Brazil: None of the Recovered Debris Comes from Missing Plane

"In addition, the storms were towering up to 50,000 feet and would
have been producing lightning. The Air France plane would have
encountered these stormy conditions, which could have resulted in
either some structural failure or electrical failure."

At 11:10 p.m., a cascade of horrific problems began.

Automatic messages relayed by the jetliner indicate the autopilot
had disengaged, suggesting Dubois and his two co-pilots were trying to
thread their way through the dangerous clouds manually.

A key computer system had switched to alternative power and controls needed to keep the plane stable had been damaged.

An alarm sounded, indicating the deterioration of flight systems.

At 11:13 p.m., more automatic messages reported the failure of
systems to monitor air speed, altitude and direction. Control of the
main flight computer and wing spoilers also failed.

The last automatic message, at 11:14 p.m., indicated complete
electrical failure and a massive loss of cabin pressure — catastrophic
events, indicating that the plane was breaking apart and plunging
toward the ocean.


  1. jash says

    ugh, this is all just so bizarre. while it is entirely pointless to even guess why this flt crashed/vanished–i truly hope they find any of the wreckage to be able to determine why this a330 went down, so these people’s lives were not lost in vain.

  2. Joe says

    Okay so the debris found was not from this flight but they said they found a pallat and a seat and a large oil slick… so what the heck was that???

  3. scott says

    Im a commercial pilot and I’m wondering why NO ONE has been discussing why there was no ELT (Emergency Locator Tranmitter) signal received from the aircraft? All part 121 (scheduled commercial) aircraft are required to have these devices onboard and they specifically are required to have a device that floats for aircraft that fly overwater. In most cases large aircraft have multiple ELT devices. I haven’t seen anything mentioned in any news media about why ELT signals were never received…

  4. Christopher says

    SCOTT: I was wondering the same thing. What good is a black box that can’t signal where it is located after a crash? As usual, the real story is in what we’re NOT being told.

    All you conspiracy theorists out there, you’re up!

  5. R. Kundu says

    Looking at the latest reports that the debris are not from the Air France flight 447, is it possible to have an “Airport 77″ type of situation? The plane is intact underwater with all on board. Not sure if the plane body can withstand the pressure under 2 miles of water. But if that is a possibility can they try to detect the plane underwater using some highend sonar detecting technology?
    All this maybe wierd speculation, but with in it lies HOPE.

  6. Paul R says

    R. Kundu, there’s no way a plane could remain intact after falling from that height in such conditions. Plus, a plane wouldn’t be nearly as hard to find. And all oxygen would be long gone.

    I too find it really gross that there’s an oil slick so large that it was discounted because a plane couldn’t hold that much. Oceans are becoming absolute cesspools.

  7. Maria says

    Has any media touched upon the other, “not from flt 447″, mysterious random airplane seat and where it came from? Do these thing just fall from passing ships on a regular basis? Have there been -that- many plane crashes in that area or could it have floated from another crash site which occurred some time ago? ie. Did it take a ride on a gyre? This whole thing, even now, is making it really hard for me not to put on my nutter in tin foil hat face.

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