1. joe c says

    O’Reilly is talking head. Not a journalist. Frank is Politico hack. Nothing more than an ineffective outdated careerist. They are both blowing steam. Who cares.

  2. paul c says

    I don’t know which of these two creeps is more difficult to watch. You have two phonies, sitting there yelling over each others constant non-sequiters.

    Anyone know what is with Barney Frank grossly and repeatedly picking at his fingers and scratching his head and fidgeting with his tie? That’s really bizarre behavior for someone in a public setting, let alone on national television! I half expected him to lift his foot and start biting his toenails.

  3. dona says

    Dear Bill,

    You wondered why Barney Frank is so unhappy? I know why–I had to live in that socialist state for 2 years (& that was back in 1997-99 on Cape Cod). I found the people up there to be DOUR, SOUR, MISERABLE, NASTY, NARROW MINDED, DUMPY FRUMPY people with NO SENSE OF HUMOR!!! & that is exactly what Barney Frank looks like & acts like!

    Bedford, TX

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