1. Craig says

    Translation into real speak: “I’m going to continue to sit in the Oval Office with my thumb up my butt on GLBT rights except for the 90 second photo ops with important figures in the GLBT community so I can plausibly claim I’m doing something for gay rights.”

  2. Wayne says

    I still don’t understand how it can be an issue that is left to the states when my state recognizes marriage equality and yet the Federal government will tax any health care benefit I receive from my husband and we can’t file our income taxes jointly.

  3. Alex says

    Wayne has hit the nail on the head – it is not a states only issue and Obama is fully aware of that and this response is embarrassing and insulting. Does he think people are just that stupid? Besides the fact DOMA has nothing to do with “leaving it up to the states.” In fact, if Obama feels that way, he shouldn’t support the repeal of DOMA. Not only was his answer intellectually dishonest, it was pretty stupid. Who voted for this putz again?

    If he supports legislative repeal of DOMA, can he call up Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and get them to work on that? Oh wait, those useless bags of skin can’t even get ENDA through an agenda.

    My only hope is that some faction of the Republican party that is truly focused on smaller government and giving less power to people like Nancy Pelosi and who are socially progressive emerges from the rubble of the GOP. Because they can sign me up tomorrow. The Democratic Party is a useless political party who can’t get their heads out of their asses long enough to see through on anything they promise people.

  4. says

    Obama has often supported repealing DOMA. He has never said he’d actually do anything to get it repealed. He has repeatedly stated his opposition to same sex marriage.

    Barack Obama supports discrimination against gay people. Plain and simple. The man is a bigot. There are no two ways about it.

  5. Chris says

    Perhaps he doesn’t want to do this, but it would be a lot more feasible after the Dems pick up four or five more senate seats, which they are poised to do next year, so that there can’t be a realistic filibuster threat………..just sayin’

  6. Craig says

    No, Chris, because after that their excuse will be they have to protect their filibuster proof majority, so they can’t actually do anything on gay rights because then they might drop below 60 senators the next election after that. The first principle in our new set of guiding principles: “Full civil rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals must be enacted now. Delay and excuses are no longer acceptable.” (

  7. Alan says

    Enough is enough. Give tax paying, law abiding, REAL couples and Families equal protection under the law at the Federal and State level. Just because a Straight person cannot wrap their head around Sexual Orientation is not a gay person’s problem.

  8. nuflux says

    You know, we need to stop letting them get away with using the word “support.” “Support” in the abstract means nothing. “Support” does NOT mean “will lift a finger to help.” It could mean nothing more than that if an alien came down and exercised mind control on all the members of Congress to get a bill repealing DOMA to Obama’s desk, he would sign it.

    I’m still waiting to hear from the O worshippers who tried to stifle all dissent from his “movement” during the primaries when the non-starry-eyed among us knew that he planned to do NOTHING for GLBT people.

  9. Strepsi says

    WAYNE above is right — this can not be a “State issue” as long as the Fed is REFUSING to acknowledge states that DO marry gay people. Some gay people are married — it’s a fact.

    Look, I admire and love President Obama for many things, but even his supporters on this board have to admit:


  10. Brian in Texas says

    As much as I would love for all of these GLBT civil rights issues to be handled immediately, it is just not a political reality for it to happen today. Yes, we have the most liberal, pro gay rights democratic President we’ve ever had; and yes huge majorities in the House and an almost filibuster proof majority in the Senate. However, if they move too swiftly to the left, especially on a hot bed and for many a religious issue such as gay rights; this could spell trouble for them in the 2010 midterm elections and again for Obama in the 2012 elections. This will set us back even further. Republicans and social conservatives are looking for anything to cling to in order to attack liberals and democrats in the midterms; they would make the entire election about that issue.

    Do you remember what happened to Bill Clinton in the ’94 midterms? ( Pushing too far to the left with regard to health care, gays in the military, etc.)

    It makes no sense for Obama to stick his neck out on this when your own congressional representative or senator who has legislative powers won’t do so. If congress passes the legislation and sends it to the oval office for him to sign he’d sign it.

    His detractors already say he is taking on too much with the worst economy since the Great Depression; Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq; health care reform, environmental legislation, detainees at Guantanmo; etc

  11. Jessica says

    LGB…what? Oh, yeah… I support gay rights!! *yes, photo op*!

    I am still waiting to see if this president does ANYTHING for ANYONE. Going to stop holding my breath to see if he will remember the family….

    Mr. Obama- the first hundred days are WAY up! What’s your excuse now???

  12. FizziekruntNT says

    I’m not sure at times whether I’m going to be ruled by my emotions or if I’ll compartmentalize issues and stand back for a moment while I observe life from outside the fishbowl, but what I’m hearing are two things:

    1. “Obama isn’t living up to the fairytale so now I’m mad!”


    2. “Obama was never and never will be ‘OUR’ friend.”

    What I’m noticing, however, is that even if he’s not moving at lightning speed toward a solution to ALL of our problems, I’m a bit amazed by the expectation of a great number of people for the POTUS to just wave his magic wand and that suddenly the order of things should go back to Bush-era prestidigitation legislation…but now in our favor.

    What the hell is that all about? I am outraged that he does have the ability to keep gay individuals in service to the country and chose to do nothing while valuable men and women are deprived of their jobs and pensions, but as far as states rights are concerned? As unappealing as it may be, we really DO have much work to do, each of us within our own state of residence. Write to your representatives and congressmen/women! Organize widespread media events! Be involved! Get off your ass and quit whining.

    NO, Obama is not going to make it all better with a wave of his magic jeebus hand. And you don’t go about repealing federal laws by pissing off Congress and the Senate by basically saying “Fuck you, I’m magical!”

  13. David B. 2 says

    This is just dunderheaded — it’s like saying Slavery is a states rights issue. When the states support something that is morally wrong, a leader takes the morally correct position and history usually exonerates him over time. Obama doesn’t equal Lincoln as we can plainly see here. Hope maybe — but justice is slippery with Obama. IMHO.

  14. Matt says

    Really, DOMA should end up in front of the supreme court. If Obama can appoint a GLBT-friendly supreme court justice (or just one that believes in personal privacy), I think that could do a world of good not only in his term but in future terms as well, even if Palin is president. I think that could even draw some support from traditionally republican sources as well, at least the ones in favor of personal privacy and smaller government that are currently getting disaffected with the party.

  15. Setay says

    Give the man a break; he has a point. Presidents don’t write legislation, they just sign it. Him supporting it isn’t going to make it pass any quicker. If there’s not 60 votes for it in the senate, it’s just lost political capital for other priorities. For God’s sake people, other important things are happening in the world and need to be done too. Remember how gay marriage gave us four more years of Bush because of poor timing? It’s politics. I mean, they’ve been talking about global warming and efficient cars for decades now and things are just getting done.

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