1. Hampha says

    I wish someone would put Piglia and Colder on a very isolated island along with Sullyvan and that other blond hatemonger and leave them there. Some island with large man & woman-eating reptiles and big venomous spiders.

  2. JohnInManhattan says

    How DARE you compare this fetid cunt with the legendary Mink Stole?!?

    Paglia once claimed that there’s no such as anti-gay violence since gay folks can hide their sexuality. What that means, I still have no idea. She’s quite the wordsmith and a deeply disturbed individual.

  3. terry says

    I hate hearing that ‘the leader has much more important issues right now’ crap. There is no convenient time when it comes to equality and discrimination. Geesh, get a clue.

  4. Wes says

    I think her strange, vague ‘main parent’ vs ‘assistant parent’ idea is more potentially confusing to children than simply having two mommies or daddies.

  5. Karl says

    She must have the same gay friends as Sarah Palin. Except instead of whores she hates, they are whores she envies!

    The thing to remember about Paglia is that she was unleashed on the world by Harold Bloom. She wouldn’t have gotten her PhD without him. I love Harold to death but he threw the rest of us onto the fire with this one.

  6. Gabe R L says

    Camille Paglia is a brilliant and cultured woman. She runs rings around her critics. Her opinions are always articulate and show her knowledge. She is always poised. She clashes with the immaturity, ignorance, and political correctness that typifies so many involved in the feminist, gay and lesbian movements.

  7. JohnnieB says

    She always says the opposite of popular gay opinion…always. I don’t think she’s really a lesbian. She just pretends she is because it goes against “the norm.” JohnInManhttan: not fetid cunt! oh my…I think I love you.

  8. says

    I was enchanted with her when SEXUAL PERSONAE came out; I’m a fan of the idea of psychologizing everything and analyzing everything. But her opinions over the years have become comical. She’s been an idiot, truly, for at least a decade. What an embarrassment.

  9. David says

    What was interesting about that interview was her use of the personal pronoun “I.” When put into context with the fact she clearly wants an open relationship, me thinks there is a rather strong narcissistic streak going on there. Bottom line, I would bet Paglia’s partner kicked her out just to get some peace and quiet.

  10. says

    She just keeps getting funnier and funnier. Starting with her “I am an expert on disco music” diatribe when reviewing Madonna’s Confessions album and then blaming that poor kid who got killed at his school for being too flaming and therefore deserving death and then loving Sarah Palin and now this?

    Someone please unleash an incurable case of scabies on this woman.

  11. David says

    I wish people would stop saying the President is so busy. He is President of the United States of America – of course his plate is full. We elected someone who can multi-task; NOW MULTI-TASK!

    Even Bush managed to run two wars, waterboard, block rights, violate laws, and spend most of his time on vacation. Don’t tell me it can’t be done.

  12. Terry says

    Camille certainly loves to hear herself talk, doesn’t she? Words, words, words, words, blah, blah, blah.

    But I am getting awfully weary with the “my GOD, he’s got SO much on his plate right now” thing. We elected him to solve problems, PLUS act on explicit campaign promises HE made to the GLBT community. And I expect him to make good on those promises.

  13. Sargon Bighorn says

    She’s smarter than most people can handle and hence many people find her unacceptable and hard to listen to. That’s part of the challenge with intelligent people, few understand them, and then talk down about them.

  14. Rob says

    I want am so intrigued by her dead-on personal opinions as they don’t tow the kum-ba-ya attitude of the “gay community”. To deny that gay parents can mirror exactly the model of straight parents is illuminating. Yes, we can parent, but for the good of the child, not the good of our ego, we have to form a support system for them.

    She is right for calling out the Gay Community for being fickle and turning on a candidate when they don’t get instant gratification. In barely over a hundred days Obama has had to tackle an unprecedented series of problems. For laws an attitudes to change you have to work within the status quo. Clinton tried to overturn the ban on gays in the Military and a Democrat dug his heels in and all hell broke loose. What used to be just a policy, then became “law” with Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Obama doesn’t have the power to remove it, but must go through a process. I agree with Paglia that gays need to stop navel gazing and stop being just aware of their own needs. It DOES make us look petty, weak and self-centered. Change will come and advocacy and education encourages it. A dismissive, scorched earth-policy by gays who refuse to hear any other opinion are just oppressing themselves.

  15. steve says

    I’ve been with my partner for 30 years and am so fucking tired of hearing “now is not the right time” if not now , when?

    civil rights can not wait–r u listening obama and the democratic majority??

  16. Willie says

    Oh Andy — I forget you are an elitist at heart with your famous and wealthy friends.

    This woman is disgusting and condescending and her generalizations are sickening…. but you agree with her.

    No surprise.

  17. nic says

    oh, gawd, camille is the worst of gay culture: the gabby dyke that wil say anything to stay in the spot light. it is clear that she is projecting her intrinsic failures to lesbianism as a whole, and ascribing a stunted, fantastical view of gay men’s relationships. where are we to start in defending her diatribe against women. we cannot. it is a dead end street. it has been evident for more than a decade that no smart person takes her seriously. she is the typical shrew, the harpy, the banshee, the whirling dervish that will spin him/herself into delerium (disguised as spiritual understanding). why anyone cares what she thinks, is beyond me.

    there is no warm spot in my heart for her.

  18. Wes says

    I was under the impression that nearly all of the commenters at Towleroad were gay men.

    And I don’t think she’s too intelligent for people to understand if they happen to disagree. Thats kinda pretentious. In fact I don’t find some of her ideas to be all that intellectually impressive myself.

    She comes across as someone who doesn’t really have it all together, honestly.

  19. Jeff NYC says

    I wish people would stop misusing the word “intelligent” when describing her.

    The ability to articulate idiocy does not confer intelligence on someone.

    She simply has an unlimited ability to string words together, but they rarely make sense or persuade anyone of anything.

    It is the essence of narcissism: She literally “likes the sound of her own voice.”

  20. kerry says

    i didn’t watch the video, just read your synopsis.

    i don’t disagree. i trust he’ll get to it. it’s been 6 months since he got into office.

    i think people are going overboard at the moment.

    and i’m sure that comment will provoke lots of responses.

  21. says

    Of course, these bitchy blog commenters are attacking the woman, not her arguments. Look at what she said and argue those points.

    “What is the insularity? We have a new president who is struggling with major crises in the Mideast and the economy is reeling. … Yes, keep up the drumbeat. [but] … This is childish. … After a few months in office, give me a break. Why can’t gays show that they have a wider perspective?”

  22. Ed says

    I understand some of the comments saying Obama has been in office for only 6 months, a little over a days, etc. etc.

    I think the gay community would be more willing to wait if this administration acknowledged their promises to the gay community.

    As it is, Robert Gates gets a severe case of the mumbles whenever any LGBT issue comes up. The candidate that once spoke about equality for LGBT people in the black and fundamentalist churches as president won’t even acknowledge Prop 8 or any other LGBT issue directly. It is as if he feels that by mentioning the word “gay,” healthcare reform will be stopped and the economy will tank further.

    I understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day but this administration seems to have developed selective memory disorder and doesn’t even seem to recall any promises about DOMA or DADT.

  23. Robert says

    I have read some of her stuff over at and she is one of the dumbest most self hating people I’ve ever come across.

    PS Obama is busy increasing the faith based initiative, expanding Bush’s illegal war even further into Afghanistan and Pakistan, giving over $780 billion to corrupt Wall Street corporations, discriminating against gays/lesbians, etc.

    PPS and this is what the Senate is doing…Jun 24th, 2009 | WASHINGTON — The Senate urged President Barack Obama Wednesday to pardon the late black heavyweight champion Jack Johnson, who was sent to prison nearly a century ago because of his romantic ties with a white woman.

    Senators approved the resolution by voice vote; it now goes to the House.

    Johnson became the first black heavyweight champion in 1908 — 100 years before Obama was elected the nation’s first black president. The boxer was convicted in 1913 of violating the Mann Act, which made it illegal to transport women across state lines for immoral purposes. The law has since been heavily amended, but has not been repealed.

    The resolution was sponsored by Obama’s 2008 opponent, Arizona Republican John McCain. Similar resolutions offered in 2004 and last year failed to pass both chambers of Congress.

  24. says

    I can’t express enough how much I despise this woman’s pseudo-intellectualism to both objectify and justify her obviously deep-seated prejudices. Her ideas are unquantifiable but so wrapped up in important sounding mumbo-jumbo it’s challenging for regular folks to dispute her when others cite her for reasoning their own prejudices.

    Dear Camille, how about saying your relationship failed because you personally failed instead of generalizing that lesbian relationships just aren’t built that way and that gay men whore around so it’s easier for them to stay together?

  25. paul c says

    The excuse of “he has too much on his plate” is ludicrous. Are people naive enough to think that the “Chief EXECUTIVE” actually goes out and researches everything, sits alone in a room for hours on end carefully developing his own ideas on what needs to be done, how to do it, the implications that will result…then he really focuses and writes up legislation, etc?

    Idiots. He doesn’t do ANY of that. He sits in his office and has THOUSANDS of government employees (paid for by GAY tax dollars) who do ALL of the work and thinking…then when all of the work is done it is brought to him to approve or disapprove. His “plate” is filled with saying yes or no…and maybe signing his name to a few papers.

    No “plate” is “too full” to sign an order providing the most basic civil rights to citizens. That’s just a completely fallacious excuse, intended to absolve of all responsibility someone who spent two years begging to be given that very burden. It’s despicable.

  26. Troy says

    If I could buy her for what she’s worth and sell her for what she thinks she’s worth, I would make a down payment on that young stud that’s working at my fitness center.

  27. Paul says

    She is basically insecure and not very bright. She thinks by saying the exact opposite of what we would expect from her, it makes her look more intelligent. Unfortunately we now totally expect her devil’s advocate stand and no one takes her very seriously. Poor, sad excuse for an intellectual. She is really not a very nice person – no wonder she got dumped. How long can someone put up with that shit?

  28. g_whiz says

    I don’t really understand Paglia. I had a lot of good and earnest feminists willingly reccomend her to me, but lately she seems more and more like an arch-conservative masqurading. I have even further reason to side step her “unique voice” now.

  29. Wes says

    Andy B., those arguements are nothing new.

    Most gay people were merely anxious before the DOJ brief, thats what sent them over the edge into outrage (and rightfully so).

    Being busy is no excuse to file an offensive legal brief that actively works against us. I understand the DOJ’s tendency to defend standing laws, regardless of if the administration supports it, but it was the manner in which the defense was argued that was completely unnecessary.

    Anyways, it will require pressure from us before anything gets done regardless. Do not be so naive as to assume anyone will do anything without action on our part, promises or no promises. Politicians act out of necessity and we need to make our priorities a necessity. If we have any strength or conviction whatsoever, we need to call upon it now.

  30. pete says

    I didn’t listen to her and never will. She was the one that wrote an article saying essentially that Mathew Shepard was running around picking up tricks like all gay men and he should have expected something like would happen.

  31. Glynn says

    No – gay USA shouldn’t wait any longer – she can call you children if she likes – fuck her (oh……..was that childish too?).

    Surely it takes less time to get an issue out of the way (and we are WAY in their way at the moment what with DOMA, ENDA, DADT- than it does to keep putting it off?

    Excuses (like Paglia) waste oxygen.

  32. Jersey says

    Strange how much Cammille Paglia looks like Terry Schiavo in that picture. I think Camille is working with the same level of intelligence, too.

  33. adamblast says

    I’ve never understood what was supposed to make her interesting. Her intellectual ruminations always seem based on her private life and over-generalized to everyone else.

    Lesbians can’t keep the spark alive. Same gender parenting is too confusing if they’re both equally involved. And we should keep the drumbeat of activism and pressure going, but doing so is childish.

    What’s childish is her lifelong obsession with pop idols and her attempt to make that something serious.

  34. says

    I think this President actually does look at issues and makes decisions, unlike the previous one. I do think he knows the LGBT issues are at a boiling point is trying very hard to avoid making the same mistakes that Clinton did right out of the box. Further, me thinks the vast majority of the bellyaching is coming from the middle/upper middle class privileged elite of the Gay community and/or malcontents who have done little in the way of activism other than bitching on Towleroad.

    I don’t think the vast majority of the minority Gay community is anywhere near at the same point as White males are in relation to what the President is doing and how he is doing it. Most of us are a little bit more interested in the economy, etc.. I am not saying rights are not important, but, feeding yourself and having a home trump Doma right now. Btw, I despise DADT and rail about it constantly.

  35. nic says

    great! now, if all of us were to take to the media and denounce her for the self-serving and self-servicing fraud she is, perhaps we could all be more productive.

  36. Matt says

    Wrong, wrong, wrong…. easier for gay men to have a “romantic fling” than it is for lesbians who are in a relationship together?, it’s betrayal for lesbians or gay men in a committed monogamous relationships, no different honey!!! How can this woman speak for men, fine if she wants to offer her perspective on how she feels as a woman but shut up when it comes to men…

  37. michael says

    2/3 of what Paglia says is total nonsense, but I do respect her for just following her own freak flag and not repeating the conventional bromides.

    I don’t agree with much of what she says here but I agree about Obama. It’s not of course that he literally doesn’t have time – but the President only has so much political capital. That’s just a reality and right now he’s using all his power to get health care passed, not to mention cap and trade. I don’t think there’s any reason for gay activists to wait — in fact we are pressing on many different fronts, state and federal, and in many small ways the Obama administration is cooperating. THe problem with DADT in the first months of 1993 was not only that we ended up losing the battle, because it was begun so sloppily, but that it set the Clinton administration back so much — the point is, success builds on success, and if Obama is seen after his first year as someone who can’t pass on anything, there’s not going to be any progress, neither on health care or gay rights.

    But overall as much as I care about marriage and other issues, it’s not my priority. I think universal health care is much more important (to gays and lesbians as well as everyone), global warning (what good marriage if the world ceases to exist?), even immigration reform — these are more urgent issues to me. (Not to mention increasing peace in a very violent world and bringing our entire economic system back from the brink of collapse.

  38. says

    She’s certainly brilliant. Some of her work is quite insightful. But when intellect is prostituted for the sole purpose of gaining notoriety or money, and it seems that this is again the case, it makes her seem buffoonish and utterly irrelevant.

  39. JeffRob says

    As a community, we must take a broader view of world events if we want to be taken seriously.

    Every gay person I know says the most important problem facing us right now is lack of marriage equality, or DADT.

    Except those gay folks who have been laid off. They need a job.

    Except those gay folks fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. They need the wars to end.

    Except those gay folks whose home was just foreclosed. They need affordable housing.

    Except those gay folks from Iran, they’re not thinking about anything else right now.

    Our total equality is important, but so are about 50,000 other things. From one proud homo to all my angry brothers and sisters on this beautiful Pride week: come off it.

  40. Robbie says

    Finally…I am so glad I finally found someone who agrees with me. It’s so embarrassing to me to watch gay groups in the news bitching and moaning about LGBT rights (as well as other social activist groups) when we have a horrendous recession going on and an unwinnable war still waged in the middle east…two issues which are FAR more pressing than gay marriage or DADT.

  41. Yet another John says

    What she is missing (and others on here) is that the LGBT community was quite patient with Obama and made few demands until that interminable DOMA brief. It was a terrible miscalculation on the part of the administration and lead to the tactics we are currently seeing. If the DOJ had not filed that brief, Paglia would be right. However, they did file a brief only slightly modified from what the Bush administration would have filed and now they have hell to pay. Paglia is dead wrong. It is not selfishness, but self preservation that is driving the current actions of the community. Once again Paglia is the lone (and wrong) voice in the wilderness and I think she is selfish for continually pushing her views on us. She is not a leader of any sort in my eyes.

  42. Derrick from Philly says

    “I don’t think the vast majority of the minority Gay community is anywhere near at the same point as White males are in relation to what the President is doing….”

    Hi, Derek:

    Actually, I receieved worse criticism on my favorite black gay blog for standing by my President. Those of us who still support the President were called “House Negroes” (as opposed to the much more noble “Field Negroes”. I had to hold my tongue due to my respect for the host of that blog (Rod 2.0) and I respect his insistence on civility. But, Honey, you know how much I wanted to cuss them…well….well…

    A fuckin’ feeding frenzy over the last two weeks–that’s what it was. Hysterical Homo Hyenas! Anyway, I did what I’ve done ALL my life when I’ve come across….unpleasant gays: I fled….just stay away.

    But you know, I think many “activist minded” gays would be surprised to know just how “ordinary” gay folks are not angry with the new President.

  43. nic says

    well, all i can say is that once upon a time, some people thought ms. paglia may have had something positive to contribute to the conversation. but, wow, this woman is frantically dog paddling to the banks of safety of public discourse and acceptance. not unlike ann coulter, her extreme views are bogging her down in the muck and mire of her own creation. welcome to the turbid and torpidity of the river which you decided to pollute. polemicism serves no one.

    you two beatches stop it, unless you want to be vilified further.

  44. NOLAPHILLY says

    I don’t understand the vitriol towards Camille in the comments. You may disagree with her opinions, but if you’re going to comment, the least you can do is create a reasonable response in order to further the dialogue. Instead, most are simply attacking the messenger.

    I think she’s right in saying that gay and lesbian parents would do well in not defining their family in a heterosexual framework and vocabulary. Kids are smart and can recognize that their family is different than the rest of their friends.

    And while she does generalize the differences between male and female sexuality, generalizations and stereotypes exist for a reason. Her saying that it’s easier for a gay couple to deal with sex outside the confines of a monogamous relationship isn’t a put down. She’s expressing envy. Comments denying the existence of that model only serves to stunt our growth as a community.

    What is this obsession by the majority of homosexuals – at least on here – to try and force themselves into a hetero-normal framework? Physically and emotionally we are different from our straight counterparts. Physically and emotionally we are different from our lesbian counterparts. And that’s ok. Society should have room for all of us to peacefully coexist. But before that can ever happen, we have to accept and admit our differences.

    I also want to respond to Pete who said, “She was the one that wrote an article saying essentially that Mathew Shepard was running around picking up tricks like all gay men and he should have expected something like would happen.” That is such a simplistic reading of her article. She related the story of Matthew Shepard to illustrate how the liberal media – in her opinion – have simplified and hijacked the gay debate, forcing detractors underground because their position is not given credence in the mainstream media, only to manifest their opposition in more violent ways.

    As far as Obama goes, I’m of the generation that knows that time is on our side. Without donations and boycott fundraisers if you want, I don’t have a problem with that. But it is very difficult to listen to interviews with gay activists complain about the lack of movement on gay issues and not feel like they’re whining. Just sayin…

  45. bobbyjoe says

    In 2009, Camille Paglia is as relevant to critical, socio-political, and academic thought as the band A Flock of Seagulls is to popular music.

    She’s never been pro-gay rights, has always been a predictable reactionary, and in the last couple of decades has often spent her energy just slightly revising what she’s heard on Rush Limbaugh that week (she’s a huge fan of Rush) into slightly more pretentious, but intellectually lazy, rabble-rousing.

    Come to think of it, though, Flock of Seagulls had more realistic hair in the ’80s than Paglia’s current ‘do. They win.

  46. Gabe R L says

    I am always impressed with her erudition, wit, and energy. She is a woman who has suffered a lot for her opinions and has emerged stronger for it. I love it when she calls the gay community on its foot-stamping sense of entitlement, which puts their pants in a twist! The childish name-calling that goes on only proves her right.

  47. paul c says

    “me thinks the vast majority of the bellyaching is coming from the middle/upper middle class privileged elite of the Gay community”

    Derek, why would you discount someone’s opinion or desire for equal rights based on their socioeconomic bracket? Isn’t that the exact same thing that’s been done to poor people throughout history? Rich people asking for SPECIAL rights is abhorent, rich or poor people demanding EQUAL rights is democracy and fairness. Thank God for anyone who fights for equality!

    @Jeffrobb — are you saying that equal rights for an oppressed minority only come after EVERYTHING else in the world is perfect and under control? Because that day NEVER comes. It’s never happened, ain’t gonna happen…and it’s not necessary for everything else to stop before equal rights can be addressed. That is a 100% fallacious argument. It’s just a rationalized way of saying “sit down and shut up”.

    @Derrick from Philly – you have the right to stand by your man, just as Sean Hannity and Elisabeth Hasselbeck stood by theirs and excused all of his incompetance and lies, but don’t kid yourself into thinking that everyone who wants their rights is “activist minded” (I assume that’s a euphemism for rich, spoiled people) and not just “ordinary”. I’d be willing to bet you anything that you have far more money and resources than I do…if I had anything to bet with.

  48. Alex M says

    Paglia is completely enamored of political big men, like Fraudbama. She has a job where she does not face discrimination and she and her partner enjoyed health benefits, etc. Those of us who aren’t so lucky are therefore “childish” for standing up to Papa Fraudbama.

  49. paul c says

    “I love it when she calls the gay community on its foot-stamping sense of entitlement, which puts their pants in a twist!”

    @Gabe R L — Yeah Gabe, nothing screams “foot-stamping sense of entitlement” like people who want EQUAL rights. Where do those queers get off thinking that they should have equal rights in the United States of America? It’s not like they pay taxes which in turn pay the salaries and immense benefit packages of the very (slimy) politicians who actively deny them what every single other person in this country is given at birth without having to lift a finger.

    The fact that we now actually have gays arguing against equal rights and for Obama’s continuance of oppression of selected citizens (that would be us) is shocking and beyond pathetic.

  50. bobbyjoe says

    “She related the story of Matthew Shepard to illustrate how the liberal media – in her opinion – have simplified and hijacked the gay debate, forcing detractors underground because their position is not given credence in the mainstream media, only to manifest their opposition in more violent ways.”

    Yeah, because the anti-gay rights side was never adequately represented in the media– particularly back at the time Paglia wrote that article. Puuuh-lease. There’s been nothing MORE “politically correct” than being anti-gay in the ’90s, including the massive over-representation of the views of Robertson, Dobson, Falwell, etc. in the mainstream media: you don’t get to pretend to be “delightfully” un-P.C. (Like Paglia did and does) when you represent the majority anti-gay sentiment you’d find in pretty much all the polls in the ’90s (and that has only been decreasing slowly to the present levels, though there’s STILL a lot of anti-gay sentiment)– but during that decade, Paglia tried to have her cake and eat it too, pretending to be “un-P.C.” when she actually represented a majority viewpoint and one, in fact, overly promoted and covered in the mainstream media where your chances of seeing a far right anti-gay conservative rather than a progressive or GLBT-sympathetic minister or activist were about 20-1.

    And so we either drag Shepard’s reputation through the mud like on that offensive ABC’s 20/20 “blame the victim” episode– something that, one might notice, is never done to some of these missing and murdered blonde women who fascinate the media to no end– or else we risk creating some sort of violent backlash of pent-up mayhem from those who don’t get an adequate amount of “queer bashing” on their t.v.? Give me a freakin’ break.

  51. Chitown Kev says

    @Derrick From Philly

    Yeah, I’ve missed you over at Rod’s.

    Even though I am angry at the Obama Administration, I respect those who continue to stand by the President. However, when someone came over to Rod’s place and played the race card I was highly offended and dropped a “house faggot” bomb on him. I don’t apologize for dropping that bomb either but you have respected and understaood everyone’s anger at Obama.

    It is interesting, though, that you see a similar anger at both blogs.

    As far as Camille, sometimes I like her, most times I don’t. This is a simple case of her taking an oppositional point of view just to piss people off.

  52. Chitown Kev says

    As far as my anger with Obama, understand my point of view as a Chicagoian. Obama NEVER catered to anti-gay bigots in Chicago as he seems to have been doing since the Presidential campaign beginning with Donnie McClurkin.

    This is not the obama that I voted for in 2004.

  53. Derrick from Philly says

    “but don’t kid yourself into thinking that everyone who wants their rights is “activist minded” (I assume that’s a euphemism for rich, spoiled people) and not just “ordinary”.”

    No, PAUL C. After feeling dejected by so much criticism of the President on the blogs (both white & black blogs), I began to call friends on the phone (most in 40s and older). NOT ONE of them were as incensed as the gays who comment on the blogs. So, I tried to figure out what was the difference between these gay folks. The gay folks who are involved with activism I call “activist” gays. The gays who rarely get involved “ordinary” (hope that’s not an insult. The “ordinary” gay folks I talked to were even furious about the talk of a “March on Washington”–if it were aimed at the President. People forget that most black folks did not actively participate in the Civil Rights Movement, and most women did not actively participate in the Women’s Movement.

    “I’d be willing to bet you anything that you have far more money and resources than I do…if I had anything to bet with.”

    No. But I didn’t check my Powerball tickets today yet.

    And please, don’t compare my support for President Obama to Hasselback’s support for George the Idiot. You can compare it to my support for Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Lyndon Johnson, Harry Truman and Franklin Roosevelt. Hell, I’d’ve even supported Democrat Andrew Jackson had he not been an inhuman enslaver of Africans and murderer of Native Americans.

  54. bobbyjoe says

    I’d also add that Paglia’s current “shut up, we have better things to worry about” stance is hardly iconoclastic or hip; she’s simply echoing the Blue Dog right-of-center DNC attitude, which, again, I’d suggest is the majority viewpoint.

    How this woman gets credit as a “rebel” or “free-thinker” is beyond me. So she’s rebelling against a vocal minority within a minority? Whooooo, that’s risky! If Paglia gets any more intellectually brave, she might do something really dangerous, like having mayonnaise instead of ketchup with her fries.

  55. LARS says

    It’s repellent how nasty the comments are coming from gay men towards a gay woman. The misogyny is palpable!! Camilla is an intelligent, thoughtful person who’s opinions deserve better than this. This immaturity is EXACTLY was she is speaking about. Now quit your whining and start acting like real men!

  56. Eric Schubert says

    Thanks Camille! Always incisive. Completely agreed. I’m shocked by my community’s blindness to the order of priorities when considering the intensity and danger inherent in the crises our nation faces and also the blindness to the lightning speed with which we are actually winning the equal rights battle, considering the moderating forces of a democracy. We should be celebrating while continuing to push the fight in the states. If I have any frustration, it is not with Obama’s leadership as our President; where is OUR leadership? Sending letters and attending meetings is not enough. We need ambitious leaders to get out and speak for us, leading our marches, etc.

  57. dion says

    She hates lesbians because she couldn’t get laid. Lesbians don’t like her because she’s basically just Rush Limbaugh with a vagina.

    She said Mathew Sheppard deserved to be murdered. I’d love to see someone tie her to a fence and beat her to death.

  58. JerryK says

    I always wonder whenever I have seen interviews of her- WHAT IS SHE ON? If you stopped her in a conversation and ask her to tell you what she just said, I believe she couldn’t tell you.

  59. Laurie says

    Camile Paglia, though quite bright and a gifted writer, is an egomaniac. She loves to hear herself talk. Good thing most of us don’t take her seriously.

  60. Zeph says

    “It’s repellent how nasty the comments are coming from gay men towards a gay woman. The misogyny is palpable!!”

    Oh shut up. Just because her gender gives us an excuse to dust off the c-word doesn’t mean we’re all closet woman-haters. I love how the only evidence you offer that people are being misogynist is the fact that they are (mostly) men criticizing a woman. People get criticized in the comments on this blog all the time, it’s not suddenly unfair because Paglia is a woman. Where are you when Sally Kern, Ann Coulter, or that bitch who runs NOM are mentioned on here?

  61. MichaelMichael says

    I like her. Don’t always agree w. her and I’m not obligated to, but she offers interesting ideas. She can be funny too, if not taken too seriously. Does seem like she may have done a bump of something in this interview as her “crazy pants” seems engorged.

    Also, why is it lesbians feel they’ve cornered the market on the deepest emotional connections available? Just cuz they so often 0 to 60 with the gamut of them?

  62. Matt says

    Straight people whipped up DOMA and DADT. And now gay people are to blame for wanting them gone? Our interests are always going to be the ones that are easy to push aside if we do not keep up the pressure. President Obama can prioritize quite well, whether or not we are “whining.”

  63. Paul R says

    She was interesting 20 years ago. The first chapter of Sexual Personae was extraordinary, and the chapter “Beautiful Boy as Destroyer” still sticks in my head.

    But once she got a taste of media attention, she just started saying whatever it would take for it to continue. No female feminist I know can stand her.

  64. Gabe R L says

    That is a good thing if true, Paul R. So many prominent feminists are very narrow-minded themselves, and refuse to embrace or even tolerate anyone who doesn’t follow their party line. Its part of the reason Camille has had the trouble that she has had in life. Camille was the only open lesbian in graduate school at Yale, and suffered professionally because of that. Her work had trouble getting published for twenty decades partly because of its originality and because of her admiring interest in male homosexuality. She has suffered precisely because of the prejudice we all hate, partly due to homophobia and partly to hostility to anyone who does not conform.
    I myself very much support gay rights, and wish for a world where homophobia does not exist, though that may never happen. I only feel that at the moment President Obama has plenty of other things that are at least as important to worry about, and that should be respected.

  65. Domo says

    Pardon me but I always thought Daniela Mercury had better taste. Who in their right mind would want that stuttering misogynist in their bed? All that pathologizing, all that “theory”. God, how tedious! Pray for our lesbian sisters! Save them from the Plague of Paglia!!!

  66. Hrudu says

    Thanks for posting this. It speaks well of your ‘zine that you are willing to post intelligently articulated opinions that many of your readers may find challenging or downright offensive . As Nietzsche observed, we need the courage for an attack on our own convictions.

  67. Glynn says

    Zeph, too right.

    Man to Man though Lars, immaturity is EXACTLY what she was demonstrating. The Paglian brian is clogged with so many conflicting ideas that she doesn’t allow herself enough time to think them through. She ably demonstated how she blames others for her own failings.

    She also envies those who are mature enough to live the life they want to lead as a couple.

    Then she calls US childish for pointing out Obamas failings thus far. Because we demand legal equality now, she gets pissed off.

    Well sweetie, I have considered myself equal to all for over 50 years, so I think I have fucking waited long enough to be legally equal too.

    What a shitty lazy role model she is. Her daughter may well get hassled for having HER for a mother, but I doubt it happens because “Ms Co-Parent” is a Lezzer.

  68. bobbyjoe says

    “Her work had trouble getting published for twenty decades partly because of its originality and because of her admiring interest in male homosexuality.”

    Twenty decades? Wow, Paglia is older than I thought! 😉

  69. Dan says

    Most of the commenters here aren’t fit to hold her pencils. Paglia is a brilliant mind and one of America’s greatest intellectuals. She’d also make mincemeat of you clods while barely breaking a sweat.


  70. nic says

    camille paglia may think of herself as a revolutionary just as ayn rand did, but sad for her, and sad for the other polemicist, ann coulter, they have doomed themselves to infamy. sadder still, for us, ayn rand has had a grip on american economic philosophy for far too long. after LBG, her morally empty reasoning took hold. little by little, the repugs took up her mantle. the end result of her heartless libertarianism culminated in the fiasco that was abetted by the decrepit alan greenspan and the pitiful and piteous economy he and the shrub left behind.

    and all of this from the unholy trinity of rand, coulter, and paglia who would willingly undergo female genital mutilation to become subjugated to males.

    i have no proof to proffer in the female circumcision question. however, i will let media accounts, history, and common sense bear me out. they were, and two still are, self-depreciating women.

  71. The Phoenix says

    Too bad the world isn’t populated by sophisticates Camille. We’re people. People who are tired of waiting for bullshit. In a way like all haves vs. havenots, it serves you to keep us in the position that we are in but you don’t speak for me. You never have and you never will.

  72. mcquaidLA says

    Keep one thing in mind when you compare Paglia to Mink Stole; Stole is acting. On the other hand, Paglia (living proof that no one ever went broke underestimating the quality of American discourse) is clearly convinced that every teeny tiny thought that pops into her teeny tiny mind deserves a big, big voice.

    And so, the hollow barrel continues to make the loudest noise.

  73. Matt says

    Many other serious intellectuals and geniuses would disagree with her ideas, as well as many towleroad commenters, so the idea that we are simply unable to comprehend her genius is insulting and based on a complete lack of evidence. In my estimation, her defenders are guilty of the same intellectual weaknesses as Paglia in this case.

  74. ED2 says

    I think her ex was very smart to drop this dead weight. Her logic is reckless, her assumptions naive and her opinions are ill-formed. She obviously is out of touch and out of mind.

    I’d pity her but judging from this excerpt she’s too ignorant to understand it.

  75. Gabe R L says

    Dan is right.

    Paglia would make mincemeat of all of you ignorant, steroid-abusing, ageist, sexist clods while barely breaking a sweat, if that.

    Paglia would be unphased by all this hostility. She is too tough and intelligent to be bothered by it. On US university campuses over the years she has faced hostility from feminist girls and she just sees them as soft, inexperienced, spoilt young women, and she would see so much of the hostility from gay men the same way,

    Her adopted child is a boy, by the way, named Lucien.

    HRUDU stated my own opinions.

  76. Glynn says

    Well she certainly hasn’t been phased by criticism yet. But is that a good quality in an “intelligent” thinker?

    She sure is tough too, but she needs to be.

    And thanks for correcting me on about her child being a boy

  77. mike says

    I know Camille Paglia and she is a sunt (french with a cedilla). She is as wretched and miserable a person as they come and she has got ISSUES! She’s also good friends with Tammy Bruce, for what that’s worth.

  78. nic says

    @GABE R L,

    why, because you say so? you are the only ignorant clod on here. spoilt? really?! are you a brit? you must be one of the sophisticates. ha,ha,ha.

  79. Gabe R L says

    Unlike most of you, I have seriously read Paglia’s works, and respect her talent and intelligence. I have always tried to be open-minded to people with differing viewpoints if they are respectful in stating them. That’s a good way to get respect. Some of you might try it.

  80. nic says

    @GABE R L,

    you said, “Paglia would make mincemeat of all of you ignorant, steroid-abusing, ageist, sexist clods while barely breaking a sweat, if that.”

    that is very respectful of you. keep up the good work, sweets.

  81. nikko says

    I remember when I first heard of her and read part of her books “VAMPS AND TRAMPS” and “SEXUAL PERSONAE” on (male)homosexuality. I was shocked. I thought. She clearly wrote that our desires were unnatural, not normal, etc.I swore I was reading an old anti-gay piece from old time psychiatrists! I was devastated and left the bookstore feeling utterly drained
    and condemmed! Since then I’ve hated her and remain wary of her writings.

  82. LincolnLounger says

    She and Ann Coulter are the same person. I don’t think either of them believe a word that comes out of their mouths. They just like to shock, mock, and feign superior intelligence

  83. ACe says

    I’m going to upset alot of people, but I kind of agree with her. Yes, I know our rights have been a LONG time coming, but we finally have a friend in the White House. We need to show a little patience.

  84. Wayne says

    Honestly, it makes me sad that the gay community thinks that anyone who disagrees with them on certain issues (or the way certain issues are being handled) is either a) homophobic, shallow, or just basically a nutjob looking for attention. Paglia’s a smart woman. It’s a disservice to ignore her views within the gay community. We (the gay community) are not a homogenous group with the same opinions, values, world views and identities. Just because some people disagree even with the majority of what the gay community think, does not mean they are uninformed or simply trying to be different. /rantoff

  85. Nick says

    She irritates me, if nothing else. I don’t particularly like the idea that I shouldn’t be capable of being monogamous and shouldn’t even care. Nothing wrong with open relationships if it’s your thing, but I don’t like being told by some random person that this is how I should feel. I hate when people try to speak for an entire group that way.

    She broke up. It happens. I’m sure there are lesbians who have managed to have open relationships- she didn’t, and that’s too bad, but she doesn’t need to blame it on being a lesbian and use it as an excuse to keep pushing her ‘Gay men are all promiscuous, and I wish I could be too!’ idea that she loves so much.

    I agree that for the most part, she is simply managing to stay on the radar by having ‘shocking,’ ‘non- politically correct’ opinions. she gives validation to people with unpopular opinions, so people like her.

  86. Chris says

    Okay, she’s a true intellectual–daring and brilliant. She refuses to succumb to the scary PC establishment gay groupthink-tank.

    LOVE HER! Yes, she is a fascinating woman!

  87. Roxana says

    Please do not respond to ‘whitening trick’ for the teeth ad. This is a ripoff. Once they get your credit card info, they start charging $48 and then $76 sums and more and they keep charging until you cut up your credit card. These scammers are actually based in Cyprus!!!

  88. mark says

    Camille thinks for herself.

    The point in listening to her is not to decide if you like her or not, whether she’s mad or if you will be in her camp.

    What is valuable is if you can walk away thinking for yourself and therefore have something to contribute when you get back.

    Life can be all so much more fun like that.

  89. Facts First says

    Alison Maddex left Paglia in 2007, NOT 2009- Maddex has been with Philadelphia music video producer, DJ and artist, Dyana Jean Cocchia. Their anniversary is listed as November 24, 2007 on their Facebook pages. Paglia has either lied to the interviewer or has early dementia.

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