.

    What I see are a bunch of whining bitter queens who dont want to admit that one of the key elements to the lack of support and lack of action being taken is that there are not enough gay people willing to get up off their lazy ass and take action and make some moves for our own cause.In other words (and heres the biggy) APATHY

    Not to mention we havent had the best and most organized leadership here.Do I have to go down that Prop 8 road again?

    So while I agree that we should be pissed off at the president and many other politicians and even those BIGOTED religious groups.Some of us fail to look at another important thing.


  5. MikeMick says

    @ Timmy: Why not volunteer yourself as a spokesperson? A bitchy asshat would be an improvement over a sex columnist, so you’d be a natural. And do yourself a favor. Before you pop off about someone’s qualifications, you might want to Google them. Sex columnist is Dan Savage’s day job, but there’s a lot more to him than that.

  6. elg says

    President Lyndon Johnson had the iconic Dr. Martin Luther King to “make” him do his job. Who does Obama have to make him be that “fierce advocate” for gay rights? There is no one with the stature of Dr. MLK speaking out on behalf the gay people.
    Where is the gay Dr. MLK? Where is he (or she)?

  7. Pender says

    @Pissed Off: sorry, but I’m not voting for another politician, ever, who does not believe in my equality or is not willing to fight for it. Barring any major changes before 2012, that certainly includes Obama.

  8. Yeek says

    If you want something done, you have to do it yourself. We’ll get it done without him. Frankly, it’ll probably be better for us to beat him than to plead with him to help us.

  9. George says

    @ Pissed Off I hope people get your message (even if it seems a bit harsh in tone) because you are absolutely right. Republicans don’t support us at all. Heck, the rationale that you highlight, that neither party truly supports our rights, is probably why we’re so marginalized: we continue to support the Democratic party with our dollars and votes even though they continue to ignore us.

    Maybe we need to go beyond staying home; instead, we need to revoke our support entirely: no more money, no more votes, vocal opposition to the party and their candidates. Campaigns are decided by slim percentages and dollars: if politicians perceive that we are not firmly in their camp, they may finally do something to attract us.

  10. glennmcgahee says

    Kevinvt must be looking into a mirror himself. When exactly did Obama ever demonstrate his support of the GLBT community? Was it the day he got a haircut and played basketball during the gay pride events in Chicago last year? When he stated his belief that marriage is for a man and woman only? Oh yea, it must have been when he gave credentials to Towleroad to attend the inauguration with badges! Folks, actions speak ALOT louder than words. He and Patrick Duval would have you think that words matter. I just love how Hillary Clinton is being lumped into the same mem as Obama with media stating her views are the same as his. Clinton has marched in many gay pride parades. Bill Clinton’s first act as President was to allow gays to serve openly in the military. But they are racists dontcha know. Obama is black and must not be criticized. He has a secet plan to help the gays. But its a secret. SHHHHH.
    He’ll tell us about it after the campaign for 2012 is over.

  11. JeffRob says

    Yeah, I’m comfortable saying now that I won’t vote for Obama in 2012 if his position on marriage equality doesn’t change, and I ‘m as big a supporter as they get.

    I’m optimistic, though, that that will happen. He knows how many people are pissed off at him right now, and he knows it doesn’t matter until November of 2012. I still think he’ll begin publicly supporting gay marriage before 2009 is over. I really fucking hope I’m right.

  12. Eric Payne says

    DOMA. DADT. The adoption of children.

    These are campaign issues.

    Fix the inequities, and, suddenly, the issues no longer exist as a campaign issue.

    Remember ENDA? Just last year? It was such an important issue the Dems, with absolutely no hope of ENDA being passed into law, make a huge fuss about it in both houses of Congress.

    With a change in the Presidency, why hasn’t ENDA been resubmitted?

    Like every other president, Obama is going to do nothing about the day-to-day inequalities in our lives, except to promise those issues are “being looked at,” and the “timing is just not right, now.”

    In four weeks, the 40th Anniversary of the Stonewall “riots” will be commemorated. So the time hasn’t “been right” through Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and now Obama.

    And, still, some people are surprised.

  13. K says

    “Bill Clinton’s first act as President was to allow gays to serve openly in the military.”

    Nope. You are clueless.

    That never happened. He started DADT, which was totally cowardly.

    The Clintons may have paid gays lip service, but they threw us under the bus when it mattered. Remember DOMA, anyone?

  14. says

    Obama and no president in the next 100 years will favor gays. They think that we are third class citizens. He better get his head on straight and start thinking like a president because so so many gays voted for him.

  15. Alex says

    “republicans don’t support us at all.”

    And what are Democrats doing for you, at least the one sitting in the White House?


    For all the criticism that gay politicos continue to hurl at Bill Clinton for throwing gays under the bus in the early ’90s, I still think Obama is getting it pretty easy from the gay community. There is a big difference in the social climate of 1993 and the social climate of 2009. Democrats control both houses of Congress and Obama’s ratings for whatever reason are still very high. There was never a better time to make some progressive moves. 1993 certainly was not this amenable to change.

    I’m sorry, Bill Clinton may deserve some heavy criticism for his decisions in the early 90s, but being someone who actually remembers the early ’90s, being gay was entirely different than it is now. Ellen wasn’t on TV yet, there were no domestic partnership arrangements in states, much less marriage. Hell, Lawrence v. Texas had not even been decided until the Bush Administration. Gays could not even legally have sex with one another in dozens of states. I’m not excusing much of the pandering Bill Clinton did to gays, but he was the FIRST president to even discuss gay issues publicly and he gets a far worse rap than what he deserves and certainly a worse one than Obama, who to me, in 2009 with the political climate as it is, deserves ever criticism imaginable for his total and utter lack of concern for change when it comes to gays and lesbians in America.

  16. NOBAMA says

    cue the self-hating gay Obama apologists like NIC and 24PLAY in 3, 2, 1 . . . . Don’t you luv the way Obama talks about the national economic crisis as his excuse for not dealing with human rights? What kind of value system does Obama and his administration have if their economic plan takes priority over fundamental constitutional rights for an oppressed group of people? Respecting the Constitution should be the paramount concern for any elected leader, and Obama would rather rant about hedge fund bankers than protect individual liberties for the LGBTQ community.

  17. Randy says

    I am thankful that I didn’t drink the kool-aid last November!

    I left the Democratic Party (and re-registered Green) in 1994 because I realized that the Democrats (like the Republicans) seek to maintain the corporate class. Progressive social and environmental issues are simply window dressings that politicians like Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama will ignore to get re-elected. Does anyone remember the radio spots that Clinton played in the South touting his support of DOMA in 1996?

  18. Q says

    Yes, I definitely care what grade Dan Savage gives ANYONE. You know, cuz he called Black people out on their racist voting on Prop 8 based on the now infamously flawed, incendiary CNN exit poll, and then refused to apologize for his race-baiting remarks. He is a beacon of integrity and he should continue to be upheld as the spokesman for the gay “community.”

    I got an “F” for you too, Dan.

  19. 24play says

    Oh, look. Nobama, our favorite Republicunt troll of last year, has decided to show her face. Wonder how many of the anti-Obama posts in this thread were made by her using various screen names?

    Not Glenn McGahee, though. His racism is his own.

  20. 24play says

    Eric Payne,

    ENDA is ready to go, with more sponsors than ever. And Pelosi has said its passage is one of her priorities this year.

    The only reason the bill has not been reintroduced yet is because its supporters decided to get hate crimes legislation passed first. ENDA will be reintroduced at the beginning of Congress’ fall term.

  21. says

    @Pissed Off:

    Well said! Obama may be doing nothing, but Republicans ACTIVELY oppress us. Hating gays is basic to the Republican platform.

    I’m pissed at Obama, but he would have to do something pretty fucking evil for me to actually regret voting for him over McCain. And I would have to lose a great deal of brain matter in a tragic accident before I ever thought about voting Republican.

  22. seattle mike says

    Jesus Fricking Christ, people! Cut the president a little more slack, okay? He’s dealing with two wars and the worst economy since the Great Depression.

  23. 24play says

    It’s kind of amazing how quickly Andy has turned on Obama.

    It’s hard to believe, but I guess that, despite the wall-to-wall, gushing coverage of Obama on Towleroad all last year, Andy never really understood exactly who or what he was voting for.

    NEWSFLASH: You got exactly what you paid for, an ally. Just not one who’s stupid enough to repeat Bill Clinton’s mistakes and move aggressively on gay issues before he’s done the necessary groundwork. Obama is moving ahead on LGBT concerns the same way he defeated Clinton in the grueling primary, by having a long-term strategy and executing it.

  24. Kyle Sullivan says

    I don’t understand why anyone is upset about this. It’s not as if it wasn’t obvious back during the campaign that the most he’d give us is lip service (and not the fun kind) just like he gave lip service to every other liberal idea. I mean, Jesus…look at his record so far — no trials on torture; no change in the anti-union attitudes of Washington; the same old “Social Security’s in trouble” bullshit; giving the assholes who collapsed the economy a trillion taxpayer dollars while driving companies that actually make things into bankruptcy; the same old same old on Afghanistan; nothing new in Iraq, yet; no investigations of perjury committed by the scum in the Bush administration; the list goes on and on. The only real difference I can see between now and a year ago is he’s not Bush and the Republicans are finally revealed to be an organization of criminals. Unfortunately, too few people care and the media’s still in the habit of sucking the GOP dick so won’t do a damn thing about it. And it was pretty damn obvious this is how things would go way before Obama was elected. So why — seriously, WHY is anyone surprised?

  25. Proudly Team Obama says

    For those who want to join some fringe candidate, whackjob go right ahead.

    It’s amazing how little most people know about the political process.

    The simple truth is that this is not a priority right now, and if most of you were really honest with yourselves, you’d admit the same.

    And Dan Savage and Perez Hilton are leading the charge??

    Should I laugh now or later??!!

  26. Michael Bedwell says

    From: MBEDWELL
    Sent: 5/13/2009 10:52:08 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time
    Subj: Re: Still fired up? Help today. [“by signing up for a monthly contribution of $35….”]

    Oh, I’m definitely fired up! I’m fired up as one of those LGBT Americans whose struggle for equality candidate Obama explicitly and repeatedly promised to “put the full weight of [his] administration behind” only to quickly shelve those promises behind Bo’s Puppy Chow.

    And, now, on top of breaking his promise to start working for DADT repeal the moment he took office, he’s refusing to stop the bleeding of DADT discharges just because Dr. Congress hasn’t arrived, even though legal scholars have demonstrated he has the power as Commander-in-Chief to do exactly that.

    I am not a one issue voter…or donor…but I’ve been fooled too many times and will not give another dime to anything with Obama’s name on it or the Democratic Party until I see ACTION. And that INCLUDES for the 2010 midterms. You think I’m afraid to let you lose? Try me.

    I will no longer enable his and the Party’s drunken disregard for my equality.


    From: MBEDWELL
    Sent: 5/13/2009 10:49:13 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time
    Subj: Re: Fool Me Twice [“When you make a $15 recurring contribution to ActBlue, you’re investing in a government that represents your interests, and isn’t hostage to out-of-touch GOP hardliners.”]

    Imagine my disappointment when I discovered it was not Barack Obama whom you were talking about making us fools…at least LGBT Americans whose struggle for equality he explicitly and repeatedly promised to “put the full weight of [his] administration behind” only to quickly shelve those promise behind the Bo’s Puppy Chow. …”

  27. hiya says

    Hey for anyone who is considering voting Republican next time, remember, at least the Democrats have not sought to limit/strip away our rights. Inaction may be deplorable on this administration’s part, but there exists a fundamentally different ideology between the parties as regards gay issues that we should not overlook. Lets give Obama more time while being more aggressive in pushing forth our agenda and see how things play out.

  28. Craig says

    Andy isn’t out of the ordinary on this. Pam @ Pam’s Houseblend has also called out Obama plenty. So have Joe @ Joe.My.God. So have the guys at Queerty. So has John Aravosis @ AmericaBlog. I could go on with more GLBT sites displeased over the recent non-developments on GLBT rights from the Obama Administration. Its called holding him accountable for his promises.

  29. liz templin says

    I am confused. did obama give a timeline about certain promises to lgbt americans? i can’t recall if he did, but i’ll let someone correct me if i am wrong

  30. Quint King says

    It’s not surprising. We gays are the last frontier of bigotry – it’s just not worth the trade-off of losing the whole country to do what’s right by us. In about 10 years the dynamics will change – it’s not about a Messiah president standing up for us. It’s about the bigotry dieing off with the older people ( like over 50 ). If you listen carefully to old people about us, they still think gay is a sex act not a relationship, a life, even an alternate and valid way of living. Now the 30 and under people get it. Not all of them, but a majority.

    History is on our side. The majority of antigay bigotry will die with our grandparents.

  31. paul c says

    @Proudly Team Obama – Yes, anyone who runs in a third party is a “whackjob”. If you’re not a Democrat or Republican, you’re a “whackjob”. Just like if you weren’t a Nazi in 1930’s Germany, or a Communist in the Soviet Union, there was something wrong with YOU. YOU weren’t the one who was right. Uh huh. Keep believing what you’re told to believe and see how far that takes you.

  32. Michael Bedwell says

    “It will start when I take office.” – Barack Obama, November 2007.

    Note, NOT one month, two months, three months “after I take office”…NOT “pushed down the road” [Secty Gates on behalf of Obama, March 2009], but “when I TAKE OFFICE.”

    Or is Bush still President somehow and Obama and First Preacher Rick Gay = Pedophilia Warren yet to mount the inaugural platform?

  33. 24play says

    Obama’s full quote, of which I’m sure you are aware, is:

    “America is ready to get rid of the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy. That work should have started long ago. It will start when I take office. America is ready to get rid of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. All that is required is leadership.”

    The operative word, of course, is “start.” And I don’t doubt for a minute that work on this issue has begun.

    I also don’t doubt for a minute that there will be no visible forward movement until next year, or at least until health care reform is passed.

  34. Bosie says

    Do we need Obama right now>???? NO. Obama wil be the backfire the republicans need…..Funny how Gay activists don’t think of this.

    AND NO I wont vote republican….I trust Obama and I know he will do us good….BUT to accuse him of turning a blind eye is stupid….PEOPLE THE GUY IS TRYING TO GET US OUT OF A BAD ECONOMY AND HE IS DEALING WITH TONS OF CRAP….CAN WE JUST KEEP PUSHING LIKE WE ARE DOING…WE ARE DOING GOOD.

    OBAMA! OBAMA! OBAMA! OBAMA! *Don’t be an idiot…get out and fight…do it yourself…don’t be lazy and wait for someone else to give u equality. damn old farts.

  35. Keanon Pete says

    I agree with George. Democrats should no longer receive our support, votes, or money. If things don’t improve before 2012, I really do hope that the glbt community will not support any Democrat or Republican for president. I am ready to support a Green Party candidate, someone who possibly is either a woman or gay/lesbian.

  36. Bruno says

    We’ve been too scared to “throw our vote away,” when in actuality we’d be making a bolder statement by disallowing our tolerance for Obama’s and the Dems’ inaction to continue. Not voting for a Dem does not equal voting for a Republican as long as you don’t actually vote for a Republican, even if on paper it might seem that way.

    Otherwise, the Democratic Party controls our battle for civil rights, not us. The Dems are using this fear that most of us in the LGBT community have of the Republicans coming in and not only squashing the advancement of our civil rights but turning them back on us.

    Now, admittedly, I voted for Obama with the full realization that this is what Dems do, but at that point in time I felt the need to get Republicans out of office was much stronger than any misgivings I have about Dems on LGBT rights. That is no longer how I feel, and I will vote accordingly until our full civil rights are present on the Dem platform.

  37. Michael Bedwell says

    “And I don’t doubt for a minute that work on this issue has begun”

    Problem is, the statements by the President’s men, say it hasn’t. Secretary of Defense Gates said it’s been pushed down the road; National Security Advisor James Jones told the WAPO that the President had taken his advice to put it off; and White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said, “He will [note FUTURE tense] work with the Joints Chiefs of Staff, the administration and with Congress” …then he claimed Obama “has continued to work for” legislation without explaining when, in what way, or why that claim contradicts Gates, James, and himself.

    Obama’s having said TWO YEARS ago that “work should have started long ago” is, again, only an indictment now of himself for putting it off to the proverbial sweet by and by.

  38. Lee Adama says

    IS there some issue that Obama has on his plate that you think he should shelve for now and focus on LGBT issues?

    Please tell us what he has on his legislative and governing agenda that the American people should be asked to forego so that he can focus on LGBT issues.

    If people here are one issue voters, so be it. But, I may be a gay man, but I’m also a working person. I’m interested in dealing with the economy, health care and any number of mounting issues.

    Some people are entertaining the delusion that the Democrats ought to sacrifice their entire progressive agenda, for the sake of LGBT issues. I sincerely hope that they remain vigilant against sch absurdities and do the opposite.

  39. 24play says

    What is the only real obstacle to repealing DADT?
    The exact same obstacle Bill Clinton faced 16 years ago: being a new president and, therefore, not having significant support from the military brass.

    How do you overcome that obstacle?
    The only way is to develop a comfortable working relationship with the generals and admirals. You must gain their respect.

    How do you develop a comfortable working relationship with the military brass and gain their respect?
    By showing them through your words and actions that you 1) value and respect the military, 2) make servicemembers’ lives and safety a top priority, and most important, 3) by displaying sound military judgment.

    Is President Obama doing these things?
    Yes, clearly. He was very quick to visit troops in Afghanistan. In the middle of the worst recession in decades, he’s proposed a budget which slightly increases DoD spending for 2010. Despite feeling intense pressure from his supporters to end the occupation of Iraq as soon as possible, he’s being very methodical about the drawdown of forces, in response to input from commanders in the field. He’s also shifted money and manpower to Afghanistan, where U.S. forces have been fighting a losing battle due to years of neglect under Bush.

    How do you know Obama’s gaining their respect?
    In a dramatic shift, his proposed DoD budget makes deep cuts in funding for high-price weapons systems designed for use in conventional wars and instead directs those funds toward equipment and training necessary for counterinsurgency actions like Iraq and Afghanistan. There has been almost no complaint from the military. With SecDef Gates, he has fired and replaced a number of top generals (the latest being the top general in Afghanistan). Again, there has been almost no complaint from the brass. All indications are that, so far, Obama is developing a very good working relationship with top military officials, especially for a Democratic president.

    When it comes to repealing DADT, the only work that matters is well under way.

  40. anon says

    This is not surprising. He’s filled his admin with Clintonians who’ve all been shock-therapied into thinking that gay-rights is a politically suicidal move.

  41. Salome says

    I’m not going to lie, I’m don’t consider myself all that invested in the marriage debate right now. I understand it and support it but I honestly don’t have faith in the gay community as it stands.

    When the gay community matures beyond spiteful and incendiary comments that do nothing to further the conversation.
    When the gay community is able to effectively communicate it’s needs and desires in a dignified manner, that’s when I’ll reinvest.

    I fully support Obama and will continue to do so, but I honestly never expected him to pass any gay legislation. The Civil Rights Movement was a ground up movement, not top down. We need to stand up for ourselves, learn to articulate our arguments in a more controlled way and learn to understand those who stand in our way in order to defeat their claims. We have so much more work to do within our own community that I’d rather Obama try and settle other things like keeping the country from collapsing and we ourselves will heal our wounds and fight for ourselves. I do support Obama, but he has too much shit to do right now. Call me self-hating if you must but I know in my heart that I’m right.

  42. V.Jay Kendall says

    Attacking nor defending politicians will do nothing.

    Hoping for a new Harvey Milk or DR. MLK will do nothing.

    In order for President Obama to consider the equal rights issue as one of the top priorities (along with two wars, a slumping economy and health reform) WE need to start a revolution instead of a movement.

    The 40th anniversary of Stonewall is this June and from my understanding the main focus of all the Gay Pride events are the gorgeous half-naked men promenading around. We need to do more than just commemorating a monumental day for the Gay Rights movement with a resolution.

    President Obama may deserve an F but we have earned a D+ since our community lacks an action plan to show everyone we mean business.

    I hope next year we’ll get our act together for the 41st anniversary of Stonewall.

  43. Michael Bedwell says

    So let me get this gay:

    It’s not Obama’s fault he’s turned into a moral quadraplegic, it’s the fault of the Clintonites HE hired, whose boss HE is. Or,

    It’s not Obama’s fault he’s not kept a single one of his promises to gays, it’s the gays’ fault. Or,

    It’s not the Commander-in-Chief’s fault, it’s his troops fault…and it’s perfectly ok for him to let the homohating tail wag the First Dog and I don’t mean Bo.

    Funny how Truman didn’t let the racist tail wag him when he ORDERED THEM to racially integrate the military 61 years ago despite their very public, very racist objections, when blacks were far more hated than gays are now, when legal segregation of public spaces existed even in Washington DC, when 63% of voters opposed integrating the military versus up to 81% who support gay integration now, when his own close friends used the n-word and his own mother refused to sleep in the Lincoln bedroom because its namesake had freed the slaves.

    And Truman showed those balls in an ELECTION YEAR.

    The question still looking for an answer: what’s Obama’s excuse?

  44. 24play says


    I know you have fond memories of life during the Truman administration, but it’s intellectually dishonest (though, sadly, par for the course) for you to compare Obama’s situation to Truman’s.

    When Truman was president, there was no law passed by Congress forbidding blacks from serving next to whites in the military. Truman wasn’t elected 16 years after another president tried to force the military to integrate and failed spectacularly. And when Truman integrated the services, the U.S. wasn’t already embroiled in two wars.

    We already had a freshly inaugurated president try to force the military to allow gays to serve openly. It didn’t turn out very well for us.

    You need to get a clue about political reality in Washington. Unlike many other issues/interests in Congress, when it comes to the military, public opinion polls don’t mean shit.

    What Obama’s doing will work. What you—and the morons at the Palm Center—are suggesting could very well set us back another 16 years on gays in the military. It could also end forward movement at the federal level on other LGBT issues for at least the rest of Obama’s term. Goodbye ENDA. Goodbye hate crimes legislation. Goodbye UAFA. Goodbye to getting even a start on repealing DOMA.

    Is achieving the immediate good of stopping discharges under DADT right now—instead of, say, a year from now—worth putting all those goals, including full repeal of DADT, at risk?

  45. JT says

    At least with McCain we would have had a gay Chief of Staff. But, anyway, I did vote for Obama, and…I think he’s probably not going to make gays a priority, but yet again- isn’t it way to early to conclude that ?

  46. Michael Bedwell says

    Pure fantasies and transparent excuses for your dashboard Jesus, 24. From it, one would conclude that the country is run by a military dictatorship. The President, any President [except Truman, of course… and Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush 1 and 2, even Clinton on numerous other occasions] has no control over them. Congress reports to them, too.

    Now, assuming that’s true, why did great Constitutional scholar, the brilliant Obama tell us otherwise:

    “I will task the Defense Department and the senior command structure in every branch of the armed forces…I will direct my Secretaries of Defense and Homeland Security … ”

    The full 2007 promise from which those are taken shows that he disagreed with you then ENTIRELY on what HIS role would be, could be, should be. Again, what has changed other than the curtain being ripped off of his insincerity about “leadership and principle”?

    “Fourteen years ago, the Democratic Party faced a test of leadership, and our party failed that test. We had an opportunity to be leaders on the World stage in eliminating discrimination against gay and lesbian service members, to recognize the patriotism and heroism of the hundreds of thousands of gay and lesbian citizens who have served our country. Instead, we bowed to fear and prejudice. We were told that American soldiers weren’t ready to serve next to gay and lesbian comrades. We were told that our airmen, sailors and Marines would lose their “unit cohesion” if we implemented a policy of equality. And so, rather than embracing leadership and principle, we embraced Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell — a policy that is antithetical to the values of honor and integrity that our military holds most dear. Patriotic gay and lesbian Americans are now told that they may serve their country only if they hide their true identities. They are forced to live a lie as the price of risking their lives for their country.

    Fourteen years later, the United States of America lags far behind. We lag behind our military allies, who are repudiating discrimination against lesbian and gay soldiers in ever increasing numbers — in Great Britain, Canada, Israel, nearly every NATO member in Europe — all with no impact upon military readiness and performance. And our politicians lag behind the American people, who now call for the repeal of Don’t Ask,Don’t Tell in super-majority numbers. It is time for a change.

    As president, I will work with Congress and place the weight of my administration behind enactment of the Military Readiness Enhancement Act, which will make nondiscrimination the official policy of the U.S. military. I will task the Defense Department and the senior command structure in every branch of the armed forces with developing an action plan for the implementation of a full repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. And I will direct my Secretaries of Defense and Homeland Security to develop procedures for taking re-accession requests from those qualified service members who were separated from the armed forces under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and still want to serve their country. The eradication of this policy will require more than just eliminating one statute. It will require the implementation of anti-harassment policies and protocols for dealing with abusive or discriminatory behavior as we transition our armed forces away from a policy of discrimination. The military must be our active partners in developing those policies and protocols. That work should have started long ago. It will start when I take office.

    America is ready to get rid of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. All that is required is leadership.”

  47. says

    I think “p*ssed off” didn’t get his free chicken from his KFC Oprah coupon. Relax, there’s probably a Popeye’s or Church’s down the street. Tee hee.

    Okay sorry that was cheap humor. Sistuh Sojourn or whatever miss thing’s real name is needs to relax. We need to keep putting pressure on B.O., he courted our vote, and we voted for him in very high numbers, now we expect him to deliver. Grow a pair, B.O.

  48. Christopher says

    Pissed Off: moderate your meds

    Dan Savage: Sweet God could you be more sexy? Your neck is like a pillar of marble and your voice makes me want you to order me to do bad bad things.

  49. tofer david says

    pissed off,

    i have not heard a gay dem come out and say he was voting repub…i think we’re just disappointed and interested in holding our president accountable.

    get a grip. you need some assistance.

  50. Oscar in Miami Beach says

    Like all american blacks whether christians or muslims Obama hates gays.It is not expedient or politically correct to say so openly now so he does nothing in favor or against knowing all along that the status quo is detrimental to gays and gay rights.To hurt gays all Obama has to do is:NADA.All you fools that believe that the black president was going to carry your banner I hope that now you realize how wrong you have been all along.I suggest that if your still waiting for Obama to help gays better do it sitting down otherwise you are going to get Varicose Veins.

  51. leftypower says

    I called the White House this week advocating for a Civil Rights Act for Homosexual and Transgendered Americans. We need to get active, vocal and think big picture rather than attacking the President and spending our energies on each separate issue: ENDA, DOMA, DADT, etc.

    Call your Reps.

    Call your Senators.

    Call the White House.

    Do it weekly.

  52. JT says

    Oscar : There definitely is too much homophobia in African-American communities, but to assume Obama is a homophobe just because he’s a straight AA poltician would seem….mistaken. Governor Patterson of NY is pro-gay, as is Mayor Fenty of D.C.

  53. Daniel says

    If you live in a bad state, move to a state that protects GLBT human rights. I know I slept better than I ever have before when my state achieved equality. There are some states that are NEVER going to achieve equality. The USA will have broken apart long before they would even get close (Louisiana, Oklahoma and Utah are examples; heck the state supreme courts and legislatures in these states are so absolutely corrupt any sane heterosexual should leave these states too and never look back).

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