1. TK says

    I know a select group of high-rolling buyers and collectors where notified of this exhibition weeks ago. A friend of mine flew out from the US to be there yesterday.

  2. Darian Zam says

    Even if that’s the case, you don’t just snap your fingers and “create a career”. There’s a lot of talent, hard work and especially good luck involved.
    I’m sorry Dave B, you are so misinformed regarding the way Banksy views his audience, particularly the buyers of his work, if you did any vague amount of research into it. You simply sound like a very cynical and bitter individual. Here’s someone having some fun and shaking things up in the very staid art world, finally! Your attitude is not only completely misinformed, but sucks a fat one.
    Please, do better. C’mon – show us. We’re waiting for your utter brilliance.


    Middle-class wanker with art degree pandering to upper-class wannabes with a chequebook.

    Posted by: daveb | Jun 12, 2009 1:39:47 PM

  3. anon says

    WANTED: middle class, bar hanging, critical, depressive NEEDS interesting, visionary, entrepreneurial target to vent culturally conditioned, frustration against. … DAVEB for details.

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